Friday, October 30, 2009

happy birthday to me, happy homeworking to me too!

today is my birthday. hajar wished me first! =) n then this evening, my roomates brought me to have dinner at one vietnam restaurant. sweet and sour tilapia yum yum! >.<

n then i got babelti from uhuk2, tenks youuuuuu. <3

n on dis GLOOOOOORIOUSSSSS night, ill be doing my homework. how pathetic is dat?! wanna know my schedule after this?

next week : physics lab exam, static project due, physics exam, bioscience exam.
next 2 week : chem161 exam.
next 3 week : static exam.


n i bought 2 pairs of pants, one for me n the other for my twin. hoho, its like polka dots, pink color. comelll~ =) hihihi..


thank goddddddddd there is no good movie this weekend! n i am rooting for new moon! yeayyyy saranghaeee!~ cepatla nov 20. =D