Wednesday, September 30, 2009


well study thing is going erm....better, slightlyy. got my results already. although i sucked hellish in one of them, =( the others were, i would say im in a safe zone.

got cheme test next week, and the next week, 3 exams. one word, DAMN.

and, i keep getting sleepier nowadays. sleep more than 8 hours sometimes. erghhh.

n im surrounded with people that keep sneezing and coughing. i mean come on guys, it has been weeks, dun u take medicine?! so tomorrow im going for the flu shot! i was like, erghhhh, i noe that they dun want to be like that too, coughing and sneezing here and there, but, please, its a public place. take medicine, get rest, sleep like there's no tomorrow. whatever it takes to make you feel better. just get cured. T_T

i have no appetite currently. n i feel like vomiting every time i eat the same food over and over again. haih. like seriously, its not like im bulimic or stuff like dat. but. aigoooooo.

oh im officially addicted to house and antm now! =) too bad house is not a badass as he used to be before, which is good, but less interesting. but we'll see how things go. and antm, i like this one red hair girl, innocent type yet she's da bomb! dun remember her name. haha.

n its officially fall now!!! its gettin colder, which is great, for me. drier skin is the most obvious thing, but this sucks. n hopefully we'll have more snow this year. =D