Thursday, November 4, 2010

oct 30

so my birthday wasnt that great, as usual.. haha.
oct 30 was on saturday this year, and there was a soccer match that day, so i spent my entire day watching the guys played, too bad we lost, we got no 3.
so that day S got me the molten choc cake from Chillis! i was planning to go with S after the game, but we were full already from our lunch. later that night S came and gave me the dessert. felt grateful!~ :)

and A gave me an even early present, way before my birthday actually lol. well the story was like this, i asked A to bought me this shirt haha (so the tak malu!), and yeah A said i can consider it as my early present lol. wore it today, felt good. haha.. :) so thanks again!

and lastly F gave me a card and a scarf. i didnt expect this at all because im a bit pissed at F last weekend actually haha. but yeah, F even bought me a cake and a card too last two years..

now that i thought about these, i don't really realise and appreciate what close people have done to me.. and all those birthday wishes in facebook, it actually felt good to be receiving such birthday wishes from more than 100 people! though im not that close with all of them, but still, their thoughts and their time spared to even post it on my page, and i dont even wish people in facebook (except those close to me)! so yeah i wonder, am i being too mean or other people are being too nice or too weird or got so much extra time left or i shouldnt be wasting my time thinking about this. haha.. i am truly grateful for everything that i have received. so thank you very much. :)

ps (1): i called my mom the next day because my twin said my parents asked me to call house (but i was too tired and sleepy so i decided to call on the very next day instead). and guess what? when i call, my mom said, 'asal rajin sgat call ni?' sheesh -_-'' haha..

gonna finish studying for arabic exam now and go to sleep. zzzzzz

ps (2): good luck Po and Faidhi! =)