Sunday, August 23, 2009

ramadhan!!!!!!!!!!!!!! n school. T_T

it has been the 3rd day of ramadhan. n im fasting of course. =D

n i went to icn for maghrib prayers n terawih. the food was okay. n im at hanum's house. eating n lepak-ing. tomorrow night im going to watch movie, maybe. n im going to start waking up early tomorrow. my classes started at 9. so gotta wake up at least at 8.20. T_T

man im boreddddddddddddddddddd! lets ym! =D but there's no one. sigh~

oh, baju raya. i got it wayyyyyyyy earlier actually. 2, purple n peachy orange. i rarely wear baju kurung here because i dont know, im kinda embarassed, lol. n last night, i wore my last year's baju kurung, n everyone was like, 'wow, hani is feminine tonight' n there's baly n zulisk in the van, oh man. hahaha! my mom likes me wearing them cos they make me look taller, n gotta agree with it. hohoho!

n school starts dis wednesday. today is monday. im not thrilled about it.n who wouldn't? n my schedule is different than most of the chemes.. im the only cheme in most of the classes that i take. good way to be close with the americans (esp hot guys please? hahahaha! ) . hopefully.

n i'll be updating this blog like once a week or every fortnight. we'll see how things go. do miss me. lol.