Thursday, May 28, 2009

da farewell..

and finally, they are graduating..the you guys are indeed happy thou..but at da same time a bit sad? leaving vandy? those 4 years full of memories, may it be sweet or bitter, all those remained as sumthin to be treasured in your life here..

and i know im not that close to you guys. but that doesnt exclude me from feelin a bit lost and sad.. not seeing you guys in fgh in the coming semesters struck me couple of times and left me wondering how odd or weird it would be. i imagined myself in your place too. missing the rec centre, the other students here (hope so.. =P).. the food (im not sure about this one, sure cant beat msia maa!), doc V, lol, n midwest for sure! n swine flu sure made things worsen!

i dun noe wut to say else. i suddenly want to write this before some of you guys leavin after diz. 
dayana, thanks for the calc classes.. k. nazirah, tx for the gatlin trip, i really appreciate it.. hassan, for those soccer spams, =P sure miss it, hahaha.. k.nik n k.maryam, for the first usrah n those delicous spicy chicken! masita, the running practice, hehe, sorry dis one doesnt last long.. huhu.. amar, we first had our chat in the commons, i dun noe if u remembered, but dat sure made me noe u better than before..  

dollah,  we one had the long conversation bout da ketuanan thingy, hihi.. n hanum, well since ur livin in ira's house n i did follow ur blog sometimes, so i kinda noe u indirectly kot? bley la eh? =P zairin, bout da nasi thingy, together with dayana, sure will miss you guys, huhu.. eventhou jarang bli, wahaha.. azlan, bringing me to buy those running shoes tuk midwest yg da dikensel.. n abal, hubab, ashwaq, sakinah, qayyum, fizah, arif, amir, baba, shahrul yg da blik msia.. hrap2 da mention sume please? 

akhir kta, minta maaf utk sume slah fham, halal mkan minum, minta maaf prgai buruk nk mati, ya ampunnnn... moga2 jumpe lg tp jgn lupe kami sume please? n rjin2 la berfb dan berblog wlaupun da bekerja dan berkahwin nnt.. 

sbnrnye xnak end lg, tp.. =( bye. serius minta maaf ni..

ni lagu special. xpe xfham pun xpe, yg pnting head banging je.