Thursday, March 10, 2011

my spring break :)

soo, i have been planning my spring break since before the break actually, not a detailed plan, just a rough one; since i was only planning to go to Gatlinburg. i was actually planning a cabin trip of 10-15 people, but so many people were saving since they were heading back home to Malaysia this summer, plus an annoying guy that didn't want to join because he said it would be boring since there was only 9 people that time. and you know what? he actually was going on a trip of 5 people instead! so whether i failed my Math or he hated my trip or he's being a pain in the ***. i kinda calmed down soon since many things happened to his and my trip and it kinda made sense. you don't know how hard it was browsing here and there looking for a cabin at the very last minute for 15 people then to 10 people than finally to only 5 people. but still people kept saying it was expensive etc. telling the whole story here just don't seem like a good way to go so imma finish it until that point. but that guy, he ended up not going anywhere though. karma is a bitch.

the trip mates minus the photographer. :) there were only five of us for the trip

so we went on Tuesday morning, around 10am. it took 3 hour and 45 minutes to reach Gatlinburg. i slept almost the entire time since i was so sleepy LOL. could not really remember much.. we stopped somewhere to have our brunch and prayed. then continued on.. when we reached there, we looked for a parking place. and we walked around. we went to Ripley's Believe It or Not and Ripley's Maze. they were pretty interesting. :)

the ladies on a giant chair in Ripley's Believe It or Not

then we walked around again, stopped by at a candy store. continued walking here and there, and finally we got tired haha. we rode our car then looked for a place for dinner. we went to Red Lobster that night! haha, it was my first time. the restaurant has a nice and warm interior. the service was pretty good and fast. i had lobster, crab, shrimp and some fries. after our dinner, we looked for a nearby hotel, checked in, and slept. that was basically it. haha. everyone was so tired on that day.

our dinner at Red Lobster, yummy! but i prefer Joe's Crab Shack actually

the next day, we woke up half an hour before 11am, we were supposed to check out that time. everyone was rushing bathing and packing and dressing up haha. then we headed to WonderWork. i used to take picture there but i didn't know there was so many exciting things going on in there! we spent couple of hours in there playing games! ^^ then at 1pm, we went shopping at Tanger Outlet until 8.30pm! lol my feet were hurting so much haha. i bought a pair of sneakers that i posted just now, some jeans and pants. i wanted a Fossil sling bag so much! but i didnt buy one since i would be broke after that. ahhh my heart ache thinking of the bag. :( the bag was 60usd. i tried to look for it on the website but couldn't find it. THAT, IS THE MOST REGRETTABLE THING THAT I'VE DONE, not buying it. i don't want to borrow my friend's money to buy the bag because i don't like the indebted feeling you know? like each time you looked at the bag, then you'll remember, ahhh i still didn't pay his/her money for this bag or ahhh, i didn't use my own money for this bag, it just doesn't feel right.. :(

more pics in my facebook here.

this is how WonderWork looked like, awesome right?

the 360 degree-turn bike in WonderWork, lol i shouted so loud! =P

me trying rock-climbing for the very first time. at first i was pretty excited; halfway through, i chickened out hahahaha! but i continued anyway. XD

the sneakers that i bought hee~

woke up at 4pm today (hahahahahahaha) and had my late brunch/early dinner at Fiza's house. and today i made marble cake with her too. i still didn't watch 1LOT. might end up not watching it at all, coz i might be gloomy til the end of the break hahaha.

i should start studying too. urgh.

Nike Amor

tadaa!~~ cantik tak? heee beli kt gatlinburg smalam. weehoooo~~~
nnt update psal trip tue later this night or tomorrow