Wednesday, September 30, 2009


well study thing is going erm....better, slightlyy. got my results already. although i sucked hellish in one of them, =( the others were, i would say im in a safe zone.

got cheme test next week, and the next week, 3 exams. one word, DAMN.

and, i keep getting sleepier nowadays. sleep more than 8 hours sometimes. erghhh.

n im surrounded with people that keep sneezing and coughing. i mean come on guys, it has been weeks, dun u take medicine?! so tomorrow im going for the flu shot! i was like, erghhhh, i noe that they dun want to be like that too, coughing and sneezing here and there, but, please, its a public place. take medicine, get rest, sleep like there's no tomorrow. whatever it takes to make you feel better. just get cured. T_T

i have no appetite currently. n i feel like vomiting every time i eat the same food over and over again. haih. like seriously, its not like im bulimic or stuff like dat. but. aigoooooo.

oh im officially addicted to house and antm now! =) too bad house is not a badass as he used to be before, which is good, but less interesting. but we'll see how things go. and antm, i like this one red hair girl, innocent type yet she's da bomb! dun remember her name. haha.

n its officially fall now!!! its gettin colder, which is great, for me. drier skin is the most obvious thing, but this sucks. n hopefully we'll have more snow this year. =D

Saturday, September 26, 2009

im super sad today

thank god he wasnt sleeping yet. well he almost, but he managed to read my message n called me, via skype of course. i felt so devastated, n till now. finally i cried again in front of him, virtually. n someone saw me, danggg. sigh.

no need to ask. just felt like writing in here.

Sunday, September 20, 2009


the cookies that me n my roomies made

the eid morning. me, aishah n aimi

dis is the picture of me n aimi during the last iftaar.

i wanna buy a great cam too! actually im not a big fan of slr, its too big n, nahh, dont know. but probably going to end up buying it since the photo quality is far better.

ramadhan has ended. we got eid celeb yesterday. ama n ira cooked 'rendang ayam' n 'kuah kacang'. yummy!

n welcome 3 exams. which i should start getting prepared by now. ( the sentence doesn't sound right huh? ) i got statics, physics n calculus. T_T interesting

n also, on saturday night i called my family n we chatted for a while. n emir talked to me. he asked when im going back to msia. n i said probably next yr, then he said then we can play fireworks. n i said, i wont be staying until eid. n he silenced for a while, then he said, then when ur back here in 2 yrs, bring a lot of money so we can play fireworks. haha. at first i found it to be funny. then a bit sad. sob2. oh well.

my sister just uploaded pictures of eid in msia, they went visiting my siblings so on and so forth. i used to not really like going here and there, eating the same food over and over again. but not i missed it! =(

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

love stories

i have two love stories to be shared this night.

firstly, A has been eyeing on me since i first came in 2008 or 2007? forgot mehh...
but A has to wait for a semester to approach me. why? because its how things worked between us. im sorry A, i know you have been eyeing on me for a semester, now that you got the chance to meet me, for 2 semesters now, i just dont seem to have the same feeling toward you. i tried spending time with you, dating you every weekend, even sometimes i refused to, but you give me no choice, but things just dont worked out. im sorry.

and B, we met this semester. boy you amazed me with all those interesting tiny fun facts about you. you drive me crazy B. almost every night. but you are so hard to get. you want to be with me. but you make things hard for me. is this what we call a true love? well i do hope so. like really2 hope so. like seriously B. but if only you were nicer to me... i know its not entirely your fault. they make you be hard on me. they. haha. with such authority, they try to tear us apart, boy i cant live without you. B, i really hope our love blossoms. hopefully we'll go through this patiently. =)

i love you B!!!!!!

A : physics

B : biological science

Sunday, September 13, 2009


rsa mcm minggu ni n minggu lepas jhat gile je. garang2. marah2. muka stern. apa2 je la. mood swing da worst la babe dis time. sorry. =(

phone call conversation:

abah : hani da ade pakwe belum?
mak : ni hani da ade pakwe ke belum?

hani : aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

Monday, September 7, 2009


nak doll byak2 n lagi besa2 cmni bley x? ok tido aa xde org reply. lol gedik mlam2.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

time is running out

alamak sorry. i cant keep my promise last night. i have one last question for my che161 hw, been doing this hw the whole evening n last night. gahhhhh! thinking whether im goin for biology or physics next. aaaaa, i slept 8hours today. die3.

hopefully it will rain today. n 2 more weeks left to fasting!!!! yeayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!
gotta do the terawih prayer more frequently after this. n cepatla ABC omg. hahahah!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

blogs will be updated tonight probably

just finished statics. che161 now. gotta make it this evening. tonight biology probably, by hook or by crook. or im dead like reallll dead. n since i watched movie yesterday, district 9, so yesterday that was supposed to be spent doing homework was burnt simply like that. n yesterday too i got my laptop after 3 days, so kinda hooked on it updating myself, stalking, blogging. stuff like dat. nuff said. ttyl. do anticipate! =)

p/s : im so freakin pissed last friday n saturday. tell you later bloggyyyyy!