Saturday, May 8, 2010

new night at new room with new people

me n da rest of my batch sent our friends to the airport this morning. i dunno how to describe the feeling, it kinda felt empty inside..but at the same time, the thought of going back freaks me.

n i moved to sharifah n mimi's room today. since lily n najiah headed to malaysia, guess i'll have nowhere to stay. there will be xtra special guest in my home, so i kinda kicked myself out of my very own house. haha.

n then i went to harris teeter then to bubbletea shop. n on the way there, met these people that had just had their bubbletea, n they said they were going shopping this evening, n i dont know if im wrong or what, but i seriously thought they invited us to go together. so when they left without us, me n my other friend, i kinda went blank, like did i misunderstand them or what. kinda felt left behind, especially for the fact that this is my first summer being alone, without the chemes.. :(
n i dont mix well with people im not close with.

then my friend and i asked several people if it was possible to borrow their cars. n theres this human that i ym-ed. i asked if i could use this human's car to go shopping. n he said he cant,coz he's using it for, you can say for a good cause. so i kinda had a gloomy evening, but it was fine. n later that evening, our batch had a meeting in regard to activities that we were in charge of. then after the meeting ended, someone told me that the human that i planned on borrowing car turned out to be going out shopping! n apparently with someone that are not my batch.

the thing that super pissed me off was that he lied to me. like XXXXXXX man, im fine if u dun want to lend ur XXXXXXX utterly fine car to me. if u XXXXXXX wanna go shopping, just XXXXXXX tell me straight then. why do u hav to XXXXXXX lie to me u bloody moron? jijibae sial. suddenly felt the rush of cursing,after hearing the XXXXXXX word lately. XD

not dat im super angry, but for the fact that i had a wasted day,with no dinner thanks to the long,necessary meeting,which i have nothing against it. just kinda felt that it ruined my mood. n he was even in charge of rather important aspect of activities that we were to hold. sukeati kau aa. ops, did i just mention 'he', after trying to restrain myself by using human? who cares. SUKEATI KAU AA.

ps : adamaya cm tahii. xsuke mayaaaaaaa. xsuke dani!! huduh,gemuk,hitam,bibir hitam,xsukeeeeeeeeee. kalo la ak dpt lelaki mcm adam, 100% ak transform jd lemah lembut, ak blaja msak2, blaja jahit, blaja jaga anak, mmg wanita melayu terakhir wa ckp sama lu. n again, the drama was just highly exaggerated i think. poor acting. i wud rate it 2.5 out of 5.