Saturday, May 22, 2010

addicted to shopping!

i swore i tried to resist it but i just couldnt! muahahaha! just now i went to lebanon, super mega giant shopping outlet. n there was sales everywhere! n i might probably end up buying coach handbag soon, either after i got my salary or after i get the next allowance.

i bought 2 shirts at tommy hilfiger. wut a deal! :P too bad there arent any nice sneakers at nike, sigh.. i miss opry mall soooooooo much! cepatla repair2 nie haaaa. for those who didnt know, opry mall was badddddly damaged thanks to the recent nashville flood. so it is going to be closed for 2-3months. T_________________T

n there aren't any nice, decent jeans too. I. WANT. LEVIS!!!! T_T n im not a big fan of Gap, it just didnt suit/match with my style maybe.. i need to find shirts, be it long or short. my clothes are shrinking!! okay i lied. i kinda gained weight a bit, but im fine! im still underweight. hahahaa. tp mcm xmuat sgt la.

n arini mengantuk gile sbb pg2 klua pegi wlmart n ramadhan,tp ramadhan ttup. beli veggie tuk guinea pig, mkn byk nk mati ish3.. nsb comel, tp still xnk lyan ak. T_T n then straight headed to fgh, im working right now. kene cr duit laaaaaaaaaaa. kang kalo tidak sesak nanti nk mkn apa? mkn ranting? haha..

okay after nie nk tgok movie kejapppp. pastu esok kne bgun awal utk rajin bekerja. byeeeeeeeeeee~~~~ <3