Wednesday, July 1, 2009

LaSt WeEk!

- i officially ruined my Zune.

- i still haven't gotten yet my camera. cpt sikit bookstore boley x?

- final this friday

- 4.04 am, n okay nk tido.

- i'll update this blog by weekend.

- 4th july this friday, not like im celebrating it, but wanna watch couple of movies, please? =P

- oh, i wanna gain weight. like seriously. please la. down3.

- wants to do some shopping too. cpt la saleeeeeeee. >.<

- must finish reading novels this weekend! one by meg cabot n also twilight. well, just wanna finish some books, before next week starts. not-so-new-stuff to learn lak.

- hani jgan malas2 oh. mgu ni je okay? lepas ni merdeka kejap, smbung la stalk org ke, gossipin ke..

- oh, i had a great day yesterday! people consolin and gossipin to chill me after havin an emotional breakdown. oh, byak gile update gossip lama2, gelak2, oh so happy. =)