Saturday, July 31, 2010


living with 10 people under one roof can be both fun and stressing at times. people can get too loud. people can be too quiet. it depends on what the circumstances are; if ur studying for an exam, being too loud can be a bit of a pain in the ass. and if ur bored and no one is there, then that sucks too. haha. we usually play rockband on weekends sometimes. or watch movies. or chitchat. girls' thing..

n eating is another thing. its hard to divide stuff with 10 people. because some dont eat at all, i mean she buys her food by herself. n some eat, but they dont pay. *cough2* now that is a pain in the ass. so i sometimes buy stuff for the house. since i cant cook lol, that's the only way that i think i can be fair to everyone.

so yeah, it depends on how you see things. i'll be leavin mayfield in less than a month, im sure im gonna miss this house; i got to b closer to people that i barely talk before. n learn about people too, their attitude.

sekian report pglaman mayfield saya. off to orgo report.

Thursday, July 29, 2010


teringat msa dulu raya dapat duit raya mesti bau2 punye duit kertas baru. haha. a habit of mine to kinda sniff new stuff. except bende kotor heh. tp skrg da tak dapat dah..

tp da lama xbau duit sbb asek gune card je skrg. off for a babeltea evening! sniff2 new paper money

ps: buat hw malam ni esok kne htar urghhh pemalas nye hani. *smacks head*

Monday, July 26, 2010

wiken saya

kenal tak lelaki nie? nama die Fujiki Nauhito. die pgang character 'buchou' --> adik bradik boss la dlam cite 'hotaru no hikari'. wiken lepas baru thu ade hotaru no hikari 2. nsib bru 3 epi. so tgok cite tu ari sabtu. huhuuu~~

tapi...die da kawen.. umur 38... seriously please jgn ckap i like old guys? cuba ckap these guys je awet muda bole? hihi.. sukaaaaaaaaa 'buchou'!! nk lelaki mcm ni bole tak?

ini lak nama die Mizushima Hiro. mula2 kenal die dlam Hana Kimi, pstu dlm Zettai Kareshi. masa tu xminat rmbut die cm meggi hitam yuck. pastu ahad yakni smalam tgok cite Mei-chan no Shitsuji. die umur 26.

basically cite tu pasal budak perempuan nama Mei ni ayah die org kaya, tp plih utk hidup ordinary. n bile parents die mati. Hiro ni dtg. ckap yg die butler Mei. die pegi skola St. Lucia, skola utk girls kaya. each of these ladies has a handsome,guy butler. n Hiro punye character nama Hirito. nak thu yg lain tgok cite ni la. pehhhh kalo la dpt butler mcm Hirito, haih xtahu bole jd sewel rasa. n masa last episode tu, die kiss (kyaaaaaaaa~ :-*) heroin tu. pstu die ckap 'ssssshhhhhh, this will be our secret. romance between a lady n a butler is prohibited'. peh mcm nak pengsan je. *rewind part tu byak2 kali*

okay ini eye candy utk semua org. tapi sedih huaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, die pun da kawinnnnn. :|
haih malangnye nasib.
n sbnarnye nma dorg xingt sgt pun, td kne gi cr2 lak nma kt pic dia. xfamiliar lg dgn nama jepun, korea bole laa. soon baby, im gonna remember ur names to be my collection muahahahaha

ps: ade org tnye soalan dkt formspring knpa prmpuan suke lelaki korea. n jepun skali la. jwapannya? salahkan director2 movies n dramas ni. suke amek lelaki stok hensem n memenuhi kualiti perempuan nak. mcm mna xspazzing?

n oh sambil2 tu buat lab orgo yg bosan. arini nak habiskan lab. n exam dpt oke kih3.

ps : sape nk promote crite jepun yg ala2 comedy+romantic+sweet2 mcm crite di atas boleh la promote dgn mengomen post ini ye. tapi criteria utama drama tu mesti ade lelaki hensem, kalo x, xtgok hahahah siyes wehhh =P

Thursday, July 22, 2010

this anger is gonna stay for quite a long time

guys pissed me off this week. officially avoiding any kind of connection with these people. fucking retarded bastards. its the days of the month, its my post, a little bit of exaggeration is perfectly fine for me. and again, anonymity. im just super mad that i cant even focus right now. ttyl.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

bole x nak belajar martial art?

tae kwan do ke. boxing ke. nnt xpuas hati dgn org bole belasah kuat2. hahaha! grrr.

Saturday, July 17, 2010


i took 2 tylenol pills and damn it knocked me down badly. my eyes were so heavy that i surrendered; slept for couple of hours and now im awake. its the day of the months, so the first day wore me off the worst, and that explained me taking those pills. now gotta start doing my homework.

watched inception last night. it was awesome! i like this one character called Arthur, his eyes are just sexyyyyy. dont let me start on the movies, it was one of the science fiction that made you mentally exhausted after 2 hour and a half watching. n danggg i love leonardo di caprio now, his acting is just amazingggg. i think this genre suits him the best. the first movie that made me love him is shutter island (putting aside titanic). you guys definitely need to watch this movie! but this japanese/chinese/korean character kinda pissed me off bcoz his accent is so hard to undestand! urgh.

okay see you later then. xoxo

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

change in plan.

hopefully its for the better.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

window shopping. sorry gmba besa gedabak malas nk edit

urghhh cantik x kemeja tue? lately i kinda dig this style. cantik kotttttt.. urghhh

jacket nie pun comel, bole pkai mse fall kot. urghhh temptation temptation

i cud opt for a casual outing with this one as well

n dis baby is so da daring lah weyyy

haih, i wish i cud have my 500usd right now. seeeeeeriouslyyyyyy

Friday, July 2, 2010

i shouldnt be picky since the very beginning..
i shouldnt be getting my hopes high since the very beginning..
now dat i knew, man dat kinda sucks..
i wish they cud make it easier, dun let us felt hanging like this. okay maybe just me..
gotta set my priority first.. ah life is so hard.

ah i still cant forget! babo' hani! :(