Saturday, April 2, 2011

100 facts about me #part 2

1) i listen to pop, rnb, a little bit of ballad, rock, sometimes metal, and of course KPOP! ^^

2) i used to like blue color the most, but now soft, pastel colors are my thing now. i don't really like dark colors because i kinda get influenced by colors a lot, dark colors ruined my mood, they make me pretty moody at times haha..

3) i don't watch cartoon since a few years ago, idk, maybe im too mature for cartoon already? LOL but i'll never get bored of Shin Chan! ^^

4) i like medical dramas such as House and Grey's Anatomy. i don't watch typical girls' dramas like Gossip Girl, Glee etc.. oh i like to watch horror movies even though im a scaredy cat! i need to watch it with at least one person though, so that i can hold on to her hand or hug or hide behind her hahahaha! *and oh i scream a lot too -_-' *

5) i am really picky, i won't eat something that i don't like even though i am very hungry at the very moment. and i don't really like sharing spoon or straw. its a hygiene thing for me..

6) im actually running out of ideas haha.. what else.. oh i don't drink coffee. so i usually get double chocolaty chip at Starbucks :D

7) i LOVE chocolate but vanilla is really not my thing. my friends are saying that im weird because vanilla flavor is the most favored by a lot of people.. but urgh i dont like it =P

8) even though i have lived in America for almost three years, i still can't get myself to love cheese. i can eat cheese in burger, but not mac and cheese, or anything that has a huge proportion of cheese.

9) i love travelling! i have been to panama, texas, los angeles, san fransisco, vegas, grand canyon, florida, miami, key west, purdue, new orleans and michigan! but i wish to go to Korea soon ^^

10) i wanna try travelling alone or with someone *cough3* sometime in the future.. =p


I should really call home more frequent from now on. dad cried! just now when I called him. and yesterday too, because he missed me. mom told me.. he was crying badly that my mom asked my twin to get a tissue for him. awww~ ;( I forgot April's Fool was his birthday, I was too caught up with my lab presentation and tonnes of assignments yesterday. I've never forgotten his birthday before. no wonder i felt something empty during this year's April's Fool. and he has been complaining about his legs that they have worsened, he even used a stick now. ;( his legs have been in pain since January, and he has been doing treatments but they don't really work..