Tuesday, January 11, 2011

final update on Cali trip

school is starting tomorrow oh no! T_T

well im gonna use this time to basically sum up about my trip, it has been a while.. i just finished my luncheon just now, the food was kinda good, if given other choice, i would have opt for the other one but since i was hungry, so whatever..

did i stop on the 6th day? well on my 7th day, we went to Disneyland! i gotta said i enjoyed Disneyland more than Universal! maybe because it was less packed and it was far bigger and i was pretty happy that we played almost all the games! we started with going to the adventure park then the disneyland park and that was a good decision pwahaha! because there were a lot of games in adventure park and we played almost all except the kiddy ones =P we also watched Aladdin musical and that was superb! well it was good but since i was pretty sleepy so i didnt enjoy it much but it was really good. ahhh i love it so much! i cant list all of the rides but i rode almost all even the scary ones and the super fast one etc. oh i even ride a roller coaster not once, but twice! it was fun! it wasnt that high but it even has all this spinning and turning upside down, and a friend of mine said this, 'many people rode roller coasters before, and they were all fine', so it kinda gave me this courage; plus considering it might be my last trip to theme parks.. if anyone would like to support me to go to Universal in Florida, id be more than happy to accept hihi.. i want to go there again, to Florida but think it might be a waste because i should spend my money to go to other places that ive never been yet.. :( but it looks like a lot of my friends are going to Florida this year, ah i dont know haha.

then at 5pm something we went to disneyland park, this one was more of beautiful buildings, i'd say fitted kids more but i kinda felt pity to my friends that have never been there before because those lovely buildings were worth thousand of pics but it was already dark when we went there. there was this ride called 'Space Mountain', i enjoyed it the most! =P it was different a bit than the ones in Florida but it was still good. and urgh i cant believe we wasted our time for 'Captain EO'. it was the stupidest thing ever! people, do not waste your time on Captain EO, i repeat, do not! it was basically an hour waste (including the waiting time) of watching Michael Jackson in a movie with stupid weird animals singing and dancing (not to mention the stupid acting) to fight bad women that looked like spider and using his almighty voice, Michael Jackson turned that spider woman into a woman that was just blahhhh~~ and they went back home safely i know right, like WTF? we went back at 11pm something and it was very cold that time.

the next day we searched for the Hollywood sign and also to the dissapointing Eldred Street (it was dirtyyyy) and then went to a lovely beach! no one wanted to take pics because it was too cold, i was so sad :( so i went to the beach alone, walked around here and there with no camera, and my friend joined me for a while. then we ate at a Malaysian restaurant, so darn expensive but the food was pretty good and came in a huge proportion.

then off we went to San Frans! but thanks to the snowstorm, instead of arriving at 12am, we arrived at 8am. we had to switch highway because of the terrible traffic jam in the other highway. then that morning we straightly went to our Alcatraz cruise. then we went to Pier 39, bought some shirts and walked around, then we went to Lombart Street! google it, you will be amazed! :D then we headed to the Golden Gate Park, it was BIGGGGG and there were a lot of parks in there, like Japanese garden, there was also the windmill, and other types.. and next to it was the Ocean Beach, we are talking about Pacific Ocean Beach baby! we played there for a longggggg time haha it was fun! :) there were a lot of dogs and their poops too haha.

and the next day we went to Golden Gate Bridge. then to Chinatown and Union Square. since we were rushing, we dont really stop at Chinatown and Union Square. we just passed by them; i really wanna stopped by and walked around but since we have to catch up our plane. oh well... but at least i can say that yeah3 i've been there proudly hahaha!! omg San Frans is definitely a beautiful city! the roads were so darn steep, i respected those that can do side parking like seriously haha, all the roads were like in V shape! too bad everything was so darn expensive, 8usd for an hour parking, or 20usd for a whole day?! and the hotel rooms were bad too, no iron, no hair dryer, and we even have to pay for internet access?! shittttttt

and we met our seniors at the airport, their flight was at 4pm.. if i were them, i would have spent more time at San Frans! but they had already spent days in San Frans on the earlier part of their trip. i wished i could switched my flight with them sigh~~~~ we had a transit on our way back at Phoenix, chatted a bit with a woman next to me..she handled transfer students, n the guys of our trip behind me kept punching my seat grrrr gedik! oh did i tell you guys that i like landing than departing? it felt as if im on a some kind of ride in theme park LOL. well i gtg watch some hindustan movie.. hahahahaha i know, im just maximizing my very last hours before school starts tomorrow. FML.

I LOVE MY CALIFORNIA TRIP! :) (the super previous post about me saying this might be the suckiest trip ever, i take it back, blame it on my hormones!)

byeeeeeeeeee =)

ps: oh it is snowing in Vandy! so effin cold! since it is my third year already, im not liking the snow anymore haha...