Monday, March 21, 2011

quick update

so,i had the once-in-a-month pain on Saturday. dang it hurt so bad! since i agreed to have brunch with my friend, i can't say no that time. so i WENT with the pain killing me EACH MOMENT. urgh. i did not even eat much. as soon as i went back home, i took some pills and slept and walla~! I WOKE UP AT 8.21PM!!! so i basically slept all day long on Saturday. finished a memo that i had to submit on Monday and watched some stories and slept.

on Sunday, i had brunch at Best of India, had mango lassi! yummy!~ ^^ and i am officially broke now, paid the Gatlin trip stuff and all these eating. and i need to call home. but urgh that damn phone won't freaking work! so i usually ended up chatting with my dad because apparently he is the only person that picks up my call (boo mom! =P) but since im broke now, im gonna use my sister's skype (she has some kind of subscription where she has to pay a certain amount monthly to call home without any limit, no cellphone unfortunately) to call my home. fingers crossed, someone will pick up that phone!