Saturday, April 2, 2011


I should really call home more frequent from now on. dad cried! just now when I called him. and yesterday too, because he missed me. mom told me.. he was crying badly that my mom asked my twin to get a tissue for him. awww~ ;( I forgot April's Fool was his birthday, I was too caught up with my lab presentation and tonnes of assignments yesterday. I've never forgotten his birthday before. no wonder i felt something empty during this year's April's Fool. and he has been complaining about his legs that they have worsened, he even used a stick now. ;( his legs have been in pain since January, and he has been doing treatments but they don't really work..


Anonymous said...

get well soon uncle :)

HaNi! said...

thank you Anon :)

shahrul ezwan said...

balik2, melawat mak bapak....hehe:)

HaNi! said...

po blnje tiket balikk