Monday, March 29, 2010

march 30 update.

i was about to start doing my Matlab hw, until i thought that maybe i should do a post since a lot happened before the mood and the rush kinda settled down, better go blogging first. XD

anyway. i took my MSE exam today. i was supposed to take it on friday, but since i had 2 xams dat day, i was allowed to take it on monday. tx Prof. Ashok! n then this evening i sat for the exam. i was supposed to take it at 1pm, but i ended up arriving like at 1.30pm. bcause we got lost. oh, by we i mean me and my other friend. the office was nice and i figured out from there that Prof. Ashok is some kind of a senior there, which probably means he has a nice position. n HUGE SALARY. XD n thinking dat he has been so nice to me, i decided to be nicer to him, by nicer i mean by focusing more in class. n scoring. LOL. n crap exam td. there's this question nie, i knew it that i had to divide this one value by 2, but my hand just wont move. its like almost the end of the 50 minutes, n i got lazy of changing the answer. like crap je. but i hope i got 90 pun ckup la. XD or else i'll be mourning. T__T

n then i slept at 5am today. doin wut ur askin me? readin MSE.....n NFS. shit da addicted. n then bgun like 7.45am. i was in a scary part of my dream, reaching the part. until there's this friggin annoyin sound dat woke me up. THE STUPID FIRE ALARM! BODO LA WEY KLAU NAK TEST PUN JGAN PAGI2 BANGANG! n then i rushed down bcause if i didnt, i swear i wud be deaf im tellin ya. n then xpergi klas math obv. xmandi lg kot msa tu. n hopefully i got good grade in math. pelissssss lah..... n then thermo pun xdpt paper lg. Prof. Laibinis said they were not good. our papers. n he havent finished marking yet. ah cccccuuuuaaakkkkkk kottttt!

n then i slept for almost 3 hours this evening, too sleepy. n i managed to wake up at 7.56pm. da soccer match is at 8pm. i played for my batch as defender. NO NO NO IM KIDDING. im just watchin jeeeeee. XD n as expected, my batch won. not dat im bragging, well maybe a bit. but we are just too awesome. HAHAHA. but still, ALHAMDULILLAH. :)

n after dat i had my dinner, quiznos. T_______T n i watched House as well. there's this lady dat keeps blogging about her personal life and her husband obviously did not like it. like come on, do you want ur life to be constantly exposed to the public? i seriously dont get it why is it that there are people that just have to post status or twit about what's happening with their life like evry 5 minutes! gosh get a life dude! rse mcm nk sepak2 je.

n also i THOUGHT people are supposed to be mature as they age. well ages sounds bad. rephrasing, people are supposed to be mature as they reach adulthood. but it seems that i cant hold on to the thought anymore. there are just some bunch of people dat simply talk without thinking. just updating stats or twitting whatever crossing their minds at the very moment. i can giv u direct example, but nahh, i dont wanna hav feud with anyone. now dat i think of it, i kinda keep restraining myself from simply voicing out my opinion right now. not dat im being scared ke or being less interested ke, but hearing from the other side first is better, it helps me on seeing how they see and judge things. n prolly bcause sometimes esp when ur mad, u tend to say things dat u meant at the very moment, but soon, when u calms, rationality takes over n u may change ur opinion. so its not dat i keep changing opinion here n there. but there r times of irrationality n rationality dat certain people just wont get it, n may never get it, n will blame me or anyone for having contradicting opinions. so, listening first seems like a decent way in negotiating things.

pergh byak pula lah ckap. dhla emo nk mam. boring huh? sorry, no interesting stuff has been happening lately. no good movies. no good anything lah.


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

quick update

i had somalian food for dinner just now. dont really like it. except the corn with somekind of butter. it was spicy. but i love it. n the fish was weird. yeah i dont really finish them. but the dessert were okay i think. they were very sweet! there are cookies. n then chocolates. n then i had coconut milk ice cream, lol, it was okay, but still funny, haha. n then i had nuts. n one candy that i dont know its name. kinda crytallish i think. lemme find a pic of it.

a pic of my friend eating it. haha. i got 3 xams this fridays, first time dat im not anticipating friday. =.=

haih..i gotta do well this time, or i'll be like seriously dead. seriously man. gua xtipu punya.

n oh. can u feel my heartbeat? hihi.. pounding heart is hard to deal with. >.<

Monday, March 15, 2010

spring break!

i had just finished my dinner, quiznos. finally i finished one meal. ive been losing appetite this past few days. well, signs that exams are around the corner; lack of appetite n lots of sleep! ish, sptutnye less sleep. =.=

today was embarassing, i woke up early actually,but continued to sleep, n then finally woke up at 7.45 n reached class 8.20am. man, Ahner sounded me in front of the class, he stopped the lecture n started complaining of being late to class. i chose the wrong day to come late.. =.= n then i got pretty down the whole class, until Shah came in at 8.35am. hahaha, n Ahner just sighed n laughed cynically. lol, at least im not da latest. haha. ;)

well3, back to the main purpose of the post today. i guess i better wrote about my break before i forgot things. besides, i read a blog of this one girl dat went sumwhere during spring break too, so i thought maybe i shud do the same thing, then i'll get to flashback and treasure da trip. :)

my tripmates were noel, syera,zulisk n hafiz. i initially thought it was hafiz senior, turned out my batchmate. dang, habis bergaduh dh la nnt. lol. we went at 2 or 3am in the morning. syera drove basically the whole journey there. i became the co-driver, hihi.. n now, let the pictures tell da story :)

i just love this view, so...scenery. hihi.. we arrived at PANAMA already by this time..

the entrance to the public beach

well a picture of me jumping is obviously a must. hihi. but cis hitam oh. T_T
oh btw, click the pics for larger view.

us 4 + photographer. kinda hard to take a pic of all of us in it.. from left, me, hafiz,noel n zulisk

panama beach! kinda dissapointed it was not as pretty as miami's.. but still, i got to see a beach! :)

after we checked in, we decided to spend the evening at our inn..playin frisbees! my very first time playing frisbee properly! n the guys..putting on their sunblock.

since zulisk and i were a team, i put a pic of him instead of noel and hafiz! haha! but act we weren't taking pics when we first playing, they replayed so that I would take the pics. blerghhhh. n syera was resting dat evening,she was exhausted of driving..

n then we played this tiny miny playground. :)

haha, this is hilarious. actually we played 'lat-ta-li-lat' (lol dunno how to spell) to see who got to be buried. n i did!!! n i ran away, n noel ran after me! but since im a girl, hihihi.. im SAFE!! hahah. but eventually, they played again n noel got to be buried. hahaha, sorry noel! :p

after that we took pictures of sunset. well this is the only pic dat all of us were in it,eventhough noel didnt have a nice portion of it. hihihi.. :D

this pic, credit to him. eventhough im not really feelin the orangish evening, it was a pleasant evening. when will i be having such orangish sunset anywhere else? haaaa. hihi.. :)
the next day, we went to New Orleans. not like da city, but kind of like a tiny portion of N.O. the hotel behind, the light changed colors. cute!~ n we were actually standing on a huge statue, not dat it was friggin awesome lahh. but still.. now dat i think about it, the statue was like at da middle of a road, people watchin us might think weirdly of us... haha~

see the bridge behind us? tiny one.. there's A LOT of bridges that we came across throughout the trip. niceeeeee. surrounded by water. huhu..

dat night, we reached houston. it was like an endless trip! it was this froggy, even worst! my camera could not replace the real situation. so the driver drove very slowly because seriously, u cant see anything! but nice! a new experience! huhu.. bile lg nk alami trip berkabus mcm niee..

the next morning....turned out six flags was closed. it was part of the plan to go there.. T___T so we went to houston city. n muslim da'wah center as well. this is me n syera.

noel,syera,zulisk n hafiz. the city is beautiful! :) n we rode the tram for a dollar n 25 cents. n there's this black guy asking zulisk whether he's from india or not. HAHAHA! n then turned out he was asking for a ride on the tram. blergh, jalan je la, xjauh pun!! well,kitorg diff case la,nak experience kan.. :D


us, at NASA. yg bosan.. T___T

at Dallas Arboretum, obviously at Dallas,Texas. haha. it was tulip season there. i was kinda dissapointed, i wanna go to a garden full of roses,or lavender n etc.. but still it was nice. the place has a very flowery scent.. n it was as huge as 66 acres!

deja vu! i thought of seeing this kind of pic sumwhere, so i asked them to pose here. n then, one of my senior here said dat he has been here. haaaa, kan deja vu! i knew ive seen it sumwhere. hihi

oh n also! i dunno whether its in New Orleans or Houston, im pretty sure its at N.O. we decided to have chinese buffet. as we went around finding the restaurant, we came across this mediterranean restaurant. ive never been to one before, so i really dun noe wut kind of food it served. turned out it was like the arabic,malay kind of food. even better, they were halal!! yippie! so we ate a lot there. the guys even had 2 plates each! lol. ^^,

for more pics, go to my fb. overall, i might be complaining here n there..but it was a very pleasant trip now dat i think of it. i get to know the juniors better;noel,syera n xthu kalau org lain xfkir sama kan. huhu. sorry for everything, klau emo2, marah2.. hihi.. :)

nnt jom pegi lagi! tp tpat lain lahhh okay? ;)

now....back to studying.. 4 exams next week! SHIT. T_T

Sunday, March 14, 2010

im pretty sure im not in love with you..

i just happen to like you. or admire you. seriously. now back to the harsh reality.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

mak : hani taw mak bela arnab?
hani : aah, asal?
mak : kan sebelah rumah kita ade hutan kan, arnab tu lari msuk hutan. n then bile mak pgil 'arnab arnab..' die dtg lari2 makan. makan ats tgan mak..
hani : haaaa yeee kee!!! aaaa buat hani nk balik msia je!!! suh long tgkp gmba arnab taruk fb.
mak : tp..die dlam hutan, mcm mna nk tgkap gmbar..
hani : HAAAA?!!?! tgkp laaaaa, taruk dlm sgkar!! nnt kene mkan ular ke!!
mak : tp mak tkut nk pegang, mak berani pgg telinga die je... lgpun mak kesian tgok die cakar2 sgkar nk kluar..
hani : ala mak beli la yg betina. nnt die xbosan lahhhhhhhh
mak : ha ye lahhhh. nnt mak suh long tgkp gmbar.
hani : n tgkap die taruk sgkar!! pastikan die hidup hani balik nnt!!!
mak : ha ye lahhhhhhhhhhh

just a random short conversation. lol. rabbit!!!!

Monday, March 8, 2010

did i make the right decision?

i think i didnt. dat is why i am scared to tell her about it. but i cant say no now. i gotta push myself after that then. gotta resist everything soon. i dont have much time left.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

out of the blue

its 2.47am. ive been doing matlab assignments all night. tomorrow's gonna be thermo shitty night. n then finally spring break.

i know i have to study real hard over this break, but at least i dun have to go see my profs. which is nice. seeing them so often stresses da hell out of me. i mean kalo handsome mcm owen hunt ke, or kaka ke, messi ke, xpe gk. ngata prof, cane result xteruk. ish2.

oh btw, tibe2 terase nk tulis a tiny miny part about my winter break. from florida, we planned to go to keywest, n then miami.

here is a pic of da road to go to keywest.

seriously, i had expected that i wud be seeing the super duper crystal clear ocean like the one in the image. skali kecewa gile. like 80-90% of the roadside was covered by land full of bushes. kecewa gile tgk real view over da one in google. kecewa. haih..

oh oh n can u see on the right side of the bridge, it broke into two? haha. we went over the souvenir shops in keywest. n then there's this nice uncle tellin us stuff about keywest a bit. n he told me about the bridge thing. it was in a movie, arnold was in it i think. they bought da bridge from da gov to explode it for da sake of a movie. i was like,WOW. oh n also people from keywest slept like veryyyyyy late compared to nashville people. serously. the town got even livelier like even after midnite. n oh,the town was not beautiful too.

btw, i miss miami. awesome beach man. mse kitorg prgi tu sjuk hell. it is not supposed to be cold in miami even during winter. but i guessed luck was not on my side dat time. cm silly pkai sweater pegi beach. n stkat rndam2 kaki dlm air. ahhh nak mandiiiiiiiiiii.

but honestly, im kinda scared with beaches. when i was a kid, i was almost dragged into the middle of it, tp msa tu pkai plampung la,mse kecik2,n then mom shouted to dad,'abah oyyy, hani tu dh lari gi tgah tu dah aihhhh'. n then dad came n pulled me, but then he left me again. haha. saba je la.

n then the tsunami thing. eventho id love to see tsunami in action, me being in the picture is. so. SCARY.

n also you know how the beach got deeper right? like the sand descends,dunno the right word. sometimes too steep. scared the hell out of me.

but still, miami beach is awesome, i swear. msia's beach cant beat it, esp now. with the trash thing.

how i wish malaysian wud be as civilised n moral-ed(?) as the americans..

oh yeah, do anticipate more. i'll probably update this blog like more frequently, now dat im almost on break. lots of stories to tell. hihi. :)

nitee. salam.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

housing bodo or is it me? =.=

im losing luck with money lately.
before this i got pretty serious problem with my money and it got settled thanks to my friends and family.

now that that prob has been settled, comes another now. SSHIBALLLL! i got charged for lock change. including late fee. like DUDE, you didnt give me any email about the payment, this thing happened when i was a freshman, and i even got charged for late fee. like mangkuk toilet betul la weyyyyyy.

kne plan money saving da pasni. T________T

dh la tgah emo mood skrg, you know what this means.. molla? no need to know. haih.

and this spring break, please la ade fighting spirit! pleaseeeeee pleaseeee pleaseeeee. spirit da hilang sjak Mr. S dah..dah..... hihi. :)