Monday, June 28, 2010

saturday outings n monday's misery

i spent the whole saturday doing fun things. i kicked off the day watching world cup match, uruguay vs south korea. i knew that uruguay would have won the game because they had good defensing and great passing skill. hey, im new to soccer so some terms i might say might not be the exact words ;) 3 teams that i am rooting for are uruguay, german n spain. i wont be discussing about my favorite players here because that would take another whole post entry, haha.. names should suffice; they are 1) the goalkeeper from uruguay,muslera, 2)mesut oezil from german n 3)pique n 4)fabregas from spain.

then at evening, my friends invited me to go shopping at coolspring. n i did buy some stuff like a pair of crocs and some shirts for me n my twin. n also someone gave an early present for my birthday haha. thanks baby! ;)

since i was hungry, i planned to have dinner at chillis. now this has some kind of twisty story going over and here i am, trying to explain this. this original going out for a dinner is a plan of mine with this other guy, A because we had these coupons for free dessert, however the coupons were void. but i just continued with the dinner. n it was raining that night, and several people have been messaging me at the same time. n turned out i gave the wrong message (those messages are for A) about going by cars since it was raining to a girl, B who invited me to go for a movie night at the time. n she got confused, n asked me where was i going; then i simply invited her and her roomate. n there were 12 of us, we rode a van n a car. i did ask A to invite any guys before because he might be shy since out of 12 of us, he's the only guy. but no guys wanted to go. so we simply headed to chillis. you see the point?

originally, me n A-->i invited friends that went shopping with me--> i invited girls whom i sent the wrong message to

it was not like a whole batch outing or something like that. n then after the dinner, me and some of my friends went to watch a movie while the rest went straight home. i did call some of my friends to ask whether they wanna go for a movie night or not; some of them didnt pick up, some of them were working.

so i wanna clarify one thing, i aint gonna take responsibility if you felt sad of being left out or mad because I DID NOT PLAN A WHOLE BATCH OUTING. IT JUST TURNED OUT TO BE A QUITE LARGE GROUP OUTING, WITH NO INTENTION OF PURPOSELY DISSING ANYONE OUT OF IT. so if you wanna get mad at me or any of us, go ahead. im not going to effin care about it. not my problem.

ps : n i heard some stories. just wanna say a piece of my mind. selling people's history or secret to make friends.. that is a cheap n disgraceful thing. YOU WANNA BE IN THE GANG, ACT LIKE UR IN THE GANG.

n monday's misery is another thing dat i dont wanna tell in public. just wanna say that IM DOOMED!

Monday, June 21, 2010

taiping 2

teringt lg fes day puasa dkt tping..ak la yg fes2 mngis.. pstu alih2 sume budak yg fes time dduk boarding school pun ngis. pikot sume. hihi.. n then aten n faziera la yg pjuk2..dorg prnh dduk asrama da.. mkn pun xlalu..sbb xsdap. haha.. n sbb sedih juga la. =P tp 2nd day dah okayy..

skrg ni smbil study dgr lagu raya. ganti puasa xhabis lg, puasa pun belum lg, dah dgr lgu raya.. lol. cacatttt2.. urm, mse freshman n sophomore yr ak mmg elak dgr lgu raya, kalo dgr pun, dgr sorg2.. sbb xnk rse sedih. haha.. n lama2, raya pun dah rse xde mkna.. sbb ade exam msa raya. n mse dkt msia pun xbest sgt pun raya. ha nia de 2 teori. either bile makin tua makin xbest.. sbb dpt duit raya sikit (which is odd sbb mse akk ak dlu die dpt byk je! bile ak da besa duit raya xsebyak zmn akk ak lak humph! =P) or da 2nd theory wud be that since i lost both my grandparents from both sides, so it didnt feel special anymore. n raya selalunye ak balik belah mak, biase aa perempuan kn, haha.. tp mlgnye mak ak lak byk adik beradik lelaki, n u know the rest, dorg pun balik la rumh mentua msg2. pfft. lol. n also sbb mak dah malas buat kuih raya, asek beli kuih raya xsdap je! hahahaha!

ha teringt balik mse awl2 dtg taiping lagi. 2nd day tu pegi aa mkn bfast. half boiled egg yg org sllu mkn dgn kicap. skali lg bajet cool, makan je bende tu. skali kuar tpt mkn (alamak lupe nma tpt mkn, ape eh term die?) muntah depan2 tue! eeee malu nye haaaaaa blergh. pstu msa ptg kn ade sukan tu. aaa shit lupe aa. mse rekreasi aa kire kah3 skema gile perkataan. ade satu masa tu ak lepak sorg2, sbb awl2 lg kn. mls nk main game sume. pstu tibe2 akk ldp tu dtg dkt ak, akk ldp yg assist ak mse fes day tue, refer to this post. die tnye asl ak dduk sorg2, xde kwn ke, klasmate ke..pstu tibe2 sebak dah nk ngis, akk tu kalat dah kakaka, pstu die pun cm ckp, eh relak2 jgn ngis. pstu die cuak kot then tgl ak sorg2. haha.. haih mcm2..

kalo ikut byk post lg nie psal taiping, haha.. sile tungguuuuu. kalo xberminat nk bc tape gk. xyh bca, sng je. haha =P

taiping 1

tibe2 teringt mse dkt taiping pula.. fes day msuk, lambai2 dkt mak. akk ldp (pengawas) tnya, xsedih ke, dgn cool je jwab tak. pstu die tnye, prnh dduk asrama ke, jwb tak juga.. skali tgok keta da blah, peh sebak cm nk ngis tahan2, control macho weyy.

pstu mlm tu tido kroh3. esok pg kalat bgun awal hell. n oh. XRETI KEMAS KATIL. nk tegangkan cadar pun xreti. so hajar, cubemate yg buat. hahaha.. smpai hbis f5 pun ak xrse cadar katil ak plg tegang, kah3 (eventho ak sdri ldp).

n then petang tu or wiken tu ngis2 nk balik. ak dduk dkt tgkt 2 asrama, klua pintu je ade phone booth aa. dgn xmalunye ngis cm budak2 xdpt cokelat, dhla ngis kuat gile.. smpai org tgh stdy dkt dpan pun perasan, siap pgil2 hajar suh pujuk ak. n ak dgn machonye lg tepis die kuat2 kah3. lps ngis mak xlyn rayuan nk kuar asrama, msuk asrama, smbg ngis snyap2 bwh bntal. lps tu xckp dgn sape2 punye la lama. haha.. setahun kot merayu mnta klua. msuk f5, pasrah da..

itu cite dkt asrama. dkt kelas lak.. mmg wrong timing hbs. ak 3rd intake msuk tping. so mse fes day msuk tu org tgh exam2. fes day exam. ak miss da. skali esok tu ckgu ckp ak kne amek exam. peh ak rse mcm nk sumpah seranah. kwang haja nye maktab. wrong timing hbis kot ye pun nk 3rd intake. grr. dhla msuk klas sume muka nerd2 stdy xingt dunia. tp bila lama2 da kt ctu..ak tnye classmates, 1st impression ak. n da same,expected answer.. GARANG N SOMBONG. hahahaha. sumpah stiap kali ak tnye org, 1st impression mse jumpe msti dpt jwpn tu. haha. mslah2.

ok tu je nk ckp. random kn? nk tido. bye.

ps: kalo hajar bc post nie mesti nnt die komen ckp, yeayy, nma org kene sbut dlm blog. pstu gedik2. haha. =P

Thursday, June 10, 2010

ah siot

malam ni, no no, since petang td x buat pape lgsung! seyes shitto. balik2 lyan tenet, tgok muvi. haihh.

pdhal orgo xfham sgt pun. byk bnde lak bertimbun nk kene baca hahaha. shitttttt. =.=

dhla lab mcm sampah td. hehh

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

my 2nd official summer class

it rained heavily. since i ended my lab early, i went home first. IN RAIN. now my head is sick. urgh.

n i was super excited when i finished the lab 15min before 3! while everyone else was waiting for their very first drop of distillation, i had already collected my last one. kih3. xtahu kenapa ak nye laju sgt. dhla first time habis lab awal2.

n then the lecture session. super urgh. dah xingt sgt bnde2 awal2 dlu belaja. those hybridization things. =.=

oh btw, someone forgot to buy me a souvenir huaaaaaaa. siap ckap either i mistaken A for someone else. (because i asked from almost everyone for souvenirs hahahaha!) :(

okay la off to bath n study.. hikhikhik!!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

-PART 2- and the rest of it.

n on the next few days, the graduating seniors finally are leaving Nashville for good. we had to make several trips because there were not enough cars. and there were sad, teary moments as well. i had to admit that im sadder this time prolly because im a bit closer to them than the super senior before. but not to the extend of crying. i almost did, seeing the others crying. haha. but im just being cool lah konon. =P

then on our way back home, we went to smoothie king. yummy! so basically thats it kot.

n then few days after, i went shopping, (i hate to say the word 'AGAIN' hihi) at coolspring. i bought few clothes, jeans and something else haha. now im kinda broke. crap. not seriously broke but i just cant afford to go shopping anymore. eventhough i am dying to go for another trip! its summer sale kot! sigh.. unless la ade orang nak belanja heee~

n class starts in two days. i cannot have anymore excuse. kinda scared actually. for the whole june and july, im gonna have a 3 hours lecture and 4 hours of lab weekly! scary isnt it? :(
and i still didnt get a textbook yet. i asked a friend of mine to buy it back in malaysia, but he cant. dahla bagitahu at da very last minute. THANK YOU VERY MUCH LA EH? PFFT.
you see, i dont mind people knowing that im mad or angry at any right moment dat i deserved. kalo tak mna org nk tahu. but who cares heh. dah2 tuka topic.

n last nite me and my housemates went to watch 'killer's starring Ashton Kutcher and Katherine Heigl. man i swear everytime Ashton Kutcher came out, EVERY GIRL IN THE CINEMA GIGGLED. puhahahahaha! n of course, we were very grateful of his 6-pack kah3! omg did i sound just pretty pervert? hahahahaahah. but he was just too yummy! how i wish to be Demi Moore for just ONE FREAKIN DAY. :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

its sunday today,sunday evening. n they will be coming back from malaysia tonite, my batch. n tomorrow is my very last day to fool around sobs. aaaa cuakkkkkkkkk. T____T

okay finally an update of everything! :) -well not really- PART 1

okay first im gonna write about midwest. my carmates were dayah, yah, yah's friend and kak azni. so it was an okay trip i think. not too fancy not too boring, prolly because i was too busy sleeping, hihi.. =P

and when we reached hotel, we were assigned to our respective rooms. and surprisingly i got unexpected, quite interesting roommates for the weekend. 'yay' me much? haha.. so basically during midwest, i got up as early as 6am to get ready.. purdue university is so mighty big i swear! kinda glad dat i didnt get it, i might be dead from walking within a month. haha.. so basically i was watching soccer match the whole time.

vandy sent 2 teams, too bad at this one level, they were against each other and team A won. and before this i really dont understand that why is it that they (the guys) were being fine with almost all seniors dominating team A, for da sake dat they are graduating. n i was all pissed thinking dat the reason is not strong enough. but then after i watched them playing, man i was wrong all the time! they were like super awesome no kidding man! like for the whole game, while our opponent kept asking for sub, ours didnt, only during the very last minute! i swear izwan just blew me away with his defending skill! n hadi, n khairi n anep! n there's this time that hafiz, the goalie managed to awe me, but sekali je la kah3 jk3. =P basically everyone pull it off! sgt berbangga sobsss. da girls did an excellent job too.

n of course, bitching has never fail to amaze us all there. there's this tall,indian guy that i swear acted like a freakin bitch dat i felt dat if i were his tall, i wud go to him n kick his u-know-wut-its-called. some of his unforgettable bitching, 'payung buruk', 'kamon, lelaki vandy tere, perempuan apa kes' sumthin like dat, didnt recall the whole exact sentence, but you got the point. n then when we scored, i shouted like hell while looking at him, n of course he didnt realise dat im looking at him la. eee geram gile. kitorang kalah cool je. dorg lak bitchy abes. when our own team players said not to respond, sebagai seorang fan yg sekadar tgok tp x contribute pape saya pun snyap je la. tp membuak2 nie sape la yg faham. emo2.

n i got terribly burned. just like the first time i came to US. before nie putih la sikit kan cewwah. nie skrang da hitam mcm dduk malaysia je. xgune punye sunblock sobs. i applied them many manyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy times sobs.

n then on our back home, we went to edinburgh outlet. man it was so big that i didnt manage to go to all stores, or else i swear i'd be spending even more! =.=

okay nak masuk part 2 lak, baca semua part taw heee~