Saturday, November 28, 2009

bosan2 bai

do you have something that works as a drug for you? not in a bad way, but the one dat triggers you, dat inspires you to work even harder? put aside the typical answers, like your parents and all that stuff, we all strive for that same reasons. mine is handsome guys. kah3! if ur bored or sick of studyin, close the book, look around you. no target found? go utubing. find those charming, handsome celebs dat u like. hihihi. lepas tu serius mata segar balik. not in a pervy wayyy. >.<
okay sudah2 mrepek. smbung balik.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

txgivin break

dis txgivin break is definitely wisely spent, LAGHA-ING. =.=
ive not done anything beneficial since last weekend, actually i planned to start studying on monday, but then, u know, this friggin syaitonnnnn around me. bad hani!

so today i started doin some calc, man,i just knew dat i had calc exam next week! i jotted down the wrong date in my journal, which is like the next 3 weeks! tx god i did check again! so next week, i'll be sitting for 3 xams, bio, math n also physics. crappppppppppppppppppp.

n last weekend i asked anyone for any ghost story, and sarah gave me da ghost anime. n i ended up watching it for da whole 2 days. dah taw takut tp tgok sorg, i guess its a big improvement. kekeke~
n then after i ended dat series, i crave for animes more. the first anime dat i searched turned out to be lesbian kind of anime, so long then. next, the anime dat i searched was like da 18sx. n the ending is just scary. basically there's this hot guy. he likes A for example, then B,which was a girl helped him to get A, n then soon enough the guy n B fell in luv. n after dat B's best friend turned out to like da guy too. n then da guy's friend from middle school turned out to like him too. n then da guy n B's classmate turned out to be having affair with the guy too. da guy n B were classmates. tsk2, gile hot mmat tu. dhla miang. pangggg nnt. n da ending? B killed the guy because he went to A back, n then A killed B n brought da guy's head to a yacht belonged to A's family. eeigee so weird. hehh.

okay i shud be continuing studying calc now. gotta end this chapter tonight. n started reading bio. u gotta ace dis one hani. ingatt xxxx 2nd exam hancurrrrr. sedar skitttt!!!! okay. bye. dun miss me too much.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


bad mood time.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

its da friggin bored txgivin!! but better than havin ess durin dis break. hikhik!~

i have not done anything productive at all since yesterday! n it is just saturday n its killing me!

yesterday night we planned on watching 2 movies, the blind side at 10pm n new moon at 12am. but the one at 10pm was sold out, so we ended up watching the 10.30 one. how stupid we were, we should have just sneaked in the 10pm slot because there's the trailers and the commercials.

we did not finish watching the blind side because we were rushing to not miss new moon at all. we thought the room was on the other side, we ran madly to realise that the room for new moon was actually on the same side as the blind side's. pfft. i even ran till i lost my brooch. n i was already out of breath. shit. this is the result of not going to rec for 5 months. congrats hani, you did good. =.=

and for the fact that new moon was so devastating. haih. i regretted reading the book --> having so much of expectation. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!

blind side is so much better i swear that i kept trying to not cry couple of times. waaaaaaa!!! who wanna treat me to watch the blind side pretty please?

and today i was veryyyyy hungry. and i kept watching family outing and ANTM. yeah im a big fan of ANTM. n ive repeated dis vid

tonnes of times. im in luvvv with it. i dun dig hip hop very much. and when the digital single was released, i dun like it, but i kept listening to it tonnes of times because i loveeeee minzy 2NE1 n of course i have to support her! :)
and after watching the live perf, i was so freakin in love with it already, yeay!!
da 21st street musical was awesome.

and how on earth did kara honey won the mv award? W T F. ops.

and i dont know how am i going to spend the rest of my break. yeah probably i'll start studying next week. but man dis is boring! n someone invited me to go sumwhere dis winter break. yeay! n i already had another plan too, which was planned even earlier, ermmmmm. n then im goin back next summer. crap. n i have not done any shopping yet esp on the coming black friday. crappppp!!! i need more money. i hav some backup thou, like 200-300usd. im sellin books soon. so its my backup for my 1st plan, which was planned earlier. SORI ABAH, ABAH MCM KNE FULL SUPPORT JE FLIGHT TICKET? PLEASEEEEEEE? i'll strive real hard for my finals n u'll support my ticket? pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

aaaa i hav to call em la, but i gotta save money. no more skype credit. ajat ni cptla on9 org nk gune skype dieeeee. n she said emir missed me? da hek? haha. i called him b4 n he did not even want to talk to me. growin up boys, heh. hormon mcm prmpuan. kekeke. but cant say anything thou, he's the only boy, the youngest one, n first time living away from my parents, not really la, mak abah prnah gi umrah 2 kali da, he's been livin with my aunt in tping for that moments. but nahhh.

Monday, November 16, 2009


lol bru thu mcm mna nk embed vid dr utube. tkan je la embed!!! aaaa pehal lame sgat nieeeee. =.=


serius xfham bab 7,9,10 static. like serious shit. =.=

n cuak gile nk dpt markah cheme ni ya Allah. =(

n...nak tido. nite.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

failed, funny attempt. i guess.

1st dream : Monday
locations : KLIA, home in Perak

*smua org siap2 nk blik nashville from summer break. mr. azri, the handsome jpa officer came too.*
hani : crap, mak kasi flight ticket tp xkasi passport. aaaaaa!!
*rushin blik rumah*
*on call with mom on the way home*
hani : mak, mak xkasi pasport hani aaaa!!!!
mak : ha, oww? oh ye keee,,,,
*mak buat bodo2, pstu trus hungup slow2*
*smpai rumah*
-amek pasport
-mak blik from nowhere kasi laptop bru. laptop lenovo,black color. da funny thing about this? da american sitting next to me in Biology's class on Monday had the exact one!
-okay pastu amek passport dr mak. and it was like 8pm already, n da flight is like at 11pm. i called mr. azri. then he said..
azri : hurm, kalo mcm tu esok awk blik sorg2 la esok, dh xsmpt nk buat mcm mna kan.
- n then my dream ended abruptly. org gerak bgun tido

2nd dream : Tuesday

nie agak random aa. but u know Fares, da junior? Arab guy tu? yg comel tu? die ajak kapel dlm mmpi. n kitorang kapel la. dhla die comel. die baik n sweeeet ohhh. hikhik. gile babeng lwak aaa. random nk mampus. hahahahahahahaha!

ok maybe da thing dat i wrote didnt sound as funny thou. down gile xam cheme td. mcm bangkai. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!


i have 2 funny dreams these past 2 days. tell you later after my exam tonight. omg mcm mna la nie. =.=

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

when you know you cant go on..

you just go to sleep. hahaha.

actually boley je tapi otak da xnak beku, so dr lagha2 pstu ngntuk pstu xsmpt study, baik tido n bgun awal. pg td bgun awl gak aa, 8.15 ke, i noe cm org kta normal je la kul 8, tp tido lmbt oh, like kul 3 ke? xingt. pstu mgntuk, try tido 15min xnk gak, pegiii mandi. then then then study bio. smpai pkul 9.30. pstu tido blik sbb tkut ngntuk. lol. bgun 10.30, siap2 gi klas.

harommm nak fhamnya. saba je la, math 175 sucks!
pstu stdy labs physics, 2 labs gi xbca nye ha. amek! ha ape lg, amri!! lol. mata dan tgan mula xdduk diam msa xam, usha sna usha sni. badddd. =P

n DNA replication lak mha dewah complex, bca wikipedia kasi fham, tgok video utube, pehtu bca slides. alhamdulillah fham. =) ha ni DNA repair xbca gi, bru bca ala2 mukadimah die td. tp dh xleh focus, esok bgun awl la. lgpun kul 3 da act.

n mlam lak xam physics. haha. lgla xstudy. m considerin to drop this one. but i'll ace it out first, tgok mna mmpu. statics lg 8 hw je weh, psni rindu. (rindu ke?) btul la ckp po, mkin lma mkin keling, tp mende ape mkin lma xsusah n keling kan. better than physics!!!

oh mak n abah gi mekah jumaat ni. eh cepatnya? ingtkn haji buln 12. ke x ke.. ke ke ke... ok obv sucks subject spm nie. -_-'

nite2. wish me luck. <3

n oh, nov 20 cepatlah. new moon!!!!!! JJANG!!