Monday, June 28, 2010

saturday outings n monday's misery

i spent the whole saturday doing fun things. i kicked off the day watching world cup match, uruguay vs south korea. i knew that uruguay would have won the game because they had good defensing and great passing skill. hey, im new to soccer so some terms i might say might not be the exact words ;) 3 teams that i am rooting for are uruguay, german n spain. i wont be discussing about my favorite players here because that would take another whole post entry, haha.. names should suffice; they are 1) the goalkeeper from uruguay,muslera, 2)mesut oezil from german n 3)pique n 4)fabregas from spain.

then at evening, my friends invited me to go shopping at coolspring. n i did buy some stuff like a pair of crocs and some shirts for me n my twin. n also someone gave an early present for my birthday haha. thanks baby! ;)

since i was hungry, i planned to have dinner at chillis. now this has some kind of twisty story going over and here i am, trying to explain this. this original going out for a dinner is a plan of mine with this other guy, A because we had these coupons for free dessert, however the coupons were void. but i just continued with the dinner. n it was raining that night, and several people have been messaging me at the same time. n turned out i gave the wrong message (those messages are for A) about going by cars since it was raining to a girl, B who invited me to go for a movie night at the time. n she got confused, n asked me where was i going; then i simply invited her and her roomate. n there were 12 of us, we rode a van n a car. i did ask A to invite any guys before because he might be shy since out of 12 of us, he's the only guy. but no guys wanted to go. so we simply headed to chillis. you see the point?

originally, me n A-->i invited friends that went shopping with me--> i invited girls whom i sent the wrong message to

it was not like a whole batch outing or something like that. n then after the dinner, me and some of my friends went to watch a movie while the rest went straight home. i did call some of my friends to ask whether they wanna go for a movie night or not; some of them didnt pick up, some of them were working.

so i wanna clarify one thing, i aint gonna take responsibility if you felt sad of being left out or mad because I DID NOT PLAN A WHOLE BATCH OUTING. IT JUST TURNED OUT TO BE A QUITE LARGE GROUP OUTING, WITH NO INTENTION OF PURPOSELY DISSING ANYONE OUT OF IT. so if you wanna get mad at me or any of us, go ahead. im not going to effin care about it. not my problem.

ps : n i heard some stories. just wanna say a piece of my mind. selling people's history or secret to make friends.. that is a cheap n disgraceful thing. YOU WANNA BE IN THE GANG, ACT LIKE UR IN THE GANG.

n monday's misery is another thing dat i dont wanna tell in public. just wanna say that IM DOOMED!