Thursday, March 4, 2010

out of the blue

its 2.47am. ive been doing matlab assignments all night. tomorrow's gonna be thermo shitty night. n then finally spring break.

i know i have to study real hard over this break, but at least i dun have to go see my profs. which is nice. seeing them so often stresses da hell out of me. i mean kalo handsome mcm owen hunt ke, or kaka ke, messi ke, xpe gk. ngata prof, cane result xteruk. ish2.

oh btw, tibe2 terase nk tulis a tiny miny part about my winter break. from florida, we planned to go to keywest, n then miami.

here is a pic of da road to go to keywest.

seriously, i had expected that i wud be seeing the super duper crystal clear ocean like the one in the image. skali kecewa gile. like 80-90% of the roadside was covered by land full of bushes. kecewa gile tgk real view over da one in google. kecewa. haih..

oh oh n can u see on the right side of the bridge, it broke into two? haha. we went over the souvenir shops in keywest. n then there's this nice uncle tellin us stuff about keywest a bit. n he told me about the bridge thing. it was in a movie, arnold was in it i think. they bought da bridge from da gov to explode it for da sake of a movie. i was like,WOW. oh n also people from keywest slept like veryyyyyy late compared to nashville people. serously. the town got even livelier like even after midnite. n oh,the town was not beautiful too.

btw, i miss miami. awesome beach man. mse kitorg prgi tu sjuk hell. it is not supposed to be cold in miami even during winter. but i guessed luck was not on my side dat time. cm silly pkai sweater pegi beach. n stkat rndam2 kaki dlm air. ahhh nak mandiiiiiiiiiii.

but honestly, im kinda scared with beaches. when i was a kid, i was almost dragged into the middle of it, tp msa tu pkai plampung la,mse kecik2,n then mom shouted to dad,'abah oyyy, hani tu dh lari gi tgah tu dah aihhhh'. n then dad came n pulled me, but then he left me again. haha. saba je la.

n then the tsunami thing. eventho id love to see tsunami in action, me being in the picture is. so. SCARY.

n also you know how the beach got deeper right? like the sand descends,dunno the right word. sometimes too steep. scared the hell out of me.

but still, miami beach is awesome, i swear. msia's beach cant beat it, esp now. with the trash thing.

how i wish malaysian wud be as civilised n moral-ed(?) as the americans..

oh yeah, do anticipate more. i'll probably update this blog like more frequently, now dat im almost on break. lots of stories to tell. hihi. :)

nitee. salam.