Saturday, July 11, 2009

2nd half summer

am getting more familiar with new roomates.

glad i'm done with the first half summer. got an improvement. >.<

and now suffering through the 2nd half summer, gosh. i couldn't imagine going through the same cycle next year, but with tougher ones.. READ : organic chemistry. urgh.

i have made up my mind, by junior, i am only going to take only one class in summer, or none at all!

and i have finally finished reading twilight, felt like i've been fooled by the movie. there's so much cutting and editing here and there. and now, i should been studying yet i am hooked on new moon.

but i am pretty dissapointed though, not so many parts about edward. =(

and sorry jacob, i know ur a nice guy. but i couldn't help but to give all my love and support to edward. muahahaha!

my sis has been travelling to europe now. gosh i am so envy of her. if i have performed better, i shouldn't have been taking the 2nd half, and i would be spending a week in europe now. =(

but i hate crying over spilt milk for the fact dat nothing can be changed now. so i ended getting pissed at myself, then get over it. haha..

global fest is around the corner. i guess. not really looking forward thou. but, nahhh. no idea.

oh, harry potter! next wednesday! gotta ace my exam and watch it excitedly! im thrilled!!!!

oh n also, gettin hooked on 2ne1 n snsd. big bang just a bit. i couldnt stop bursting into laugher watching family outing (korean show), dae sung (big bang) is just too funny. haha!

dats about it i guess. gotta continued reading new moon, and do some serious studying today!

oh, i woke up late, what can you expect,sleeping just after the subuh prayer today. and the evening is spent lagha-ing and doing my homework. i need to study. study HANI!!!!

oh seriously last part, i went to parthenon yesterday with roomates. i guess i prefer snapping the envi and everything than human i guess. lol. gotta go to da snapping human part later on. need to ace my skill with the cam. oh the cam is definitely worth da price! (but still prefer it would cost like 20-30 bucks cheaper. cess.)
c ya!~