Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Atlanta etc

last weekend i went to Atlanta with 19 people, there was a private open house held there. considering it to be a RARE CHANCE to be having a meeting with a minister, i decided to go.

so we went on Saturday morning and went back to Vandy on Sunday evening. when we arrived at Atlanta that evening, we checked in to our hotel and spend the evening at Stone Mountain Park, pretty awesome I must say, its just that i wished we would have arrived earlier, then we could have done more things. we went up this one hugeeee rock by cable car, and guess what? that huge rock was like only 1% of its overall size, 99% was like underground. and then there's the lasershow performance that night, pretty lame I must say, stayed less than half an hour, then went to Penang (like finally!) for dinner.

i had Penang Asam Laksa. i must say im satisfied with it because it totally had the Malaysian taste, the rest like char kuey teaow and tom yam did not exactly taste good for me.. and i was like keep fanning my face because my food was still hot, but turned out my friends that tasted it said that it was rather spicy. no wonder laaaa my face kept getting hot lol.

then Ustaz visited us! he said that the minister wanted to have breakfast with us. so yeah the next morning we had breakfast with him, at 4 Seasons Hotel, i didnt know this hotel is rated 5-star until my friend told me so yeah, IVE BEEN TO A 5-STAR HOTEL GUYS! lol gedik. listened to his story for an hour of so, then went back to hotel. i was so sleepy that i continued sleeping, instead of going sightseeing! geez. but yeah i was totally exhausted. ohh forgot to mention that there's this cute officer there too, he's a bit short but he is just too cuteeee. lol i called him 'abg comel' hahaha.. he studied mechi, took econ for his master, and currrently residing in NY, damn!

and then we had lunch in the same hotel too. too bad there was no traditional food though, but thank god the chicken is halal. so yeah it was not that bad. not that im a big fan of raya food, so i couldnt care less, as long as i could eat chicken! haha.. and then had a talk session, took some pictures and met Malaysians residing in Atlanta too.

at 4pm we headed back to Vandy, but within half an hour, we stopped at McD because some of us were already hungry lol. chatted for an hour of so. so yeah this trip wasnt that bad. i learnt new stuff, like who is the Minister of International Trade and Industry ahahaha, before nie xtahu pun weyyy. =P lagi got to know new people, and like new people too. hahahaha. sapeeee? rahsiaaaaaa. <3

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


SELAMAT HARI RAYA!!!! i know i know this is coming like super late. but life has been hectic, spazzing.. lol XD

lol so yeah Raya was on Friday, and the next day we had open house held by my batch. and problems arose, but this year was better than previous years in term of the guests, we invited international students, well i guessed we should have thanked Syaf actually for this. so it felt merrier with Americans and Asians coming and enjoying Malay food. but the venue sucks though because there has been issue with the housing, and i didn't really know much because i was not in charge of it.

and i spent my weekend studying for Physical Chemistry, i got a test on Monday, so that's why the raya fever didn't get quite a hold on me i'm not really a big fan of Raya food like those cookies and rendang and all. the test was okay i guess, but the objective questions kinda stressed me out a bit. prolly gonna get the result tomorrow, geez..

im goin to open house in Atlanta this coming weekend, fully supported by MSD, yeayyyy!! ahhh i need to find heels. this is a MAAAAJOOOORRRR PROBLEMMM. loll.. oh yeah well actually i had just finished my Math assignment, banyak gile cm nk cincang2 Prof! and im about to do Arabic homework after this. and i still got Stage Sep and Fluid Mechanics homework though, sigh, i'm gonna do the latter two tomorrow though, need to do some reading before working on them..

ah you know whattttt.. i was like super devastated this week. i was looking for 2NE1's album (Korean
girlgroup) on ebay. and out of the blue i saw the shoes that they were endorsing too!! i have been eyeing on them since last year!! :( unfortunately the price was a bit over the top i guess, it was 100usd and extra 20usd for shipping. well actually i can afford to buy it, but since i was saving money to go on a winter trip, i had to forget about it. :(( huaaaaaa i seriously need money!! i want this shoes badlyyyyyy :(

okay next topic (but i'm still sober though..). yesterday i got serious stomach ache at like 10-11pm i think. i had 2 panadols n slept. i was planning to do my homework that night actually, but since i was totally in pain, i slept early, that's why my schedule is a bit off this week. i usually did my Math hw on Friday, but i was chilling alllll the wayy and then spent the weekend on P-Chem n Monday brought me down and today was the only day dat i was able to finish the hw. ahhhh, feeling a bit dizzy after hours of Math. =.='' and today i had my flu shot. idk, people might find it weird but i miss getting injections, EXCEPT TAKING BLOOD SAMPLE! dat hurt like @#$%^&%$#!!! they offered free flu shots last year but i had to pay 10usd this year because of the so called increasing medical cost somethin like that.. n i saw this hotttt medic student getting the flu shot too, hahahahaha, it was worth it! only for that moment tho.. when i got back, damn my arm hurt like hell, lenguh gileee. (xtahu lenguh in bi -_-'') n then i slept till 4pm, then went to the Atlanta's open house meeting.

yeah so dat basically wraps everything ever since raya lah.. if anyone wants to give me duit raya so that i can buy the shoes, dont hesitate to contact me LOL

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

fluid mechanic

took one frickin hour to solve a question. why? because of the stupid unit conversions! like seriously la weh, why americans wont use SI units?! because of their pride with BRITISH units? so damn stupid lah. rse cm nk sepak2. off to sleep. zzzzz

Saturday, September 4, 2010

the last week of ramadhan

im having a guest with her baby sleeping over at my house for the weekend. the baby sgt comel lah weyyy xreti merangkak lagi. and baru malam pertama (jgn fikir bnda lain) kami baby tue dah menangis xigt dunia, penat gile dlm keta sgt kot. his name is Umar, and his cheeks are so the puffyyyy and whiteeee aaa cubit2 sikit!!

and then rindu lah Lily semuaaaaaaa. mse sem lepas kalo lapar jeeeeeeee:
*ringgggggg* or *buzzzzzzzz*
hani : lapar lahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh huaaaaaaa
lily : oh ewkkk, kitorang ade masak bla3, meh la naik ats huhuhu~
hani : okay!

n kalo dorg xmasak pula

*ringgggggg* or *buzzzzzzzz*
hani : lapar lahhhhhhhhhhhhh perut bunyi222
pika : oh ehh, kita ada masak ni, hani dtg la lewis makan..

tapi kalau dua2 tade

unknown : helo, is this Nur? im calling from obies, can you please wait in front of Lewis? thank you.
hani : oh okay i'll come now!! :D

ha senang tak hidup? mkanan di hujung jari je. haha. sekarang nak mkan kne masak aaa weh. xdenye org nk sumbat makanan dlam mulut dah.

pastu aritu buat photoshoot utk salam perantauan. details dia xnk cerita, kang panas balik lak isu ni. tp pendek kata dua2 pihak salah. but that day i wore a pink selendang and my ugly baju kurung *cough2* that my sister got for me. i dont think im gonna wear baju kurung on raya though, its frickin friday, and i got 4 classes. nak tambah lg? i have an exam on my 3rd raya. so basically raya is nothing for me actually. plus got no duit raya also lahhhh :(

pikot dah fly gi ireland last friday, and safely arrived too. my friend fara gets to fly to aussie, oh together with safwan too. so congrats to both of them. hihi.. ain n aliya are flying later too, prolly in september. and shahril also. ha tapi dayah flew to US and dah start belaja juga. yeayy! hopefully we could meet lah.

n i believe i've forgotten all my crushes and gossips dah skrang hahaha. =P tapi rsa lonely la pula sem ni sbab dah xjumpa budak2 lain dah. yela, kelas asek straight non-stop and bukan dekat bangunan sama pun mcm maneee nk jumpa haa.

okay xtahu nak ckap apa lak. cuma rasa blog berhabuk sgt. so ciaow.