Thursday, February 4, 2010

grey's anatomy

ive been addicted to greys anatomy before this. n of course until now. n i missed tonite's epi! bcause it says the show is at 9pm ET, n i tot it was like 9pm in nashville la, skali x. siot tul.

i loveeeeeee christina yang n owen hunt so so so much. there's mcdreamy n mcsteamy but their era has gone. its dr. hunt's time now! <3

here's a pic of him

n please please please dun tell me he's old? he's like 30 sumthin going to 40. its normal la in US, but its a total different case in Msia. 30 is already old. dats why i love americans, 30 is like still young. n 35-40 is time for settling.

but back to da story, christina is like sooo freakin into cardiothoracic surgery. n owen who used to work in iraq, (he's a medical doctor there) quitted and worked at the same hospital with christina n they fell in love. n then owen brought Teddy(she's a girl btw) who is a cardiothoracic surgeon, so dat christina could finally do surgeries that she loves.

but turnout teddy loves owen, she confessed to him, n owen used to like her too. n during this time, i was like omg omg, please dun make owen leave christina. n he didnt!! bcause he said it has passed already. n at some moment, christina saw the way owen n hunt looked at each other. let this vid explained.

n then teddy made christina do a solo heart surgery, she is like just a resident, n yeah shes a genius, but it was like hell risky. n then owen met teddy n like questioned her. n it kinda turned out dat teddy did made christina flew solo bcause she was mad at owen for choosing christina. but of course christina didnt know, she thought teddy thought highly of her capability. n then teddy decided to leave the hospital, n christina was like being all paranoid, she ran looking for teddy n begged her to stay n ask her wut does she wants to stay. n teddy said owen. she wanted owen.

n then christina said yes!!!! bcause she was sooooo in love with cardiothoracic. i felt like killing her dis time. but at da same time, i respect her for her love towards cardio. but still, its my owen!
n then teddy told owen about wut christina said. n this is how owen replied

man i love him. i tot he wud be like friggin pissed off. but he said. PEOPLE DO MATTER. I MATTER. WE MATTER. SO U DUN GET TO TOSS ME ASIDE. I WILL FIGHT U. aaaaaa, i loveeeee himmm.

n did i mention to u dat i missed tonite's epi? aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. T_T