Friday, December 4, 2009

its almost 4 in the morning

i love winter, seriously. but this is the time where my skin is in its worst condition, part of it is oily n part of it is drying. T_T and also unlike others who gain weight, i'll be extremely thin, veins are popping out at my palms n wrists. like seriously. i think i eat twice like others, but i keep getting hungry. =.=

kinda in a bad mood today. ended up not doing anything, watched 'my gf is a secret agent' n 'heundae' (2012 korean version). n then slept. n then, nothing.

gotta work my a** out from today. its the final hani. dun let these midterms bring u down. seriously im scared with this sem. everything is not working as i had planned. i dun wanna end it with the guilt feeling. i dun wanna repeat mymistakes again. what should i do? :( i dunno to whom shud i have a conversation.