Sunday, August 1, 2010

of random things..

before i sleep, it just cross my mind to just list down random things

-cant really digest spicy food now, tend to get stomach ache. cacat gile pdhal org utara makan je pedas. prolly because ive not eaten them over a year, when i was a freshman.

-sick of sushi and chillis now. prolly not eating them for a long period after this, until i had my appetite back

-been swimming for at least once a week. but now dat more people has been going swimming as well, i wanna try climbing this week, gotta find time..

-ive cried over house,greys anatomy, transformer 2,salt,zettai kareshi (japanese movie) and 1 litre of tear(japanese drama).

-i wanna go shopping T_T

-im lonely

-the next day after tomorrow is faidhi's bday. have not been close with him lately..

-if given a choice between diet and exercise..i think i will go with exercise. i cant imagine me resisting myself from eating. at least after you eat,you burn it off with exercise. but ive never really diet nor exercise haha. thank god.

-i miss bazaar ramadhan. im not ready for ramadhan. :| no delicous food, more sad raya songs, exams on raya.. so raya sucks

-im sleepin. no idea. sorry for the lame post. nite.