Sunday, August 30, 2009

half hell week. oh n raya photoshoot

i have 4 classes on mon,wed, n fri. n 2 classes on tues n just one on thurs. n its killin me. but im enjoyin it. a bit. its just dat almost for all classes, i have to read the book first because there's this quiz n if i dont read, i wont understand at all. well almost.

im dying to finish my hw now. i need to cover chap 3 for ChE161 to finish my hw. my static hw is done now. my math hw, one ques left. i dont really understand 3d thing, so gotta read n practice. n physics is the worst! havent read anything yet. gotta finish ChE161 hw today n then study physics. n also readings for bio. OMG.

its 6.58am. im about to sleep after finishing this blog. oh please God, help me with the time management. T_T

oh, last friday, in my Che161 class, we had to be in groups, and i was the only malay in my group, didnt really mind thou. its just that there's these 2 chinese or korean or wuteva races they were. they didnt know how to answer the questions. so i told them about the formula etc. n they just ignored me n did it by themselves. n they got it wrong. n they asked the prof. i dont care eh eh eh eh eh! told ya, dun wanna listen? suit urself. n there's this hot guy sitting in front of me, mike, his name. haha.. we were in the same chem lab, bet he didnt remember me. oh n also, my prof, her name is Cabe if im not mistaken. her voice n her accent, just reminded me of one of those characters in harry potter. so interesting to hear her voice. huhuhu~ =)

oh, the freshmen. tonnes of them. they are different than us. i think they bond well between guys n girls. rite now im not really into knowing them i guess. is it too selfish of me of wanting them to approach me first? no i guess. the feeling of being a senior. hahahahahahahahaa!

ok yesterday we had the raya photoshoot. bunches of people. gahhhhh. -_-'
n i didnt even make it to take pics with my roomates. sob3. we gotta make it this real raya 4 sure! n faidhi skyped me n showed me our last yr's pic that was published in paper. my batch only. but too bad i posed terribly. faidhi said that i closed my eyes. cis. haha..

here are some of the pics. enjoyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!~

can you see the heart-shaped? it was aishah's idea, she was sitting 2nd row, front, wearing blue baju kurung, on the right.

the blue family. lol. <3

the red + black family. somehow this colors remind me of silat. not that i practised silat thou. haha.

i love this pic of me. haha. cause i look talllllll!! =))

n camwhoring is a must. hahahahaha!