Thursday, March 31, 2011

100 facts about me #part 1

okay i was influenced to make this post because of Alia in my blog list. so hehe i'll do one too, because her facts are surprisingly similar to how i behave when i was a kid.

but i dont have cute images like the ones in her blog though :/

1) ive never wear braces before, because abah said my teeth are lined up prettily already HAHAHA. but gigi berlubang ade la urgh3. padan muka sbb mse kecik2 xsuke gosok gigi before tido. T_T

2) i grew up as a tomboy, read that peeps? haha. my twin used to wear skirts and girlish stuff while i opt for shorts and pants instead. but sometimes my mom made us wore similar clothes of different colors. i used to be sooooo proud that at one instance, my mom asked me to buy something from the grocery store. so i went there wearing pants and tshirt and my cap. and the owner of the shop asked me, 'abang nak beli apa?' HAHAHAHAHA SUMPAH BANGGA KEMBANG HIDUNG GILE MSE TU!!! lollll

and also there was this one time when i was in Standard 5, a guy from my tuition place asked whether im a guy or a girl because of my short hair that time ( ops kdg2 xpkai tdung lg sbb masih prgai kanak2 lol). and btw my mom registered me to a Standard 6 class, so maybe they dont know me well, and the sis behind me then said if i want to sit with them (the seat at the back of the class was full with girls already, so i had no choice but to sit alone in front, thats why the guys were like confused if im a guy or not). and after school holiday, i wore scarf to go to my tuition place HAHAHA.

3)i used to hate pink color too..

4) but now i wear pink sometimes LOL

5) i used to be really skinny before..

6) and i am still skinny now kah3 poyo gile ya ampunnnn =P (but before i came to US, i weighed about 36/37kg percaya takkkk haaaa

7) ive never been in a relationship before (minus the stupid short relationship when i was in kindergarten hahahaha)

8) i gave nicknames to people that i like and that i hate HAHAHA so that i could talk about them with my close friends easily lol

9) i like big stuff compared to small stuff, like big teddy bear compared to small teddy bear. i also like to receive practical things as presents; i dont like things like keychains or cards. not that im being materialistic, but i prefer to get something that i can use over and over again or things that can remind me to the person.

10) im not good in posing before, idk how to actually smile, so i used to be very stiff or had this very awkward smile and posture in my pics before; lol i even think that i was the reason of why a pic looked bad before. now? better sikit ahhh, see the bone ah kah3! XD

okay i need to go to sleep now. ciaow sin chi. xoxo