Sunday, February 13, 2011

friend or foe?

its scary when your so called friends can actually be your enemies at the same time. and all that people can do is talk bad behind each other. seriously people? do you have to resolve to that? sometimes anonymity can be a scary thing. coward people hide behind anonymity to say hurtful things, and they don't realize how bad it can affect people.

when people say the right thing, you shut him up and accuse him over a totally different issue. which you don't even have the right to. because you are totally on the wrong side, you should acknowledge that at least, for the sake of humanity, not being a total jerk. what has the world become? when people doing right thing is mistreated and the one doing the wrong thing is glorified or honored i must say.

those people scared the hell out of me. i hope none of my friends are like that. if i do something that pisses you off, tell me face to face, not through people or behind me. i might be hurt, duhh like obviously,what am i? a robot? but i'll get over it with time. that just makes me feel hundreds time better than hearing you bitching about something you dislike about me. are we clear? cool.