Friday, October 22, 2010

quirky updates!

xde quirky mne pun, sj nk gune word tu, comel, haha. =P

so i got a fluid exam this week, i hope i did better than last time though..

n then on our very last day of fall break last Sunday, me and a friend of mine planned our so called Cali trip, but we ended up giving up because the flight tickets were too darn expensive and other problems. but the next day, a senior of mine whom i invited to join the trip came up with the plan! yatta! he even found cheap flight tickets! ahhhh, such a pleasant surprise yippie! :D

so basically i was the one who dealt with my friends about this trip, who's going, what's going on, n he just sit back, relax and enjoy the show! haha.. =P so finally after so many conflicts, we ended up having 10 people in the trip. i fely guilty to those that cant joined us.. i dont even speak to them.. felt awkward and guilty..

and just now we had the transportation problem solved (i hope so). it was very hard to find rental car for us below 21 years old, it is possible, but with a limited budget, it became almost impossible. so yeah i hope everyone would be okay with it. need to have another meeting to discuss about so many things.


next week i had exams.. so kinda need to settle these things fast, i dont want to be caught up with it when im busy, the earlier it is settled, the better it is. i sound like the masterplan right? kah3 poyo.. now i know how hard it is to actually PLAN A TRIP! im so not going to travel in large group anymore after this hahaha. so fussy. i could do a bit of helping here and there though.

and now im hungryyyyyy. n yeah idk why but i think im appreciating the fall season this year, the leaves are just beautiful! okay xigt nk ckap apa dah. nnt kalo igt i'll update the post.