Thursday, October 7, 2010

early october

it has just been two weeks but it seems pretty long enough for me that this blog is left with no updates. not that im damn busy, but i keep running out of time. -_-''

so yeah i had just took 3 midterms, not good not good. T_T got another test next monday before fall break on wednesday.. im not going anywhere though this break, prolly staying in Vandy. plus there's gonna be a Malaysian gathering, well actually its the merdeka celebration, but it is freaking october already so merdeka celebration sure sounds pretty nonsense haha. just finished watching ANTM, got an exam this morning, i think i did better than in my previous exam. sigh.

gonna have 2 open houses this weekend. hurray! free food!

oh yea.. about my winter break plan. initially i was planning to go to California with budget of roughly 700-1000usd hopefully. but idk, it seems a bit hard right now, my friend and i are planning the trip this fall break, so hopefully it will be a good plan. if not, i might end up going to NY. im good with either places, but NY is just too cold in winter. so yea i am thinking that going away from the cold seems like a good idea. but yea, nothing is confirmed as of now. and *cough2* hopefully i'll get some ka-ching!~ from Msia incase i didn't have enough money HIHIHI.

gonna end here. or continue later on.
ps: vandy is getting colder now. its fall babyyyy!