Thursday, April 29, 2010


risau. thermo. ya Allah. :(

Sunday, April 18, 2010

urghhh malasnyeeee..

hari nie. no no, not just today, da whole weekend! blergh! homework not done yet.. study? hehhhh. i barely touch MSE. studied thermo though last nite.

n yet i got 3 xams next week. get back to ur sense hani!!!
n da coming xams, my finals!! T_____________T
but this thursday there is a sale by my bookstore. i am soooo goin to buy stuff here n there. despite da fact dat i only hav 100usd in my account rite now n 12cents in my cmmodore cash. wut a good way to survive for another whole month hani. pandaaaaiiii anak mak. =.=

n im officially 43.5kg now! due to a personal reason, im probably goin to go for 45kg n im soo not goin to go over 45kg! my twin n my sis r much thinner! gile apa hani!! gemuk gile kau skrg!!! T___T

other people might think dat im crazy, but 40-ish kg is a new whole area of weight for me. haha. we (my siblings) rarely weigh more than 40kg, well xcept my oldest sis la.. so im bein kinda paranoid n excited a bit. hahahahaha. jakun hell. T__T

ok better start actually absorbing some stuff for MSE. huaaaaaa, easy A hani! lets do it fightin!
n oh btw, im officially in a safe zone for math.. phew..
just need to end all things quickly n pass with flying colors. LOL. aminnnn. doakan taw? :)

n now dat guys r not my motivation for study anymore, HAHAAHAHAHAHAHA. im planning to find new motivation to lift up my spirit! apesal cm broken english eh? 'heck tul, teruk skrg.'
guess what? IM PLANNING TO GO TO KOREA NEXT YEAR! mayyyybeeeee lahhhhh. a month in msia..a month in korea..okay ini tipu. seminggu je sobs! n then off to vandy back.
but 1st i need to save money starting dis summer. no no after summer.. huhu..

u noe why after summer? because i need to do tonnes of shopping! laundry hilg sobs! sumpah baju byak gile hilang. aaaa kejiiiii. kasi je la balik. ni trace xde lgsung. :(
n also nk gi jenjalan ke,obviously gie kan. xkn nk duk vandy je, blergh. :)

tp skrg kne study dlu hani. jom study? okay ckp sorg2, gile.

Thursday, April 15, 2010


i dont know what did i do wrong that make her hate me so much. slamming door n such. if i knew it wud cause so much trouble for us, id just be alone. now im hurt.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

deeper conversation..

ive let my guard down for u,but u said dat ur just joking.

n if u dun mind can u tell me all ur hopes n fears n evrythin dat u believe in?

id luv for u to take me to a deeper conversation..only u can make me.

intimacy n secrecy r not things dat r easily passed on to people. u gotta earn it people. HOW? now dat is ur assignment. its just sumthin dat u gotta fgure out by urself.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

hey you!

u cant make me do things i dont want to do.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

warning : shits ahead

cam babeng exam matlab td. ade soalaln gauss-seidel method. cm s**l sng je act. tp ak xleh jwb sbb xbca. sbb tu earlier chaps. ah bodo! mati aa grade subject ni. dgn thermo lg.

dgan ade malaun xhabis2 nk bengang. hempas pintu tibe2. setan tul la malaun ni. urgh!