Wednesday, December 29, 2010

pre cali trip

there were the ups and downs of this trip. idk if im having my PMS or what, but its kinda fucked up i think. haha. i got emotional for some things. when i thought im being selfish enough, there's a bunch that is being even more selfish than i am.

oh there were a lot of sales too! im getting crazy! i shud have gambled a bit since im already in vegas so that i cud shop pwahaha!

i hope the remaining days would be better than the previous ones. please. hopefully the hunch that im feelin that this trip would be my suckiest trip EVER will not be true lol. *deep sigh*

Friday, December 24, 2010

alamdulillah :)

now i can go to cali with ease in my mind. not that its totally good, but it was not as bad as i have predicted. :) amin~

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

snow snow snow!

we are getting a lot of snow this december! which is RARE in my place because southern areas dont really have snow, but still very cold! we usually have snow in January.

its -13celcius right now. i had an exam yesterday, i only had leftover from Chilli's the day before that, so that is basically what i only had yesterday! and i slept after the exam, n i just woke up at 5.30am. n i am soooooo hungry right now! i have to not care about the cold, i must get my breakfast! i am so hungry that my stomach is sick. ahhh i wonder why people gained weight in winter while i lose mine, im not eating properly right now. so sad, i wish someone could cook for me. :( mommy!

off to bath n off to eat!

Friday, December 3, 2010




Thursday, November 25, 2010

sick of

sick of this path.
trying to find the passion over something that i completely dont like is so hard. trying not to give up is not working. this state is suicidal.
looking at her making progress; i cant help but to compare my state with her.
the shattered pieces of me. this world is not for me!

okay kena start belajar

Monday, November 22, 2010


i lost a pound in a day or two, im 89.2lb right now, dat is like 40.46kg. 1lb is roughly like 0.5kg. people find it hard to believe that i could lost weight easily within just a day or two, but whateva. i felt like vomitting if i ate too much at a time that when im about too full, i would try to finish my food by drinking a lot of water. then i get hungry again after 2 to 3 hours. aiyo.

anyway, went to ihop today, had the garden omelette. ^^ it was good, gonna try other stuff later on. now off to sleep. oh its thanksgiving break now!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


aku xfaham dgn mamat ni, seyes shitto. blog dia mcm sampah je. lepas ni nk unfollow la.

td ak bca latest entry dia pasal maher zain. dia ckap perempuan malaysia puji2 maher zain, fuh hensem nye maher zain subhanallah etc. ape salahnya kalau taruk subhanallah sume tu at the end of sentence? instead of ko sebut wow good looking gile motherfucker ni, as suggested by him. bukannya double standard bodoh, kalo kau sebut subhanallah xke dapat pahala kalo ko fkir in term of that instead of saying motherfucker, which make you look like a perverted bastard?

pstu dia ckap kita leh accept style maher zain yg contemporary n western tp bile mirwana nak buat, kene bahan habis. dude, ko cube pikir sket,maher tu bukannya dr msia, die tu raised in west, mesti ah die ade style die sdri, ak xkta mirwana yg nk try modern look tu salah, tp maybe masa tu msia x ready nak terima lg ke kumpulan nasyid yg outfit dia bukan typical seperti pkai ketayap and jubah. in fact, ak xthu pun bile mirwana attempt those change, when could it be, years ago or what? one dat try to make a change, mesti ade je org yg condemn, tp xsume kan? majority je, sbb biase aaa, change sometimes is not dat easy to digest.

and then die buat comparison case illuminati album cover hujan dgn symbol awakening record maher zain. seriously wat da eff man, case illuminati tu kecoh kt msia je. sape yg buat? stupid malaysians dat were freaking obsessed with stupid triangles! ak igt gi ak bc blog sape tah,kalo kita nk compare sgt illuminati nih, dah lama dah msian sdri apply, ctoh pling simple alang2 raya2 nie, ketupat. bentuk die segi tiga kan? tu post tue kire die sarcasm intended la, sbb too many malaysian are freaking out over stupid triangles. sheesh tlong ah mmat obefiend tu. cam sampah. malas dah nk follow blog dia, tau condemn org je. podacit!

nie link dia kalo nk bca, nk remove dh blog die dr list blog ak, rse mcm virus eeee yek!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

static hair

am i the only one having this problem? each time during fall or winter season, my hair would extremely have static, and you can hear those tiny sound each time you comb your hair! omg so irritating! so i google the solutions.

static hair might be caused by the extremely dry air and also if you have been washing your hair too frequently (cough2 bad Hani!).

the solutions?
1) use dryer sheet. yes you are reading it correctly, the sheet that you put in dryer. and i was like seriously? okay nak try lepas ni.

2) use leave in conditioner. i already use the one during washing, so i prolly go for the dryer sheet.


of curvy and tall, id prefer being a little bit tall. ive always think that tall girl look beautiful and more confident. ahh those girls with long legs. so jealous!

and people say that hair is a girl's crown. i used to think that straight hair is beautiful, because it will always looks neat enough for me. wavy is good too, people around me have been saying that they want wavy hair. so what say you?

Sunday, November 7, 2010

ko xboleh gelak lagi kuat ke? nice.




Saturday, November 6, 2010

current crush : josh duhamel

yummy ^^

ps: oh you guys should watch 'ife as we know it' starring josh duhamel and that blonde chick from greys anatomy who was too obsessed with her patient but i swear i hate her. thank god she's already got cut out from GA now. and this week's episode, seriously christina? you wanna freakin quit? urghhh, ur my inspiration! :( owen is gonna be all sad then..

ps 2: urgh my hands are always cold, i even wear gloves in my room? crazy much? aiyok. and its like below 10celcius now. and wearing my leather jacket doesnt warm me that much, how dissapointing.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

oct 30

so my birthday wasnt that great, as usual.. haha.
oct 30 was on saturday this year, and there was a soccer match that day, so i spent my entire day watching the guys played, too bad we lost, we got no 3.
so that day S got me the molten choc cake from Chillis! i was planning to go with S after the game, but we were full already from our lunch. later that night S came and gave me the dessert. felt grateful!~ :)

and A gave me an even early present, way before my birthday actually lol. well the story was like this, i asked A to bought me this shirt haha (so the tak malu!), and yeah A said i can consider it as my early present lol. wore it today, felt good. haha.. :) so thanks again!

and lastly F gave me a card and a scarf. i didnt expect this at all because im a bit pissed at F last weekend actually haha. but yeah, F even bought me a cake and a card too last two years..

now that i thought about these, i don't really realise and appreciate what close people have done to me.. and all those birthday wishes in facebook, it actually felt good to be receiving such birthday wishes from more than 100 people! though im not that close with all of them, but still, their thoughts and their time spared to even post it on my page, and i dont even wish people in facebook (except those close to me)! so yeah i wonder, am i being too mean or other people are being too nice or too weird or got so much extra time left or i shouldnt be wasting my time thinking about this. haha.. i am truly grateful for everything that i have received. so thank you very much. :)

ps (1): i called my mom the next day because my twin said my parents asked me to call house (but i was too tired and sleepy so i decided to call on the very next day instead). and guess what? when i call, my mom said, 'asal rajin sgat call ni?' sheesh -_-'' haha..

gonna finish studying for arabic exam now and go to sleep. zzzzzz

ps (2): good luck Po and Faidhi! =)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

adult world much?

there's a friend of mine.. her sister got married right after she graduated, she's 3 years older than me. not saying that this is bad (her husband is very handsome i tell you!)but yeah, some find early marriage is...outdated? i dont know how to put it in words, im not really fond of marrying at early age too, i mean marriage nie dituntut dlam islam kan, its a good thing, instead of dating. but yeah im not gonna argue over this lol.. and this friend of mine was like wishing her sis to get baby soon! i dont know, i am just not prepared to all this adult things though im 20 now. several weeks ago, there has been quite a stir over our PM's new plan for the development of our country, like the construction of this Mega Tower and also his plan about the night club hubs. yeah i just know a bit about these things. now that im 20, i think i need to know more about the politic, what's going on within the country and over the world, and also personal stuff (i cant believe i am saying this), marriage, jobs, etc. the world is too scary. i am even struggling with studying (in fact focusing!) right now..

continue later~

Monday, November 1, 2010

2NE1 - It Hurts (아파) MV [HD]


Sunday, October 31, 2010


one is easy. one is simple. flying solo next time. just, freaking, one. :D

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

compliments~ hihi

there are two things that make me happy.




Sunday, October 24, 2010


this is a problem, close people to me are apparently liking/ being gossiped to guys that i used to have a crush on. hahaha!

sheesh, im not liking anyone right now (liar!). okay2, but not as huge crush that ive had before lol. do i need to resolve to arranged marriage like my dad said? kah3!

just a short conversation between me and my dad last night.

abah : *lecturing about pointer.*
hani : yeah yeah yeah...
abah : *lecturing about work*
hani : yeah yeah yeah...
abah : hani nih xde pape nak ckap ke, nie yg malas nih.
hani : lol, xkan nk kasitahu benda personal kot kah3!

and then suddenly,

abah : hani dah ade bf blum? (i knew this question is coming, its like the MUST question EACH TIME i called my parents!)
hani : -sigh- xde lah, abah carikan utk hani la camni..
hani : omgggggggggggggggggggg bia betulllllll
abah : ye lah, dah hani xreti cari, bercinta lepas kahwin.

-tapi dalam hati risau gak sebenarnya, biaq betoi bapak aku nih!!!-

then my mom fought over my dad to talk with me (ehem rse hot kih3)

so basically we chatted those usual thing, i usually do the listening part though. up to one point..

hani : mak taw takkk td kan abah ckap nak buat arranged marriage untuk hani!!!
mak : hahahahaha....

sekian. haha.. im studying pchem since yesterday but xde byak progress sgt, keep gettin distracted je.. continue!

Friday, October 22, 2010

quirky updates!

xde quirky mne pun, sj nk gune word tu, comel, haha. =P

so i got a fluid exam this week, i hope i did better than last time though..

n then on our very last day of fall break last Sunday, me and a friend of mine planned our so called Cali trip, but we ended up giving up because the flight tickets were too darn expensive and other problems. but the next day, a senior of mine whom i invited to join the trip came up with the plan! yatta! he even found cheap flight tickets! ahhhh, such a pleasant surprise yippie! :D

so basically i was the one who dealt with my friends about this trip, who's going, what's going on, n he just sit back, relax and enjoy the show! haha.. =P so finally after so many conflicts, we ended up having 10 people in the trip. i fely guilty to those that cant joined us.. i dont even speak to them.. felt awkward and guilty..

and just now we had the transportation problem solved (i hope so). it was very hard to find rental car for us below 21 years old, it is possible, but with a limited budget, it became almost impossible. so yeah i hope everyone would be okay with it. need to have another meeting to discuss about so many things.


next week i had exams.. so kinda need to settle these things fast, i dont want to be caught up with it when im busy, the earlier it is settled, the better it is. i sound like the masterplan right? kah3 poyo.. now i know how hard it is to actually PLAN A TRIP! im so not going to travel in large group anymore after this hahaha. so fussy. i could do a bit of helping here and there though.

and now im hungryyyyyy. n yeah idk why but i think im appreciating the fall season this year, the leaves are just beautiful! okay xigt nk ckap apa dah. nnt kalo igt i'll update the post.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

international islamic vanderbilt university

that is what we are supposed to be known for. geez. annoying brats that just wont take people's damn opinions. and if you do so, they backlash you guys as if you're pathetic morons that are not going for things based on Islam. wtheck.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

just within a Friday's night

played boxing on wii and other games like bicycle, bowling and such.. slept over at friend's house yesterday. my body ached the next day, today. and i felt sick. guessed i got fever, and yeah, runny nose, screw flu shot! n i was up to no good today, lied on bed doing nothing productive. T_T took 2 pills tonight, watching 3 idiots, prolly go sleep anytime soon. my body feels warm and tired. see you soon. and oh, it seems that i have some real hater in my formspring, kinda intrigued by the anonymous person, then got freaked out afterward. T_T


Thursday, October 7, 2010

early october

it has just been two weeks but it seems pretty long enough for me that this blog is left with no updates. not that im damn busy, but i keep running out of time. -_-''

so yeah i had just took 3 midterms, not good not good. T_T got another test next monday before fall break on wednesday.. im not going anywhere though this break, prolly staying in Vandy. plus there's gonna be a Malaysian gathering, well actually its the merdeka celebration, but it is freaking october already so merdeka celebration sure sounds pretty nonsense haha. just finished watching ANTM, got an exam this morning, i think i did better than in my previous exam. sigh.

gonna have 2 open houses this weekend. hurray! free food!

oh yea.. about my winter break plan. initially i was planning to go to California with budget of roughly 700-1000usd hopefully. but idk, it seems a bit hard right now, my friend and i are planning the trip this fall break, so hopefully it will be a good plan. if not, i might end up going to NY. im good with either places, but NY is just too cold in winter. so yea i am thinking that going away from the cold seems like a good idea. but yea, nothing is confirmed as of now. and *cough2* hopefully i'll get some ka-ching!~ from Msia incase i didn't have enough money HIHIHI.

gonna end here. or continue later on.
ps: vandy is getting colder now. its fall babyyyy!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Atlanta etc

last weekend i went to Atlanta with 19 people, there was a private open house held there. considering it to be a RARE CHANCE to be having a meeting with a minister, i decided to go.

so we went on Saturday morning and went back to Vandy on Sunday evening. when we arrived at Atlanta that evening, we checked in to our hotel and spend the evening at Stone Mountain Park, pretty awesome I must say, its just that i wished we would have arrived earlier, then we could have done more things. we went up this one hugeeee rock by cable car, and guess what? that huge rock was like only 1% of its overall size, 99% was like underground. and then there's the lasershow performance that night, pretty lame I must say, stayed less than half an hour, then went to Penang (like finally!) for dinner.

i had Penang Asam Laksa. i must say im satisfied with it because it totally had the Malaysian taste, the rest like char kuey teaow and tom yam did not exactly taste good for me.. and i was like keep fanning my face because my food was still hot, but turned out my friends that tasted it said that it was rather spicy. no wonder laaaa my face kept getting hot lol.

then Ustaz visited us! he said that the minister wanted to have breakfast with us. so yeah the next morning we had breakfast with him, at 4 Seasons Hotel, i didnt know this hotel is rated 5-star until my friend told me so yeah, IVE BEEN TO A 5-STAR HOTEL GUYS! lol gedik. listened to his story for an hour of so, then went back to hotel. i was so sleepy that i continued sleeping, instead of going sightseeing! geez. but yeah i was totally exhausted. ohh forgot to mention that there's this cute officer there too, he's a bit short but he is just too cuteeee. lol i called him 'abg comel' hahaha.. he studied mechi, took econ for his master, and currrently residing in NY, damn!

and then we had lunch in the same hotel too. too bad there was no traditional food though, but thank god the chicken is halal. so yeah it was not that bad. not that im a big fan of raya food, so i couldnt care less, as long as i could eat chicken! haha.. and then had a talk session, took some pictures and met Malaysians residing in Atlanta too.

at 4pm we headed back to Vandy, but within half an hour, we stopped at McD because some of us were already hungry lol. chatted for an hour of so. so yeah this trip wasnt that bad. i learnt new stuff, like who is the Minister of International Trade and Industry ahahaha, before nie xtahu pun weyyy. =P lagi got to know new people, and like new people too. hahahaha. sapeeee? rahsiaaaaaa. <3

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


SELAMAT HARI RAYA!!!! i know i know this is coming like super late. but life has been hectic, spazzing.. lol XD

lol so yeah Raya was on Friday, and the next day we had open house held by my batch. and problems arose, but this year was better than previous years in term of the guests, we invited international students, well i guessed we should have thanked Syaf actually for this. so it felt merrier with Americans and Asians coming and enjoying Malay food. but the venue sucks though because there has been issue with the housing, and i didn't really know much because i was not in charge of it.

and i spent my weekend studying for Physical Chemistry, i got a test on Monday, so that's why the raya fever didn't get quite a hold on me i'm not really a big fan of Raya food like those cookies and rendang and all. the test was okay i guess, but the objective questions kinda stressed me out a bit. prolly gonna get the result tomorrow, geez..

im goin to open house in Atlanta this coming weekend, fully supported by MSD, yeayyyy!! ahhh i need to find heels. this is a MAAAAJOOOORRRR PROBLEMMM. loll.. oh yeah well actually i had just finished my Math assignment, banyak gile cm nk cincang2 Prof! and im about to do Arabic homework after this. and i still got Stage Sep and Fluid Mechanics homework though, sigh, i'm gonna do the latter two tomorrow though, need to do some reading before working on them..

ah you know whattttt.. i was like super devastated this week. i was looking for 2NE1's album (Korean
girlgroup) on ebay. and out of the blue i saw the shoes that they were endorsing too!! i have been eyeing on them since last year!! :( unfortunately the price was a bit over the top i guess, it was 100usd and extra 20usd for shipping. well actually i can afford to buy it, but since i was saving money to go on a winter trip, i had to forget about it. :(( huaaaaaa i seriously need money!! i want this shoes badlyyyyyy :(

okay next topic (but i'm still sober though..). yesterday i got serious stomach ache at like 10-11pm i think. i had 2 panadols n slept. i was planning to do my homework that night actually, but since i was totally in pain, i slept early, that's why my schedule is a bit off this week. i usually did my Math hw on Friday, but i was chilling alllll the wayy and then spent the weekend on P-Chem n Monday brought me down and today was the only day dat i was able to finish the hw. ahhhh, feeling a bit dizzy after hours of Math. =.='' and today i had my flu shot. idk, people might find it weird but i miss getting injections, EXCEPT TAKING BLOOD SAMPLE! dat hurt like @#$%^&%$#!!! they offered free flu shots last year but i had to pay 10usd this year because of the so called increasing medical cost somethin like that.. n i saw this hotttt medic student getting the flu shot too, hahahahaha, it was worth it! only for that moment tho.. when i got back, damn my arm hurt like hell, lenguh gileee. (xtahu lenguh in bi -_-'') n then i slept till 4pm, then went to the Atlanta's open house meeting.

yeah so dat basically wraps everything ever since raya lah.. if anyone wants to give me duit raya so that i can buy the shoes, dont hesitate to contact me LOL

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

fluid mechanic

took one frickin hour to solve a question. why? because of the stupid unit conversions! like seriously la weh, why americans wont use SI units?! because of their pride with BRITISH units? so damn stupid lah. rse cm nk sepak2. off to sleep. zzzzz

Saturday, September 4, 2010

the last week of ramadhan

im having a guest with her baby sleeping over at my house for the weekend. the baby sgt comel lah weyyy xreti merangkak lagi. and baru malam pertama (jgn fikir bnda lain) kami baby tue dah menangis xigt dunia, penat gile dlm keta sgt kot. his name is Umar, and his cheeks are so the puffyyyy and whiteeee aaa cubit2 sikit!!

and then rindu lah Lily semuaaaaaaa. mse sem lepas kalo lapar jeeeeeeee:
*ringgggggg* or *buzzzzzzzz*
hani : lapar lahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh huaaaaaaa
lily : oh ewkkk, kitorang ade masak bla3, meh la naik ats huhuhu~
hani : okay!

n kalo dorg xmasak pula

*ringgggggg* or *buzzzzzzzz*
hani : lapar lahhhhhhhhhhhhh perut bunyi222
pika : oh ehh, kita ada masak ni, hani dtg la lewis makan..

tapi kalau dua2 tade

unknown : helo, is this Nur? im calling from obies, can you please wait in front of Lewis? thank you.
hani : oh okay i'll come now!! :D

ha senang tak hidup? mkanan di hujung jari je. haha. sekarang nak mkan kne masak aaa weh. xdenye org nk sumbat makanan dlam mulut dah.

pastu aritu buat photoshoot utk salam perantauan. details dia xnk cerita, kang panas balik lak isu ni. tp pendek kata dua2 pihak salah. but that day i wore a pink selendang and my ugly baju kurung *cough2* that my sister got for me. i dont think im gonna wear baju kurung on raya though, its frickin friday, and i got 4 classes. nak tambah lg? i have an exam on my 3rd raya. so basically raya is nothing for me actually. plus got no duit raya also lahhhh :(

pikot dah fly gi ireland last friday, and safely arrived too. my friend fara gets to fly to aussie, oh together with safwan too. so congrats to both of them. hihi.. ain n aliya are flying later too, prolly in september. and shahril also. ha tapi dayah flew to US and dah start belaja juga. yeayy! hopefully we could meet lah.

n i believe i've forgotten all my crushes and gossips dah skrang hahaha. =P tapi rsa lonely la pula sem ni sbab dah xjumpa budak2 lain dah. yela, kelas asek straight non-stop and bukan dekat bangunan sama pun mcm maneee nk jumpa haa.

okay xtahu nak ckap apa lak. cuma rasa blog berhabuk sgt. so ciaow.

Sunday, August 29, 2010


cuba before nak salahkan orang kita tengok kita ada buat salah tak?

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

fall semester

-new freshmen
-some new clothes *cough*
-new room..n new roomate
-lacking the appetite
-all new spirited Hani..NOT
-hopefully tomorrow is a good day..i hope so.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

*update* email oh email. ym oh ym.

i remembered last time when i sent my salam perantauan, stupid 'Utusan' didnt make my email private. and a guy added me at ym, he was studying at ib, but nothing further than that happened. but still, Utusan should be aware of privacy issue.

and today, some random guy added me at ym. this time he told me a friend of mine, a girl gave him my email. urghh. and he looked for my picture in salam perantauan and asked which one is me. and when i said i was wearing purple hijab, he said that i needed to give him more than that, he is color blind. hahahaahaha, bodo gile. when i told my friend about him, then it crossed my mind that a person with color blind can't differentiate red and green. cis, i should have said something about that to him earlier, but i just forgot. and the way he chatted, is utterly annoying. no need to explain further, kang masuk under mengata lak. haha. so basically dats just it. just wanna write about it here.

ps: if only i knew the girl that gave him my email, i'd break her legs. okay joking. not. semi.
SHIT BARU ABES POST DIE DAH YM BALIK. i'll update later of what i'll do with him later kah3


Wednesday, August 18, 2010


haha baru je hantar gambar ni terus Utusan approve. Utusan mmg awesome wa ckap lu weyyy. usha weyyy jgan xushaa hihihi~ :D

Sunday, August 15, 2010

i knew it!

it was PMS dat did this! muahahahaha. last time i got moody and get pissed so easily. n this time it made me felt lonely n sober. damn you PMS! pwahahahaa

Friday, August 13, 2010


aku xtahu kenapa tp dah semgu lebih rsa lonely gile. symptom ape nihh.. nk kene dkatkn diri dgn Allah nie haha.. tp ntah la, seyes rsa lonely gile..

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


so dis is my 5th year celebrating ramadhan without my family, including the years in taiping. i still remembered how i cried n the first day of fasting in taiping, haha.. since that is my 1st year in boarding school, and the rest like me cried as well.. :)

i dont remember the food, maybe just average. n i rarely went to sahur, coz im too sleepy. n during tarawih, we performed it in the hall, felt so much more comfortable with air conditioner in it. n i was looking forward to the imam as well, haha.. well apprently i like one of my senior, so when it was his turn, i was all geared up hahahahaa..

i performed tarawih tonight at my room because i woke up late. i still had classes until friday and we are moving out this saturday, urgh that's gonna be tough. oh, the cute guy in my class is going to take the exam on thursday, a day earlier. gonna miss him lol.. he broke his hand last week, i wonder what happened.
ps: he looked so much more fine with the cast, hahahaa, am i being too weird? lol.

lab exam was good, i hope so. im gonna miss my TA, n my friends in the lab. seriously i love orgo lab! it was so much fun!

i have no idea of what to eat to break my fast from now onwards.. oh now i feel more braver? since its ramadhan guys, haaha.. but still i dun think i cud muster enough courage to watch horror movies. =P

its 12am right now. hurm, i think dats it for now.. just wanna have a new entry, not dat something big happened haha.. might call home today, kalau rajin la haha..

Friday, August 6, 2010

hari jumaat

td ade presentation econ. peh kalat cm hape je. dgn speaking nye terlunggang langgang. makin dtg US ni ptut english lg bgus, ni lg truk ade aa. sbb da jrg converse in english. cacatnye haaa hani oyyy. pstu td usha2 dlm hosp. pehh bau ubat kuat gilee. n bgunan die jgn ckp wey, mewah habis. taw aa private, ni interior dh mcm hotel ak tgok. n dpt bill hp. aih mahal bebenor. malas lak nk gune line ni ceh. sape nk gune ym me ok? kite bincanggg.

bosannya rasa

im doing my essay on microeconomics right now. almost done, but ive got so many things to say. well its not dat hard as ive expected.

gonna start fasting next week. dat means growling stomach in class which is totally embarrassing. n also losing more weight. seriously im depressed with my figure. it is true dat im lucky to eat anything, anytime dat i want n does not need to worry over being fat. but my figure is like an elementary school je taw! urgh. kurus mcam papan je haih.

and idk why, ive been feeling lonely lately. is it the hormones? rse mcam lmbt je lg nk pms ni. haih. ni super pre-pms ke hape nih.. n then there's the moving out. will be living in lewis for a year after this. urm.. idk why but having a roomate can be troublesome. especially if you dont bond well. not to mention that you dont get your own space, your own privacy.

sometimes i just want to go travel alone, leaving everybody behind. i wanna meet new people, new place. sticking with the same people sometimes worn me off. not to mention how people changes over time, may it be over a guy or just, she just changes with no apparent reason. n sometimes people just dissapoint you. like when ur supposed to keep a secret, n then that person told the secret to other people. bloody retarded people. n also when jokes get too far, people get annoyed, they tell their loved one, n this supposedly ur loved one attacks you like a stupid moron who gets pms, for the fact that he is not even a girl. n when people only finds you when they need something. when they're having fun, they leave u behind.

being a human is hard. nk jd kucing ah. mkan, tido, main dgn tuan. kalo bengang cakar2 org. grrr. haha.

off to eat. lapar. bored!!!!!!


Sunday, August 1, 2010

of random things..

before i sleep, it just cross my mind to just list down random things

-cant really digest spicy food now, tend to get stomach ache. cacat gile pdhal org utara makan je pedas. prolly because ive not eaten them over a year, when i was a freshman.

-sick of sushi and chillis now. prolly not eating them for a long period after this, until i had my appetite back

-been swimming for at least once a week. but now dat more people has been going swimming as well, i wanna try climbing this week, gotta find time..

-ive cried over house,greys anatomy, transformer 2,salt,zettai kareshi (japanese movie) and 1 litre of tear(japanese drama).

-i wanna go shopping T_T

-im lonely

-the next day after tomorrow is faidhi's bday. have not been close with him lately..

-if given a choice between diet and exercise..i think i will go with exercise. i cant imagine me resisting myself from eating. at least after you eat,you burn it off with exercise. but ive never really diet nor exercise haha. thank god.

-i miss bazaar ramadhan. im not ready for ramadhan. :| no delicous food, more sad raya songs, exams on raya.. so raya sucks

-im sleepin. no idea. sorry for the lame post. nite.

Saturday, July 31, 2010


living with 10 people under one roof can be both fun and stressing at times. people can get too loud. people can be too quiet. it depends on what the circumstances are; if ur studying for an exam, being too loud can be a bit of a pain in the ass. and if ur bored and no one is there, then that sucks too. haha. we usually play rockband on weekends sometimes. or watch movies. or chitchat. girls' thing..

n eating is another thing. its hard to divide stuff with 10 people. because some dont eat at all, i mean she buys her food by herself. n some eat, but they dont pay. *cough2* now that is a pain in the ass. so i sometimes buy stuff for the house. since i cant cook lol, that's the only way that i think i can be fair to everyone.

so yeah, it depends on how you see things. i'll be leavin mayfield in less than a month, im sure im gonna miss this house; i got to b closer to people that i barely talk before. n learn about people too, their attitude.

sekian report pglaman mayfield saya. off to orgo report.

Thursday, July 29, 2010


teringat msa dulu raya dapat duit raya mesti bau2 punye duit kertas baru. haha. a habit of mine to kinda sniff new stuff. except bende kotor heh. tp skrg da tak dapat dah..

tp da lama xbau duit sbb asek gune card je skrg. off for a babeltea evening! sniff2 new paper money

ps: buat hw malam ni esok kne htar urghhh pemalas nye hani. *smacks head*

Monday, July 26, 2010

wiken saya

kenal tak lelaki nie? nama die Fujiki Nauhito. die pgang character 'buchou' --> adik bradik boss la dlam cite 'hotaru no hikari'. wiken lepas baru thu ade hotaru no hikari 2. nsib bru 3 epi. so tgok cite tu ari sabtu. huhuuu~~

tapi...die da kawen.. umur 38... seriously please jgn ckap i like old guys? cuba ckap these guys je awet muda bole? hihi.. sukaaaaaaaaa 'buchou'!! nk lelaki mcm ni bole tak?

ini lak nama die Mizushima Hiro. mula2 kenal die dlam Hana Kimi, pstu dlm Zettai Kareshi. masa tu xminat rmbut die cm meggi hitam yuck. pastu ahad yakni smalam tgok cite Mei-chan no Shitsuji. die umur 26.

basically cite tu pasal budak perempuan nama Mei ni ayah die org kaya, tp plih utk hidup ordinary. n bile parents die mati. Hiro ni dtg. ckap yg die butler Mei. die pegi skola St. Lucia, skola utk girls kaya. each of these ladies has a handsome,guy butler. n Hiro punye character nama Hirito. nak thu yg lain tgok cite ni la. pehhhh kalo la dpt butler mcm Hirito, haih xtahu bole jd sewel rasa. n masa last episode tu, die kiss (kyaaaaaaaa~ :-*) heroin tu. pstu die ckap 'ssssshhhhhh, this will be our secret. romance between a lady n a butler is prohibited'. peh mcm nak pengsan je. *rewind part tu byak2 kali*

okay ini eye candy utk semua org. tapi sedih huaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, die pun da kawinnnnn. :|
haih malangnye nasib.
n sbnarnye nma dorg xingt sgt pun, td kne gi cr2 lak nma kt pic dia. xfamiliar lg dgn nama jepun, korea bole laa. soon baby, im gonna remember ur names to be my collection muahahahaha

ps: ade org tnye soalan dkt formspring knpa prmpuan suke lelaki korea. n jepun skali la. jwapannya? salahkan director2 movies n dramas ni. suke amek lelaki stok hensem n memenuhi kualiti perempuan nak. mcm mna xspazzing?

n oh sambil2 tu buat lab orgo yg bosan. arini nak habiskan lab. n exam dpt oke kih3.

ps : sape nk promote crite jepun yg ala2 comedy+romantic+sweet2 mcm crite di atas boleh la promote dgn mengomen post ini ye. tapi criteria utama drama tu mesti ade lelaki hensem, kalo x, xtgok hahahah siyes wehhh =P

Thursday, July 22, 2010

this anger is gonna stay for quite a long time

guys pissed me off this week. officially avoiding any kind of connection with these people. fucking retarded bastards. its the days of the month, its my post, a little bit of exaggeration is perfectly fine for me. and again, anonymity. im just super mad that i cant even focus right now. ttyl.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

bole x nak belajar martial art?

tae kwan do ke. boxing ke. nnt xpuas hati dgn org bole belasah kuat2. hahaha! grrr.

Saturday, July 17, 2010


i took 2 tylenol pills and damn it knocked me down badly. my eyes were so heavy that i surrendered; slept for couple of hours and now im awake. its the day of the months, so the first day wore me off the worst, and that explained me taking those pills. now gotta start doing my homework.

watched inception last night. it was awesome! i like this one character called Arthur, his eyes are just sexyyyyy. dont let me start on the movies, it was one of the science fiction that made you mentally exhausted after 2 hour and a half watching. n danggg i love leonardo di caprio now, his acting is just amazingggg. i think this genre suits him the best. the first movie that made me love him is shutter island (putting aside titanic). you guys definitely need to watch this movie! but this japanese/chinese/korean character kinda pissed me off bcoz his accent is so hard to undestand! urgh.

okay see you later then. xoxo

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

change in plan.

hopefully its for the better.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

window shopping. sorry gmba besa gedabak malas nk edit

urghhh cantik x kemeja tue? lately i kinda dig this style. cantik kotttttt.. urghhh

jacket nie pun comel, bole pkai mse fall kot. urghhh temptation temptation

i cud opt for a casual outing with this one as well

n dis baby is so da daring lah weyyy

haih, i wish i cud have my 500usd right now. seeeeeeriouslyyyyyy

Friday, July 2, 2010

i shouldnt be picky since the very beginning..
i shouldnt be getting my hopes high since the very beginning..
now dat i knew, man dat kinda sucks..
i wish they cud make it easier, dun let us felt hanging like this. okay maybe just me..
gotta set my priority first.. ah life is so hard.

ah i still cant forget! babo' hani! :(

Monday, June 28, 2010

saturday outings n monday's misery

i spent the whole saturday doing fun things. i kicked off the day watching world cup match, uruguay vs south korea. i knew that uruguay would have won the game because they had good defensing and great passing skill. hey, im new to soccer so some terms i might say might not be the exact words ;) 3 teams that i am rooting for are uruguay, german n spain. i wont be discussing about my favorite players here because that would take another whole post entry, haha.. names should suffice; they are 1) the goalkeeper from uruguay,muslera, 2)mesut oezil from german n 3)pique n 4)fabregas from spain.

then at evening, my friends invited me to go shopping at coolspring. n i did buy some stuff like a pair of crocs and some shirts for me n my twin. n also someone gave an early present for my birthday haha. thanks baby! ;)

since i was hungry, i planned to have dinner at chillis. now this has some kind of twisty story going over and here i am, trying to explain this. this original going out for a dinner is a plan of mine with this other guy, A because we had these coupons for free dessert, however the coupons were void. but i just continued with the dinner. n it was raining that night, and several people have been messaging me at the same time. n turned out i gave the wrong message (those messages are for A) about going by cars since it was raining to a girl, B who invited me to go for a movie night at the time. n she got confused, n asked me where was i going; then i simply invited her and her roomate. n there were 12 of us, we rode a van n a car. i did ask A to invite any guys before because he might be shy since out of 12 of us, he's the only guy. but no guys wanted to go. so we simply headed to chillis. you see the point?

originally, me n A-->i invited friends that went shopping with me--> i invited girls whom i sent the wrong message to

it was not like a whole batch outing or something like that. n then after the dinner, me and some of my friends went to watch a movie while the rest went straight home. i did call some of my friends to ask whether they wanna go for a movie night or not; some of them didnt pick up, some of them were working.

so i wanna clarify one thing, i aint gonna take responsibility if you felt sad of being left out or mad because I DID NOT PLAN A WHOLE BATCH OUTING. IT JUST TURNED OUT TO BE A QUITE LARGE GROUP OUTING, WITH NO INTENTION OF PURPOSELY DISSING ANYONE OUT OF IT. so if you wanna get mad at me or any of us, go ahead. im not going to effin care about it. not my problem.

ps : n i heard some stories. just wanna say a piece of my mind. selling people's history or secret to make friends.. that is a cheap n disgraceful thing. YOU WANNA BE IN THE GANG, ACT LIKE UR IN THE GANG.

n monday's misery is another thing dat i dont wanna tell in public. just wanna say that IM DOOMED!

Monday, June 21, 2010

taiping 2

teringt lg fes day puasa dkt tping..ak la yg fes2 mngis.. pstu alih2 sume budak yg fes time dduk boarding school pun ngis. pikot sume. hihi.. n then aten n faziera la yg pjuk2..dorg prnh dduk asrama da.. mkn pun xlalu..sbb xsdap. haha.. n sbb sedih juga la. =P tp 2nd day dah okayy..

skrg ni smbil study dgr lagu raya. ganti puasa xhabis lg, puasa pun belum lg, dah dgr lgu raya.. lol. cacatttt2.. urm, mse freshman n sophomore yr ak mmg elak dgr lgu raya, kalo dgr pun, dgr sorg2.. sbb xnk rse sedih. haha.. n lama2, raya pun dah rse xde mkna.. sbb ade exam msa raya. n mse dkt msia pun xbest sgt pun raya. ha nia de 2 teori. either bile makin tua makin xbest.. sbb dpt duit raya sikit (which is odd sbb mse akk ak dlu die dpt byk je! bile ak da besa duit raya xsebyak zmn akk ak lak humph! =P) or da 2nd theory wud be that since i lost both my grandparents from both sides, so it didnt feel special anymore. n raya selalunye ak balik belah mak, biase aa perempuan kn, haha.. tp mlgnye mak ak lak byk adik beradik lelaki, n u know the rest, dorg pun balik la rumh mentua msg2. pfft. lol. n also sbb mak dah malas buat kuih raya, asek beli kuih raya xsdap je! hahahaha!

ha teringt balik mse awl2 dtg taiping lagi. 2nd day tu pegi aa mkn bfast. half boiled egg yg org sllu mkn dgn kicap. skali lg bajet cool, makan je bende tu. skali kuar tpt mkn (alamak lupe nma tpt mkn, ape eh term die?) muntah depan2 tue! eeee malu nye haaaaaa blergh. pstu msa ptg kn ade sukan tu. aaa shit lupe aa. mse rekreasi aa kire kah3 skema gile perkataan. ade satu masa tu ak lepak sorg2, sbb awl2 lg kn. mls nk main game sume. pstu tibe2 akk ldp tu dtg dkt ak, akk ldp yg assist ak mse fes day tue, refer to this post. die tnye asl ak dduk sorg2, xde kwn ke, klasmate ke..pstu tibe2 sebak dah nk ngis, akk tu kalat dah kakaka, pstu die pun cm ckp, eh relak2 jgn ngis. pstu die cuak kot then tgl ak sorg2. haha.. haih mcm2..

kalo ikut byk post lg nie psal taiping, haha.. sile tungguuuuu. kalo xberminat nk bc tape gk. xyh bca, sng je. haha =P

taiping 1

tibe2 teringt mse dkt taiping pula.. fes day msuk, lambai2 dkt mak. akk ldp (pengawas) tnya, xsedih ke, dgn cool je jwab tak. pstu die tnye, prnh dduk asrama ke, jwb tak juga.. skali tgok keta da blah, peh sebak cm nk ngis tahan2, control macho weyy.

pstu mlm tu tido kroh3. esok pg kalat bgun awal hell. n oh. XRETI KEMAS KATIL. nk tegangkan cadar pun xreti. so hajar, cubemate yg buat. hahaha.. smpai hbis f5 pun ak xrse cadar katil ak plg tegang, kah3 (eventho ak sdri ldp).

n then petang tu or wiken tu ngis2 nk balik. ak dduk dkt tgkt 2 asrama, klua pintu je ade phone booth aa. dgn xmalunye ngis cm budak2 xdpt cokelat, dhla ngis kuat gile.. smpai org tgh stdy dkt dpan pun perasan, siap pgil2 hajar suh pujuk ak. n ak dgn machonye lg tepis die kuat2 kah3. lps ngis mak xlyn rayuan nk kuar asrama, msuk asrama, smbg ngis snyap2 bwh bntal. lps tu xckp dgn sape2 punye la lama. haha.. setahun kot merayu mnta klua. msuk f5, pasrah da..

itu cite dkt asrama. dkt kelas lak.. mmg wrong timing hbs. ak 3rd intake msuk tping. so mse fes day msuk tu org tgh exam2. fes day exam. ak miss da. skali esok tu ckgu ckp ak kne amek exam. peh ak rse mcm nk sumpah seranah. kwang haja nye maktab. wrong timing hbis kot ye pun nk 3rd intake. grr. dhla msuk klas sume muka nerd2 stdy xingt dunia. tp bila lama2 da kt ctu..ak tnye classmates, 1st impression ak. n da same,expected answer.. GARANG N SOMBONG. hahahaha. sumpah stiap kali ak tnye org, 1st impression mse jumpe msti dpt jwpn tu. haha. mslah2.

ok tu je nk ckp. random kn? nk tido. bye.

ps: kalo hajar bc post nie mesti nnt die komen ckp, yeayy, nma org kene sbut dlm blog. pstu gedik2. haha. =P

Thursday, June 10, 2010

ah siot

malam ni, no no, since petang td x buat pape lgsung! seyes shitto. balik2 lyan tenet, tgok muvi. haihh.

pdhal orgo xfham sgt pun. byk bnde lak bertimbun nk kene baca hahaha. shitttttt. =.=

dhla lab mcm sampah td. hehh

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

my 2nd official summer class

it rained heavily. since i ended my lab early, i went home first. IN RAIN. now my head is sick. urgh.

n i was super excited when i finished the lab 15min before 3! while everyone else was waiting for their very first drop of distillation, i had already collected my last one. kih3. xtahu kenapa ak nye laju sgt. dhla first time habis lab awal2.

n then the lecture session. super urgh. dah xingt sgt bnde2 awal2 dlu belaja. those hybridization things. =.=

oh btw, someone forgot to buy me a souvenir huaaaaaaa. siap ckap either i mistaken A for someone else. (because i asked from almost everyone for souvenirs hahahaha!) :(

okay la off to bath n study.. hikhikhik!!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

-PART 2- and the rest of it.

n on the next few days, the graduating seniors finally are leaving Nashville for good. we had to make several trips because there were not enough cars. and there were sad, teary moments as well. i had to admit that im sadder this time prolly because im a bit closer to them than the super senior before. but not to the extend of crying. i almost did, seeing the others crying. haha. but im just being cool lah konon. =P

then on our way back home, we went to smoothie king. yummy! so basically thats it kot.

n then few days after, i went shopping, (i hate to say the word 'AGAIN' hihi) at coolspring. i bought few clothes, jeans and something else haha. now im kinda broke. crap. not seriously broke but i just cant afford to go shopping anymore. eventhough i am dying to go for another trip! its summer sale kot! sigh.. unless la ade orang nak belanja heee~

n class starts in two days. i cannot have anymore excuse. kinda scared actually. for the whole june and july, im gonna have a 3 hours lecture and 4 hours of lab weekly! scary isnt it? :(
and i still didnt get a textbook yet. i asked a friend of mine to buy it back in malaysia, but he cant. dahla bagitahu at da very last minute. THANK YOU VERY MUCH LA EH? PFFT.
you see, i dont mind people knowing that im mad or angry at any right moment dat i deserved. kalo tak mna org nk tahu. but who cares heh. dah2 tuka topic.

n last nite me and my housemates went to watch 'killer's starring Ashton Kutcher and Katherine Heigl. man i swear everytime Ashton Kutcher came out, EVERY GIRL IN THE CINEMA GIGGLED. puhahahahaha! n of course, we were very grateful of his 6-pack kah3! omg did i sound just pretty pervert? hahahahaahah. but he was just too yummy! how i wish to be Demi Moore for just ONE FREAKIN DAY. :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

its sunday today,sunday evening. n they will be coming back from malaysia tonite, my batch. n tomorrow is my very last day to fool around sobs. aaaa cuakkkkkkkkk. T____T

okay finally an update of everything! :) -well not really- PART 1

okay first im gonna write about midwest. my carmates were dayah, yah, yah's friend and kak azni. so it was an okay trip i think. not too fancy not too boring, prolly because i was too busy sleeping, hihi.. =P

and when we reached hotel, we were assigned to our respective rooms. and surprisingly i got unexpected, quite interesting roommates for the weekend. 'yay' me much? haha.. so basically during midwest, i got up as early as 6am to get ready.. purdue university is so mighty big i swear! kinda glad dat i didnt get it, i might be dead from walking within a month. haha.. so basically i was watching soccer match the whole time.

vandy sent 2 teams, too bad at this one level, they were against each other and team A won. and before this i really dont understand that why is it that they (the guys) were being fine with almost all seniors dominating team A, for da sake dat they are graduating. n i was all pissed thinking dat the reason is not strong enough. but then after i watched them playing, man i was wrong all the time! they were like super awesome no kidding man! like for the whole game, while our opponent kept asking for sub, ours didnt, only during the very last minute! i swear izwan just blew me away with his defending skill! n hadi, n khairi n anep! n there's this time that hafiz, the goalie managed to awe me, but sekali je la kah3 jk3. =P basically everyone pull it off! sgt berbangga sobsss. da girls did an excellent job too.

n of course, bitching has never fail to amaze us all there. there's this tall,indian guy that i swear acted like a freakin bitch dat i felt dat if i were his tall, i wud go to him n kick his u-know-wut-its-called. some of his unforgettable bitching, 'payung buruk', 'kamon, lelaki vandy tere, perempuan apa kes' sumthin like dat, didnt recall the whole exact sentence, but you got the point. n then when we scored, i shouted like hell while looking at him, n of course he didnt realise dat im looking at him la. eee geram gile. kitorang kalah cool je. dorg lak bitchy abes. when our own team players said not to respond, sebagai seorang fan yg sekadar tgok tp x contribute pape saya pun snyap je la. tp membuak2 nie sape la yg faham. emo2.

n i got terribly burned. just like the first time i came to US. before nie putih la sikit kan cewwah. nie skrang da hitam mcm dduk malaysia je. xgune punye sunblock sobs. i applied them many manyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy times sobs.

n then on our back home, we went to edinburgh outlet. man it was so big that i didnt manage to go to all stores, or else i swear i'd be spending even more! =.=

okay nak masuk part 2 lak, baca semua part taw heee~

Friday, May 28, 2010


i dont have much friends. im da kind dat sticks to my gang, not mingling with everyone. why? maybe because i wanted trust and want to keep my privacy thing within the ones i entrusted.

but now dat im 20,im alone. i only contacted 2 close friends. the rest? hurm,you can say things got awkward between us. we dont talk much, dont even know what to talk about. trying to chat with new people=chat room, but couldnt stand crappy,nonsense conversation.

since i left my high school, i have this thought that friends dont last. seriously. you moved out, you met new people, your old friends made new friends. you may keep in touch, but the intimacy is nowhere to be found. and the fact dat people do change.. not treating them nicely. im sick of starting the conversation already. approach me. greet me. ask me how am i doing lately. but the short reply of mine aint helping though.. =.=

so after an incident here, ive gotten even worse i think. i mean i made more friends, got closer wit my batch. but somehow not dat close, sometimes i think im not being myself, im there,but not really there. its like im not 24/7 available, standing by the side. ahh sometimes words dont explain things well. n also using them for benefit.

ah merepek2

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


bila tengok blog kawan2, semua org menulis dlm tatabahasa yg betul. tapi aku? eh eh tapi saya? hihi..

saya memang lemah bahasa malaysia dari sekolah rendah lagi. tambah-tambahan sekolah menengah, tak pernah merasa gred A dalam genggaman tangan, *mengeluh*

but english has always been easy for me. i don't know, maybe its in my blood i think, because my dad is kinda good, well during his years.. so getting A is not hard for me, and i love having a conversation in English as well, because i tend to be myself more that way.

perbualan dalam bahasa malaysia agak sukar bagi saya. mungkin kerana slang kedah yang sudah sebati dengan diri saya, selama 17 tahun! jadi untuk berbicara dengan teman2 dari orang bukan utara membuatkan saya berasa sedikit malu dan janggal.

n another reason is that, i think speaking formally in bahasa malaysia is too cheesy!! da most common example? i love you = saya cinta kamu. UUUUUUUUUUUUUUU, CAIR2 BLUSH2 MALU2 GELI2 HAHAHA!

so when i came to Vandy, well in fact before that, like in the 1st half of 2008, i started talking while loosening the slangue, and so far it worked well. most people here in vandy were surprised when i told them that i am from perak, because i barely had the slangue, well except when i speak super fast, then the slangue kinda comes out naturally. haha..

n why did i bother writing about this? saje je, sebab tengah usha blog kawan, peh sume cekang bhsa melayu skema habis. pstu tibe2 terasa nk tulis blog. okay nk smyg nk tido. esok nk jumpe duck v. blwek!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

addicted to shopping!

i swore i tried to resist it but i just couldnt! muahahaha! just now i went to lebanon, super mega giant shopping outlet. n there was sales everywhere! n i might probably end up buying coach handbag soon, either after i got my salary or after i get the next allowance.

i bought 2 shirts at tommy hilfiger. wut a deal! :P too bad there arent any nice sneakers at nike, sigh.. i miss opry mall soooooooo much! cepatla repair2 nie haaaa. for those who didnt know, opry mall was badddddly damaged thanks to the recent nashville flood. so it is going to be closed for 2-3months. T_________________T

n there aren't any nice, decent jeans too. I. WANT. LEVIS!!!! T_T n im not a big fan of Gap, it just didnt suit/match with my style maybe.. i need to find shirts, be it long or short. my clothes are shrinking!! okay i lied. i kinda gained weight a bit, but im fine! im still underweight. hahahaa. tp mcm xmuat sgt la.

n arini mengantuk gile sbb pg2 klua pegi wlmart n ramadhan,tp ramadhan ttup. beli veggie tuk guinea pig, mkn byk nk mati ish3.. nsb comel, tp still xnk lyan ak. T_T n then straight headed to fgh, im working right now. kene cr duit laaaaaaaaaaa. kang kalo tidak sesak nanti nk mkn apa? mkn ranting? haha..

okay after nie nk tgok movie kejapppp. pastu esok kne bgun awal utk rajin bekerja. byeeeeeeeeeee~~~~ <3

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

my boring day

its 4.26am, n its not sumthin to be surprised at dat im not sleepin yet. its holiday btw. i slept for 12 hours today,gosh, slept at 6am n woke up at 6pm. niceee.

pdhal i still got errands to going to bookstre buying some stuff. n then going to bank. haih pegi bank maleh nie. n then buying food--> chicken!! n then in da next few days takin a parcel for a friend of mine.

ape lg random things ehh. oh fabregas prolly moving to barcelona. random much? sbb die handsome, hihi.. got midwest jersey today. eventho besa, tp sbb its black color, mcm xobvious sgt kot. i have short torso,long legs and hands. so kinda hard to find clothes for me. n my friend keeps saying dat im weird for having such longgggg hands and legs. haha, tp rse mcm mnarik je? kah3! n ohhhhh, naqi bought me a fridge magnet from korea yeayyy!! eventho im not a big fan of fridge magnet, but sgat terharu huaaaaaaaaaaaa. syang naqi lebih seyes xtipu!!! nnt magnet tu msti akn dijaga dgn baik2 heee~~ n i miss opry mall. T__T tp kne berjimat. sobs. tp tape, nnt fall break or winter jalan2 eh hani? :) hopefully. so simpan duit cepat2 hihi!

california looks so much interesting! LA lagi. NY lagi. weee~

finished watching a 26-episodes anime in 2 days. sedihhhhhhhhhhhhhh xde kissing pun. hahaha! bad hani. overall its a gud anime lah. it makes me ponder over certain things. n im taking care of my friend's pet. pet tue sombong lah! xnk main dgn org. sedihhhhhh. :(

xtahu nk ckp apa lg. apparently my days have not been dat exciting. last 2 days i chatted with hajar for quite some time. n then yesterday i chatted with popo pula. but basically yesterday n today were spent indoor. maybe i'll go out tomorrow. dunno yet. haha. going to bookstore. n then going to centennial park alone sounds good. n then eating dessert. haha.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


out of all types of people, i seriously hate liars n those that break promises. fullstop.

so kalau ko rsa ko trgolong dlm golongan ni. kau leh gi mam.
kalau dah sekali kau buat hal dgn ak, ak ni sumpah jenis yg ingat, bkn berdendam, cuma act tu terngiang2 je rsa. so bile nmpk muka ko je automatic die flashback ape kau buat dgn ak.

sorry la emo skit mlam nie.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

new night at new room with new people

me n da rest of my batch sent our friends to the airport this morning. i dunno how to describe the feeling, it kinda felt empty inside..but at the same time, the thought of going back freaks me.

n i moved to sharifah n mimi's room today. since lily n najiah headed to malaysia, guess i'll have nowhere to stay. there will be xtra special guest in my home, so i kinda kicked myself out of my very own house. haha.

n then i went to harris teeter then to bubbletea shop. n on the way there, met these people that had just had their bubbletea, n they said they were going shopping this evening, n i dont know if im wrong or what, but i seriously thought they invited us to go together. so when they left without us, me n my other friend, i kinda went blank, like did i misunderstand them or what. kinda felt left behind, especially for the fact that this is my first summer being alone, without the chemes.. :(
n i dont mix well with people im not close with.

then my friend and i asked several people if it was possible to borrow their cars. n theres this human that i ym-ed. i asked if i could use this human's car to go shopping. n he said he cant,coz he's using it for, you can say for a good cause. so i kinda had a gloomy evening, but it was fine. n later that evening, our batch had a meeting in regard to activities that we were in charge of. then after the meeting ended, someone told me that the human that i planned on borrowing car turned out to be going out shopping! n apparently with someone that are not my batch.

the thing that super pissed me off was that he lied to me. like XXXXXXX man, im fine if u dun want to lend ur XXXXXXX utterly fine car to me. if u XXXXXXX wanna go shopping, just XXXXXXX tell me straight then. why do u hav to XXXXXXX lie to me u bloody moron? jijibae sial. suddenly felt the rush of cursing,after hearing the XXXXXXX word lately. XD

not dat im super angry, but for the fact that i had a wasted day,with no dinner thanks to the long,necessary meeting,which i have nothing against it. just kinda felt that it ruined my mood. n he was even in charge of rather important aspect of activities that we were to hold. sukeati kau aa. ops, did i just mention 'he', after trying to restrain myself by using human? who cares. SUKEATI KAU AA.

ps : adamaya cm tahii. xsuke mayaaaaaaa. xsuke dani!! huduh,gemuk,hitam,bibir hitam,xsukeeeeeeeeee. kalo la ak dpt lelaki mcm adam, 100% ak transform jd lemah lembut, ak blaja msak2, blaja jahit, blaja jaga anak, mmg wanita melayu terakhir wa ckp sama lu. n again, the drama was just highly exaggerated i think. poor acting. i wud rate it 2.5 out of 5.

Saturday, May 1, 2010


i dont wanna it to b game over to me yet. i still ned to go on. but things r just not goin my way.
i dont want to get penalty already. :( oh god.

Thursday, April 29, 2010


risau. thermo. ya Allah. :(

Sunday, April 18, 2010

urghhh malasnyeeee..

hari nie. no no, not just today, da whole weekend! blergh! homework not done yet.. study? hehhhh. i barely touch MSE. studied thermo though last nite.

n yet i got 3 xams next week. get back to ur sense hani!!!
n da coming xams, my finals!! T_____________T
but this thursday there is a sale by my bookstore. i am soooo goin to buy stuff here n there. despite da fact dat i only hav 100usd in my account rite now n 12cents in my cmmodore cash. wut a good way to survive for another whole month hani. pandaaaaiiii anak mak. =.=

n im officially 43.5kg now! due to a personal reason, im probably goin to go for 45kg n im soo not goin to go over 45kg! my twin n my sis r much thinner! gile apa hani!! gemuk gile kau skrg!!! T___T

other people might think dat im crazy, but 40-ish kg is a new whole area of weight for me. haha. we (my siblings) rarely weigh more than 40kg, well xcept my oldest sis la.. so im bein kinda paranoid n excited a bit. hahahahaha. jakun hell. T__T

ok better start actually absorbing some stuff for MSE. huaaaaaa, easy A hani! lets do it fightin!
n oh btw, im officially in a safe zone for math.. phew..
just need to end all things quickly n pass with flying colors. LOL. aminnnn. doakan taw? :)

n now dat guys r not my motivation for study anymore, HAHAAHAHAHAHAHA. im planning to find new motivation to lift up my spirit! apesal cm broken english eh? 'heck tul, teruk skrg.'
guess what? IM PLANNING TO GO TO KOREA NEXT YEAR! mayyyybeeeee lahhhhh. a month in msia..a month in korea..okay ini tipu. seminggu je sobs! n then off to vandy back.
but 1st i need to save money starting dis summer. no no after summer.. huhu..

u noe why after summer? because i need to do tonnes of shopping! laundry hilg sobs! sumpah baju byak gile hilang. aaaa kejiiiii. kasi je la balik. ni trace xde lgsung. :(
n also nk gi jenjalan ke,obviously gie kan. xkn nk duk vandy je, blergh. :)

tp skrg kne study dlu hani. jom study? okay ckp sorg2, gile.

Thursday, April 15, 2010


i dont know what did i do wrong that make her hate me so much. slamming door n such. if i knew it wud cause so much trouble for us, id just be alone. now im hurt.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

deeper conversation..

ive let my guard down for u,but u said dat ur just joking.

n if u dun mind can u tell me all ur hopes n fears n evrythin dat u believe in?

id luv for u to take me to a deeper conversation..only u can make me.

intimacy n secrecy r not things dat r easily passed on to people. u gotta earn it people. HOW? now dat is ur assignment. its just sumthin dat u gotta fgure out by urself.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

hey you!

u cant make me do things i dont want to do.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

warning : shits ahead

cam babeng exam matlab td. ade soalaln gauss-seidel method. cm s**l sng je act. tp ak xleh jwb sbb xbca. sbb tu earlier chaps. ah bodo! mati aa grade subject ni. dgn thermo lg.

dgan ade malaun xhabis2 nk bengang. hempas pintu tibe2. setan tul la malaun ni. urgh!

Monday, March 29, 2010

march 30 update.

i was about to start doing my Matlab hw, until i thought that maybe i should do a post since a lot happened before the mood and the rush kinda settled down, better go blogging first. XD

anyway. i took my MSE exam today. i was supposed to take it on friday, but since i had 2 xams dat day, i was allowed to take it on monday. tx Prof. Ashok! n then this evening i sat for the exam. i was supposed to take it at 1pm, but i ended up arriving like at 1.30pm. bcause we got lost. oh, by we i mean me and my other friend. the office was nice and i figured out from there that Prof. Ashok is some kind of a senior there, which probably means he has a nice position. n HUGE SALARY. XD n thinking dat he has been so nice to me, i decided to be nicer to him, by nicer i mean by focusing more in class. n scoring. LOL. n crap exam td. there's this question nie, i knew it that i had to divide this one value by 2, but my hand just wont move. its like almost the end of the 50 minutes, n i got lazy of changing the answer. like crap je. but i hope i got 90 pun ckup la. XD or else i'll be mourning. T__T

n then i slept at 5am today. doin wut ur askin me? readin MSE.....n NFS. shit da addicted. n then bgun like 7.45am. i was in a scary part of my dream, reaching the part. until there's this friggin annoyin sound dat woke me up. THE STUPID FIRE ALARM! BODO LA WEY KLAU NAK TEST PUN JGAN PAGI2 BANGANG! n then i rushed down bcause if i didnt, i swear i wud be deaf im tellin ya. n then xpergi klas math obv. xmandi lg kot msa tu. n hopefully i got good grade in math. pelissssss lah..... n then thermo pun xdpt paper lg. Prof. Laibinis said they were not good. our papers. n he havent finished marking yet. ah cccccuuuuaaakkkkkk kottttt!

n then i slept for almost 3 hours this evening, too sleepy. n i managed to wake up at 7.56pm. da soccer match is at 8pm. i played for my batch as defender. NO NO NO IM KIDDING. im just watchin jeeeeee. XD n as expected, my batch won. not dat im bragging, well maybe a bit. but we are just too awesome. HAHAHA. but still, ALHAMDULILLAH. :)

n after dat i had my dinner, quiznos. T_______T n i watched House as well. there's this lady dat keeps blogging about her personal life and her husband obviously did not like it. like come on, do you want ur life to be constantly exposed to the public? i seriously dont get it why is it that there are people that just have to post status or twit about what's happening with their life like evry 5 minutes! gosh get a life dude! rse mcm nk sepak2 je.

n also i THOUGHT people are supposed to be mature as they age. well ages sounds bad. rephrasing, people are supposed to be mature as they reach adulthood. but it seems that i cant hold on to the thought anymore. there are just some bunch of people dat simply talk without thinking. just updating stats or twitting whatever crossing their minds at the very moment. i can giv u direct example, but nahh, i dont wanna hav feud with anyone. now dat i think of it, i kinda keep restraining myself from simply voicing out my opinion right now. not dat im being scared ke or being less interested ke, but hearing from the other side first is better, it helps me on seeing how they see and judge things. n prolly bcause sometimes esp when ur mad, u tend to say things dat u meant at the very moment, but soon, when u calms, rationality takes over n u may change ur opinion. so its not dat i keep changing opinion here n there. but there r times of irrationality n rationality dat certain people just wont get it, n may never get it, n will blame me or anyone for having contradicting opinions. so, listening first seems like a decent way in negotiating things.

pergh byak pula lah ckap. dhla emo nk mam. boring huh? sorry, no interesting stuff has been happening lately. no good movies. no good anything lah.


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

quick update

i had somalian food for dinner just now. dont really like it. except the corn with somekind of butter. it was spicy. but i love it. n the fish was weird. yeah i dont really finish them. but the dessert were okay i think. they were very sweet! there are cookies. n then chocolates. n then i had coconut milk ice cream, lol, it was okay, but still funny, haha. n then i had nuts. n one candy that i dont know its name. kinda crytallish i think. lemme find a pic of it.

a pic of my friend eating it. haha. i got 3 xams this fridays, first time dat im not anticipating friday. =.=

haih..i gotta do well this time, or i'll be like seriously dead. seriously man. gua xtipu punya.

n oh. can u feel my heartbeat? hihi.. pounding heart is hard to deal with. >.<

Monday, March 15, 2010

spring break!

i had just finished my dinner, quiznos. finally i finished one meal. ive been losing appetite this past few days. well, signs that exams are around the corner; lack of appetite n lots of sleep! ish, sptutnye less sleep. =.=

today was embarassing, i woke up early actually,but continued to sleep, n then finally woke up at 7.45 n reached class 8.20am. man, Ahner sounded me in front of the class, he stopped the lecture n started complaining of being late to class. i chose the wrong day to come late.. =.= n then i got pretty down the whole class, until Shah came in at 8.35am. hahaha, n Ahner just sighed n laughed cynically. lol, at least im not da latest. haha. ;)

well3, back to the main purpose of the post today. i guess i better wrote about my break before i forgot things. besides, i read a blog of this one girl dat went sumwhere during spring break too, so i thought maybe i shud do the same thing, then i'll get to flashback and treasure da trip. :)

my tripmates were noel, syera,zulisk n hafiz. i initially thought it was hafiz senior, turned out my batchmate. dang, habis bergaduh dh la nnt. lol. we went at 2 or 3am in the morning. syera drove basically the whole journey there. i became the co-driver, hihi.. n now, let the pictures tell da story :)

i just love this view, so...scenery. hihi.. we arrived at PANAMA already by this time..

the entrance to the public beach

well a picture of me jumping is obviously a must. hihi. but cis hitam oh. T_T
oh btw, click the pics for larger view.

us 4 + photographer. kinda hard to take a pic of all of us in it.. from left, me, hafiz,noel n zulisk

panama beach! kinda dissapointed it was not as pretty as miami's.. but still, i got to see a beach! :)

after we checked in, we decided to spend the evening at our inn..playin frisbees! my very first time playing frisbee properly! n the guys..putting on their sunblock.

since zulisk and i were a team, i put a pic of him instead of noel and hafiz! haha! but act we weren't taking pics when we first playing, they replayed so that I would take the pics. blerghhhh. n syera was resting dat evening,she was exhausted of driving..

n then we played this tiny miny playground. :)

haha, this is hilarious. actually we played 'lat-ta-li-lat' (lol dunno how to spell) to see who got to be buried. n i did!!! n i ran away, n noel ran after me! but since im a girl, hihihi.. im SAFE!! hahah. but eventually, they played again n noel got to be buried. hahaha, sorry noel! :p

after that we took pictures of sunset. well this is the only pic dat all of us were in it,eventhough noel didnt have a nice portion of it. hihihi.. :D

this pic, credit to him. eventhough im not really feelin the orangish evening, it was a pleasant evening. when will i be having such orangish sunset anywhere else? haaaa. hihi.. :)
the next day, we went to New Orleans. not like da city, but kind of like a tiny portion of N.O. the hotel behind, the light changed colors. cute!~ n we were actually standing on a huge statue, not dat it was friggin awesome lahh. but still.. now dat i think about it, the statue was like at da middle of a road, people watchin us might think weirdly of us... haha~

see the bridge behind us? tiny one.. there's A LOT of bridges that we came across throughout the trip. niceeeeee. surrounded by water. huhu..

dat night, we reached houston. it was like an endless trip! it was this froggy, even worst! my camera could not replace the real situation. so the driver drove very slowly because seriously, u cant see anything! but nice! a new experience! huhu.. bile lg nk alami trip berkabus mcm niee..

the next morning....turned out six flags was closed. it was part of the plan to go there.. T___T so we went to houston city. n muslim da'wah center as well. this is me n syera.

noel,syera,zulisk n hafiz. the city is beautiful! :) n we rode the tram for a dollar n 25 cents. n there's this black guy asking zulisk whether he's from india or not. HAHAHA! n then turned out he was asking for a ride on the tram. blergh, jalan je la, xjauh pun!! well,kitorg diff case la,nak experience kan.. :D


us, at NASA. yg bosan.. T___T

at Dallas Arboretum, obviously at Dallas,Texas. haha. it was tulip season there. i was kinda dissapointed, i wanna go to a garden full of roses,or lavender n etc.. but still it was nice. the place has a very flowery scent.. n it was as huge as 66 acres!

deja vu! i thought of seeing this kind of pic sumwhere, so i asked them to pose here. n then, one of my senior here said dat he has been here. haaaa, kan deja vu! i knew ive seen it sumwhere. hihi

oh n also! i dunno whether its in New Orleans or Houston, im pretty sure its at N.O. we decided to have chinese buffet. as we went around finding the restaurant, we came across this mediterranean restaurant. ive never been to one before, so i really dun noe wut kind of food it served. turned out it was like the arabic,malay kind of food. even better, they were halal!! yippie! so we ate a lot there. the guys even had 2 plates each! lol. ^^,

for more pics, go to my fb. overall, i might be complaining here n there..but it was a very pleasant trip now dat i think of it. i get to know the juniors better;noel,syera n xthu kalau org lain xfkir sama kan. huhu. sorry for everything, klau emo2, marah2.. hihi.. :)

nnt jom pegi lagi! tp tpat lain lahhh okay? ;)

now....back to studying.. 4 exams next week! SHIT. T_T