Saturday, February 26, 2011

of VandyLAN and other stuff

this is a TERRIBLE WEEK! so sad, don't ask..

so last night wasn't that bad. okay it was bad. until i won raffle, it kinda turn NOT THAT BAD after that haha. well i could get excited over winning a shirt of L size right? a least i won something! *trying to pujuk myself* probably gonna give the shirt to abah je la haha.

so basically i only watched people battling like they are at their wits end over a bunch of games haha. i played two games, one which i sucked at, shooting game. haha. and the other one, well i basically jumped to maneuver the game. and 'accidentally' get myself a plush haha and yeah dats about it. and finally i got excited over FIFA games haha *not that i could actually see Ozil or Lampard or Gerard or Torres or Casillas or Fabregas or Pique!*

and then we watched khurafat. it was good, but wasn't that scary, i'll give it 2.5/5 (well because i covered my face the whole time during scary parts hahaha). cane nie kalo tgok part takut jerit pstu takut tido sorg2 tp xtgok x feelin la, xtkut n xfham n x feel cite. tp nk tgok cite hantu. tp xde la nak die betul2 jd lak kan aaaa nggak mahuuuu. movies that have scared the hell out of me so far is 'jangan pandang belakang', 'the exorcism of emily rose' and i still don't have the guts to watch ju-on HAHAHA. i watched some parts, here and there, and the parts that i've watched are the scary ones, like the ghost ripping out from a woman in labor (or its from another movie?? haha), the stair part and the one that came out of TV (shit, isnt that the ring?) okay etc..

next week i my first lab presentation. dugeum3~~ hearbeat!~~ gonna work on lab report this week. as of right now, im hungry.