Sunday, October 18, 2009

4 in the morning

its 4 in the morning and probably after this, im gonna go to sleep. this week is heavenlyyy, no hw at all like for the first time dude, n even though certain things didnt go well, im anticipating the fall break next week!

n yesterday i watched the stepfather, awesomee, eventhough for the first hour, it was kinda bored, but the stepfather sure is creepy, he popped out out of nowhere, like crappppp. lol. n i screamed in the cinema, didnt really care act, others screamed too, lol~
n today the seniors did the open house. yesterday the juniors. the food was awesomeeeeee! i got to eat lemang finally. <3<3<3 what elseeee, oh i got static exam on monday, and i didnt study anything yet, haha. gonna start studying today, after i wake up. =D just watched 6 episodes of greys anatomy today, finished all nur kasih episodes, didnt like the story, but since i already watched it, gotta know the flow of story, man i hate dat girl sarah, psycho maniatic girl, wuteva you can name her. eeeee. n also i watched americas next top model cycle 13 episode 7, thank godddd kara was eliminated, she always criticised nicole. i realised that girls hating nicole ended up being eliminated. first the 2 black girls, n now kara. they spend too much time hating her doing a decent job, waitt, not decent, faaaaaaabulous job, instead of spending time on learning to model, duhhhhhh.

yeah basically dat was wut i did today. oh i watched family outing too! i miss dae sung, come back earlyyy! he requested tae hyun for this episode, n tae hyun came to replace him just for this episode, didnt know they were this close. >.< n i updated my song player in this blog, the latest songs dat im addicted to.

n oh one+one more things, i just hate when people lied to me. so please, just be truthful, like seriousy everyone. T___T i wudnt mind if im not part of it, but dun lied, i dunno,mybe u dun wanna include me in,i really dun mind,or u dun wanna upset me, but just, be honest. n also, bile aku kata pantang, i really2 mean it. if u crossed dat boundary, fuck you. when i say the word 'PANTANG' damn you guys, that was like my last warning, my last rational limit before im pissed off, before i start cursing u, before i start to feel like i just wanna smacked you directly. ok mengantuk nk tido. dun worry, im not mad, ok im lyin. its just dat i might be moody to some of you which leads to me not talking to you, for a while. sorry its the days of the month, u just chose the wrong timing to screw up with me.
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