Wednesday, May 19, 2010

my boring day

its 4.26am, n its not sumthin to be surprised at dat im not sleepin yet. its holiday btw. i slept for 12 hours today,gosh, slept at 6am n woke up at 6pm. niceee.

pdhal i still got errands to going to bookstre buying some stuff. n then going to bank. haih pegi bank maleh nie. n then buying food--> chicken!! n then in da next few days takin a parcel for a friend of mine.

ape lg random things ehh. oh fabregas prolly moving to barcelona. random much? sbb die handsome, hihi.. got midwest jersey today. eventho besa, tp sbb its black color, mcm xobvious sgt kot. i have short torso,long legs and hands. so kinda hard to find clothes for me. n my friend keeps saying dat im weird for having such longgggg hands and legs. haha, tp rse mcm mnarik je? kah3! n ohhhhh, naqi bought me a fridge magnet from korea yeayyy!! eventho im not a big fan of fridge magnet, but sgat terharu huaaaaaaaaaaaa. syang naqi lebih seyes xtipu!!! nnt magnet tu msti akn dijaga dgn baik2 heee~~ n i miss opry mall. T__T tp kne berjimat. sobs. tp tape, nnt fall break or winter jalan2 eh hani? :) hopefully. so simpan duit cepat2 hihi!

california looks so much interesting! LA lagi. NY lagi. weee~

finished watching a 26-episodes anime in 2 days. sedihhhhhhhhhhhhhh xde kissing pun. hahaha! bad hani. overall its a gud anime lah. it makes me ponder over certain things. n im taking care of my friend's pet. pet tue sombong lah! xnk main dgn org. sedihhhhhh. :(

xtahu nk ckp apa lg. apparently my days have not been dat exciting. last 2 days i chatted with hajar for quite some time. n then yesterday i chatted with popo pula. but basically yesterday n today were spent indoor. maybe i'll go out tomorrow. dunno yet. haha. going to bookstore. n then going to centennial park alone sounds good. n then eating dessert. haha.