Saturday, July 17, 2010


i took 2 tylenol pills and damn it knocked me down badly. my eyes were so heavy that i surrendered; slept for couple of hours and now im awake. its the day of the months, so the first day wore me off the worst, and that explained me taking those pills. now gotta start doing my homework.

watched inception last night. it was awesome! i like this one character called Arthur, his eyes are just sexyyyyy. dont let me start on the movies, it was one of the science fiction that made you mentally exhausted after 2 hour and a half watching. n danggg i love leonardo di caprio now, his acting is just amazingggg. i think this genre suits him the best. the first movie that made me love him is shutter island (putting aside titanic). you guys definitely need to watch this movie! but this japanese/chinese/korean character kinda pissed me off bcoz his accent is so hard to undestand! urgh.

okay see you later then. xoxo