Thursday, August 20, 2009

stc 09 update



hey folks. this time i'll be updating u guys with stc. since im freakin bored doin nothin. gahhhh. im supposed to be taking the permit thing, but the rain spoiled it out. well never mind.

there were 2 trips goin to michigan, i followed the first trip, supposedly 10.30am, but ended up goin at 12.30 pm, they can never be punctual, human you know? freakin annoyin. oh, im one of those bunch of so called human. we went with 3 cars, nasir, oya n elle. nasir drove so fast that i didnt feel bored most of the times, well mainly because we had to keep our eyes open to catch up with him. n i had fun with the gps. hahah. such gadgety. >.<

my carmates were oya, me, wany n aishah. kinda bored at first, cause im not that close with them, but let just say that music connected us. hahahahahahahaahaha! 8 hours of bein in a car, we arrived in purdue. n there's this girl that rode with us, hannan. boy i thought this hannan is a guy, because a guy in vandy has the same name. me panicking of needing to behave was useless. hahaha. but still hope for a guy instead, hahahahahahaa, hani mianggggggg!!

then spent couple of hours there, got an hour of sleep only, its way too hot there. urgh. then i became the copilot. striving not to sleep, me n oya sang madly in the car. haha. while the others slept. i cant sleep in an uncomfortable place. boy how did i end up being this picky. >.<

n bla3 we arrived. stc wasnt a real fun though. most vandyians were the ajks, so they kinda worked hard. glad im not one of them thou. so bla3, bored activities.. they separated most of the activies between guys n girls. first time i encountered these. haha.

n then one evening we went kayaking, b4 this i dun like kayaking because its too tiring!!! but i couldnt resist the crystal clear lake n its shallow to a great distance, so eventhou we went kinda far from the land, it was still not as deep as we thought. the water is cool, refreshing and the sand is smooth.

n on the way back, we went to detroit. we ate at a halal kfc. boy i was craving for them still. T_T
n the trip is way gloomier, muhaimin led us. he drove at 70mph. so slow dat its driving me crazy in the car doin nothing except listening to the songs ive been repeating for the trillion times. oh, we used walkie talkie on our way back. n nasir didnt drive with us. he wanted to drive fast, so driving with a group is so much hassle i guess. gotta keep pace with the others.. things like dat.

so dats it i gues. 28 hours in a car, boy im being a car-phobic/phobic-car/(i dont know, haha!) temporarily.

im too lazy to post my pics. just look for it in my fb.