Sunday, August 30, 2009

half hell week. oh n raya photoshoot

i have 4 classes on mon,wed, n fri. n 2 classes on tues n just one on thurs. n its killin me. but im enjoyin it. a bit. its just dat almost for all classes, i have to read the book first because there's this quiz n if i dont read, i wont understand at all. well almost.

im dying to finish my hw now. i need to cover chap 3 for ChE161 to finish my hw. my static hw is done now. my math hw, one ques left. i dont really understand 3d thing, so gotta read n practice. n physics is the worst! havent read anything yet. gotta finish ChE161 hw today n then study physics. n also readings for bio. OMG.

its 6.58am. im about to sleep after finishing this blog. oh please God, help me with the time management. T_T

oh, last friday, in my Che161 class, we had to be in groups, and i was the only malay in my group, didnt really mind thou. its just that there's these 2 chinese or korean or wuteva races they were. they didnt know how to answer the questions. so i told them about the formula etc. n they just ignored me n did it by themselves. n they got it wrong. n they asked the prof. i dont care eh eh eh eh eh! told ya, dun wanna listen? suit urself. n there's this hot guy sitting in front of me, mike, his name. haha.. we were in the same chem lab, bet he didnt remember me. oh n also, my prof, her name is Cabe if im not mistaken. her voice n her accent, just reminded me of one of those characters in harry potter. so interesting to hear her voice. huhuhu~ =)

oh, the freshmen. tonnes of them. they are different than us. i think they bond well between guys n girls. rite now im not really into knowing them i guess. is it too selfish of me of wanting them to approach me first? no i guess. the feeling of being a senior. hahahahahahahahaa!

ok yesterday we had the raya photoshoot. bunches of people. gahhhhh. -_-'
n i didnt even make it to take pics with my roomates. sob3. we gotta make it this real raya 4 sure! n faidhi skyped me n showed me our last yr's pic that was published in paper. my batch only. but too bad i posed terribly. faidhi said that i closed my eyes. cis. haha..

here are some of the pics. enjoyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!~

can you see the heart-shaped? it was aishah's idea, she was sitting 2nd row, front, wearing blue baju kurung, on the right.

the blue family. lol. <3

the red + black family. somehow this colors remind me of silat. not that i practised silat thou. haha.

i love this pic of me. haha. cause i look talllllll!! =))

n camwhoring is a must. hahahahaha!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

ramadhan!!!!!!!!!!!!!! n school. T_T

it has been the 3rd day of ramadhan. n im fasting of course. =D

n i went to icn for maghrib prayers n terawih. the food was okay. n im at hanum's house. eating n lepak-ing. tomorrow night im going to watch movie, maybe. n im going to start waking up early tomorrow. my classes started at 9. so gotta wake up at least at 8.20. T_T

man im boreddddddddddddddddddd! lets ym! =D but there's no one. sigh~

oh, baju raya. i got it wayyyyyyyy earlier actually. 2, purple n peachy orange. i rarely wear baju kurung here because i dont know, im kinda embarassed, lol. n last night, i wore my last year's baju kurung, n everyone was like, 'wow, hani is feminine tonight' n there's baly n zulisk in the van, oh man. hahaha! my mom likes me wearing them cos they make me look taller, n gotta agree with it. hohoho!

n school starts dis wednesday. today is monday. im not thrilled about it.n who wouldn't? n my schedule is different than most of the chemes.. im the only cheme in most of the classes that i take. good way to be close with the americans (esp hot guys please? hahahaha! ) . hopefully.

n i'll be updating this blog like once a week or every fortnight. we'll see how things go. do miss me. lol.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

stc 09 update



hey folks. this time i'll be updating u guys with stc. since im freakin bored doin nothin. gahhhh. im supposed to be taking the permit thing, but the rain spoiled it out. well never mind.

there were 2 trips goin to michigan, i followed the first trip, supposedly 10.30am, but ended up goin at 12.30 pm, they can never be punctual, human you know? freakin annoyin. oh, im one of those bunch of so called human. we went with 3 cars, nasir, oya n elle. nasir drove so fast that i didnt feel bored most of the times, well mainly because we had to keep our eyes open to catch up with him. n i had fun with the gps. hahah. such gadgety. >.<

my carmates were oya, me, wany n aishah. kinda bored at first, cause im not that close with them, but let just say that music connected us. hahahahahahahaahaha! 8 hours of bein in a car, we arrived in purdue. n there's this girl that rode with us, hannan. boy i thought this hannan is a guy, because a guy in vandy has the same name. me panicking of needing to behave was useless. hahaha. but still hope for a guy instead, hahahahahahaa, hani mianggggggg!!

then spent couple of hours there, got an hour of sleep only, its way too hot there. urgh. then i became the copilot. striving not to sleep, me n oya sang madly in the car. haha. while the others slept. i cant sleep in an uncomfortable place. boy how did i end up being this picky. >.<

n bla3 we arrived. stc wasnt a real fun though. most vandyians were the ajks, so they kinda worked hard. glad im not one of them thou. so bla3, bored activities.. they separated most of the activies between guys n girls. first time i encountered these. haha.

n then one evening we went kayaking, b4 this i dun like kayaking because its too tiring!!! but i couldnt resist the crystal clear lake n its shallow to a great distance, so eventhou we went kinda far from the land, it was still not as deep as we thought. the water is cool, refreshing and the sand is smooth.

n on the way back, we went to detroit. we ate at a halal kfc. boy i was craving for them still. T_T
n the trip is way gloomier, muhaimin led us. he drove at 70mph. so slow dat its driving me crazy in the car doin nothing except listening to the songs ive been repeating for the trillion times. oh, we used walkie talkie on our way back. n nasir didnt drive with us. he wanted to drive fast, so driving with a group is so much hassle i guess. gotta keep pace with the others.. things like dat.

so dats it i gues. 28 hours in a car, boy im being a car-phobic/phobic-car/(i dont know, haha!) temporarily.

im too lazy to post my pics. just look for it in my fb.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

stc 09

just went back from michigan. 28 hours of being codriver. not sleeping at all. yesterday i got 18hours of sleeping. but still tired. will update soon. =)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009



you know how people said that the girls tend to like guys that have similarities with their (the girls') dads? and the guys like girls that resembles their (the guys') moms? well, i think that is sorta true. because from what i heard and read, they tend to look for the ones in such way because of how they felt, i mean you felt warm and protected by your dad right? so ur lookin for a guy that could make you feel that way.

and guys, seem to be saying that girls are difficult to understand, well not really. (except me, because im a bit weird, gotta admit it. lol~ ) for example, when a girl says that he likes this artist or a random guy she met at the street, that doesn't mean that we like that type of guy. maybe they just have a certain characteristic that we like.

for an instance, i always say that i like bad guys. well who doesnt? they are fun to be with. but before this, i always fall for the nice guy, and now too. its just that now i like bad guys too. but not to the extend of loving, just liking. now that sounds cheesy. haha~

there is a difference between liking and loving, i like bad guy, i like messy guy, i like muscular guy, hahahahahaah! but that doesnt mean anything. its just the sudden crush. and. my type of guy. would be the one like in ALL typical korean dramas, i ALWAYS fall for the 2nd guy. gahh! the hero tends to be the bad turning good guy. well mine, has always been the good guy since the very beginning. hoho!~

people keep saying that since im behaving like the guy, i should be looking for the guy that is a bit, hahaha, u noe. the one that is the opposite of my personality. like i mean, since im hot tempered, gotta find one that is more of a calm one. since im a bit talkative, gotta find one that listens. but i like a guy that could listen and in someway uses his way to make me respect him. <3<3<3<3

and finding a guy that could cook would be helpful too. lol. but there's the saying that if you wanna find one, you should behave like one. i mean people always say that good guys are for good girls. so if you want a good one, you gotta be good too. lol~

and i gotta admit it, when i was in my highschool, i fell for a guy, that just has the characteristics that i like. haha. but being a tomboy, i used to kick him when i lost to him in a game. faidhi said that i kicked him too in mrsm taiping, but i dont even remember. boy it must left him an impression of me that he still remembers till now. lololol~

oh, just mentioning, for those that watched or didn't watch Family Outing, i kinda like Chun Hee type. n oh im not really into very muscular guys like the wrestlers and jong kook's (he's in family outing too) but he is just an exception, too cuteeeeee!~



p/s : dont worry, hani is in the transformation of becoming a girl. ur 20 hani! well next year i'll be 20. behave hani behave!

Monday, August 10, 2009


its 11.43 in the morning, just woke up. listening to remic of 'i dont care' by 2ne1. this fternoon the guys are doing the 'mkn2' (eating). and oh, last saturday was the free tax day, i spent insanely. n da nex day, i bought few food stuff at walmart. i spent 143 sumthin shopping n 58 at walmart. boy, i need more money. hahahahahahaaha!

n my sisters are goin to kl for their holidays i guess, n then they are off to pangkor with my parents. cis. im goin to michigan this thursday, summer training camp. i. must. be. out. of. my. mind. i keep saying dat couple of times. haha.n today is fadhe's birthday. so , happy birthday. they had like a surprise party for her n the food was great. =D n oh, about the camping, ive never been camping before. never. because i hate outdoor stuff. i keep being scared by all the scary things. hahaahahahahahaha!

okay im bored. i dont know wut to said. oh random thing! i dont really like the fact that the korean fan is too hyper, is it the right word? haha.. they are just too obsessive with their artists. like if this artist make joke about their favorite artist, they will bash him/her. some to the extend of throwing eggs, hate letters. and i was like, wut in the f? its not like the artists are going to marry you guys. stupid fans. seriously. but not me. hahahahahaah!

n oh for my summer class, everythin is going well, thank God. =)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009




well3, who doesn't know this 15 year old rising star, Yoo Seung Ho! He is well known for his look dat resembles SJS. and currently he has a photo shoot for Bean Pole in England FTW! and also he has been acting in few dramas and movies. gotta watch him as soon as summer class ended.

oh he was also the main guy in T-Ara 'Lies'! boy i wanna be one of those girls, eventhough i was cheated by him. hahahahahahaha!!

oh and my next post will be on Lee Chun Hee. Boy i wanna find a guy like him. i think i like dis type. seriously. ^^,
p/s : if you wanna know him, watch family outing. boy i keep laughing with tears. >.<
watch this at 3.00-5.30 onwards. gosh im bursting into laughter! =))
and this one at 7.25, lol, he's cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!~