Monday, August 10, 2009


its 11.43 in the morning, just woke up. listening to remic of 'i dont care' by 2ne1. this fternoon the guys are doing the 'mkn2' (eating). and oh, last saturday was the free tax day, i spent insanely. n da nex day, i bought few food stuff at walmart. i spent 143 sumthin shopping n 58 at walmart. boy, i need more money. hahahahahahaaha!

n my sisters are goin to kl for their holidays i guess, n then they are off to pangkor with my parents. cis. im goin to michigan this thursday, summer training camp. i. must. be. out. of. my. mind. i keep saying dat couple of times. haha.n today is fadhe's birthday. so , happy birthday. they had like a surprise party for her n the food was great. =D n oh, about the camping, ive never been camping before. never. because i hate outdoor stuff. i keep being scared by all the scary things. hahaahahahahahaha!

okay im bored. i dont know wut to said. oh random thing! i dont really like the fact that the korean fan is too hyper, is it the right word? haha.. they are just too obsessive with their artists. like if this artist make joke about their favorite artist, they will bash him/her. some to the extend of throwing eggs, hate letters. and i was like, wut in the f? its not like the artists are going to marry you guys. stupid fans. seriously. but not me. hahahahahaah!

n oh for my summer class, everythin is going well, thank God. =)