Wednesday, March 24, 2010

quick update

i had somalian food for dinner just now. dont really like it. except the corn with somekind of butter. it was spicy. but i love it. n the fish was weird. yeah i dont really finish them. but the dessert were okay i think. they were very sweet! there are cookies. n then chocolates. n then i had coconut milk ice cream, lol, it was okay, but still funny, haha. n then i had nuts. n one candy that i dont know its name. kinda crytallish i think. lemme find a pic of it.

a pic of my friend eating it. haha. i got 3 xams this fridays, first time dat im not anticipating friday. =.=

haih..i gotta do well this time, or i'll be like seriously dead. seriously man. gua xtipu punya.

n oh. can u feel my heartbeat? hihi.. pounding heart is hard to deal with. >.<