Sunday, June 6, 2010

okay finally an update of everything! :) -well not really- PART 1

okay first im gonna write about midwest. my carmates were dayah, yah, yah's friend and kak azni. so it was an okay trip i think. not too fancy not too boring, prolly because i was too busy sleeping, hihi.. =P

and when we reached hotel, we were assigned to our respective rooms. and surprisingly i got unexpected, quite interesting roommates for the weekend. 'yay' me much? haha.. so basically during midwest, i got up as early as 6am to get ready.. purdue university is so mighty big i swear! kinda glad dat i didnt get it, i might be dead from walking within a month. haha.. so basically i was watching soccer match the whole time.

vandy sent 2 teams, too bad at this one level, they were against each other and team A won. and before this i really dont understand that why is it that they (the guys) were being fine with almost all seniors dominating team A, for da sake dat they are graduating. n i was all pissed thinking dat the reason is not strong enough. but then after i watched them playing, man i was wrong all the time! they were like super awesome no kidding man! like for the whole game, while our opponent kept asking for sub, ours didnt, only during the very last minute! i swear izwan just blew me away with his defending skill! n hadi, n khairi n anep! n there's this time that hafiz, the goalie managed to awe me, but sekali je la kah3 jk3. =P basically everyone pull it off! sgt berbangga sobsss. da girls did an excellent job too.

n of course, bitching has never fail to amaze us all there. there's this tall,indian guy that i swear acted like a freakin bitch dat i felt dat if i were his tall, i wud go to him n kick his u-know-wut-its-called. some of his unforgettable bitching, 'payung buruk', 'kamon, lelaki vandy tere, perempuan apa kes' sumthin like dat, didnt recall the whole exact sentence, but you got the point. n then when we scored, i shouted like hell while looking at him, n of course he didnt realise dat im looking at him la. eee geram gile. kitorang kalah cool je. dorg lak bitchy abes. when our own team players said not to respond, sebagai seorang fan yg sekadar tgok tp x contribute pape saya pun snyap je la. tp membuak2 nie sape la yg faham. emo2.

n i got terribly burned. just like the first time i came to US. before nie putih la sikit kan cewwah. nie skrang da hitam mcm dduk malaysia je. xgune punye sunblock sobs. i applied them many manyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy times sobs.

n then on our back home, we went to edinburgh outlet. man it was so big that i didnt manage to go to all stores, or else i swear i'd be spending even more! =.=

okay nak masuk part 2 lak, baca semua part taw heee~


shahrul ezwan said...

menari tarian pong2 tak waktu jadi fan tu..hehehe

HaNi! said...

mesti! lompat2 habis hihi :D