Thursday, June 18, 2009


new freshmen came this week. only met couple of them but didn't talk thou. stalk a lot in fb n fs, hehe..

laptop is messy. i can't send it to its because i need it for now, busy2. so coping with it right now. duh!

vandy is gettin hotter! i keep myself in my cosy room, n slept at other's rooms couple of nights already. my alarm clock went 'wenggggg'. -_-'

need to do some food shopping. kns. ramadhan.

oh, my batch bought 2 cars n a van, too bad i didn't thou. maybe later next year. as for now, tumpang ehhhh???? =)

oh, i wanna watch movies badly! i wanna go out. too bored la. go shopping, to the park, or just anywhere, just take me.

oh, i am no longer going to be alone in this house. huhu~

and i need to do some phone calls. call bank, mom n .... malas nk call popo, asek xdpt, huh!

addicted to again and again - 2pm, credit to watip, lol~ check the vid here.

dat's all i guess. suddenly got clueless. =.=