Tuesday, March 2, 2010

housing bodo or is it me? =.=

im losing luck with money lately.
before this i got pretty serious problem with my money and it got settled thanks to my friends and family.

now that that prob has been settled, comes another now. SSHIBALLLL! i got charged for lock change. including late fee. like DUDE, you didnt give me any email about the payment, this thing happened when i was a freshman, and i even got charged for late fee. like mangkuk toilet betul la weyyyyyy.

kne plan money saving da pasni. T________T

dh la tgah emo mood skrg, you know what this means.. molla? no need to know. haih.

and this spring break, please la ade fighting spirit! pleaseeeeee pleaseeee pleaseeeee. spirit da hilang sjak Mr. S dah..dah..... hihi. :)