Saturday, February 26, 2011

of VandyLAN and other stuff

this is a TERRIBLE WEEK! so sad, don't ask..

so last night wasn't that bad. okay it was bad. until i won raffle, it kinda turn NOT THAT BAD after that haha. well i could get excited over winning a shirt of L size right? a least i won something! *trying to pujuk myself* probably gonna give the shirt to abah je la haha.

so basically i only watched people battling like they are at their wits end over a bunch of games haha. i played two games, one which i sucked at, shooting game. haha. and the other one, well i basically jumped to maneuver the game. and 'accidentally' get myself a plush haha and yeah dats about it. and finally i got excited over FIFA games haha *not that i could actually see Ozil or Lampard or Gerard or Torres or Casillas or Fabregas or Pique!*

and then we watched khurafat. it was good, but wasn't that scary, i'll give it 2.5/5 (well because i covered my face the whole time during scary parts hahaha). cane nie kalo tgok part takut jerit pstu takut tido sorg2 tp xtgok x feelin la, xtkut n xfham n x feel cite. tp nk tgok cite hantu. tp xde la nak die betul2 jd lak kan aaaa nggak mahuuuu. movies that have scared the hell out of me so far is 'jangan pandang belakang', 'the exorcism of emily rose' and i still don't have the guts to watch ju-on HAHAHA. i watched some parts, here and there, and the parts that i've watched are the scary ones, like the ghost ripping out from a woman in labor (or its from another movie?? haha), the stair part and the one that came out of TV (shit, isnt that the ring?) okay etc..

next week i my first lab presentation. dugeum3~~ hearbeat!~~ gonna work on lab report this week. as of right now, im hungry.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

friend or foe?

its scary when your so called friends can actually be your enemies at the same time. and all that people can do is talk bad behind each other. seriously people? do you have to resolve to that? sometimes anonymity can be a scary thing. coward people hide behind anonymity to say hurtful things, and they don't realize how bad it can affect people.

when people say the right thing, you shut him up and accuse him over a totally different issue. which you don't even have the right to. because you are totally on the wrong side, you should acknowledge that at least, for the sake of humanity, not being a total jerk. what has the world become? when people doing right thing is mistreated and the one doing the wrong thing is glorified or honored i must say.

those people scared the hell out of me. i hope none of my friends are like that. if i do something that pisses you off, tell me face to face, not through people or behind me. i might be hurt, duhh like obviously,what am i? a robot? but i'll get over it with time. that just makes me feel hundreds time better than hearing you bitching about something you dislike about me. are we clear? cool.

Friday, February 11, 2011

february update

lol someone got mad over my post, dat was like long ago hahaha. lame =P

so i had two exams next week, and i still didnt do anything because it's friday night like hello?? went out and had dinner at golden coast, even though i was super sleepy because i only slept 3 hours thanks to Prof. Jennings's hw. its my friend's bday. so just had the feeling dat i still have to go.

and then watched grey's anatomy, which i swear is the best thing ever kih3. played wii. and chatted with some people.

and yeah when i was eating my dinner, got a msg from dad saying dat they are in langkawi right now. and i was like damn! only my sisters were going there originally. and mom said my 2nd sis supported the trip so they dont have to pay for anything.. jealousssssss.

and oh yeah, i skipped arabic class today, and apparently a lot of people did too, so ustaz was a bit pissed i think dat he took attendance of the class. holy crap. haha.

aiishh im not writing things in sequence but yeah who cares, basically you get the point right? haha. so it was snowing on wednesday. and yeah i originally had another hw due on Friday but it was postponed to Monday and a test on Thursday which was also postponed to Monday because of the snow. thank god i checked my email first thing on Thursday haaha.

and yeah i also heard some bad stories. i mean its my effin blog, who cares if i wanna write something personal or not in it? not dat im referring this to myself. its like when A did it, i mean ranting on emo things, then dats fine but if B did it, they were like, dat bitch shouldnt have gone dat far bla2. whats with this double standard? urgh. annoying. period.

got nothing planned for spring break yet. gotta need to focus on this sem first. cewwah. and oh im not going back too this summer. yeah3 i just dont want to talk about it again, ive been telling the story over and over again. ask others if you wanna know why. so im kinda planning to go on a trip? like im trying to stay out of vandy for the whole May. i dont know, thinking about staying in new york with my friend.. and also thinking about going to san fransisco. and also a tidbit of florida? haha.. im being too ambitious am i? NY is like on north east side, florida is like on south east and SF is like on west side of US! woah dats crazyyyy haha. so yeah im not sure yet, plus i dont have anyone travelling with me this time. so i gotta do the whole preparing thing by my self. and mom said she'll support me a bit since im not going back so dats awesome haha.

okay bye.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

how i spent my friday

down with fever from thursday night. skipped all classes on friday, slept the wholeeeee day. only woke up to eat, at 10pm i think. then watched bunches of things, slept back at 6am or something haha. getting better, but i'm still coughing and having flu a bit. (for those who's reading my blog teeheehee kalo nk buat porridge ke mcam awesome XD)

now gotta do my work. -_-'

ps : just updated the music player, ntah zaman bile lagu tu tp bru dpt tahu oh em gee, itu pun thanks to that kid najwa latif tuh. its 'one in a million' by ne-yo <3

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

stop pointing fingers when the blame is on you

you know you did wrong. why should we pay for your blame? imma live here for another year, i dont want things to get any harder than they are right now. if its because of what I DID WRONG, then im all good, but if its because of SOMEONE ELSE, i certainly dont want to pay for YOUR IRRESPONSIBILITY ACT. and besides, if you did NOTHING WRONG, you SURELY WILL BE FINE.

and you definitely dont have the right to get pissed, we are the one who should be.