Wednesday, August 12, 2009



you know how people said that the girls tend to like guys that have similarities with their (the girls') dads? and the guys like girls that resembles their (the guys') moms? well, i think that is sorta true. because from what i heard and read, they tend to look for the ones in such way because of how they felt, i mean you felt warm and protected by your dad right? so ur lookin for a guy that could make you feel that way.

and guys, seem to be saying that girls are difficult to understand, well not really. (except me, because im a bit weird, gotta admit it. lol~ ) for example, when a girl says that he likes this artist or a random guy she met at the street, that doesn't mean that we like that type of guy. maybe they just have a certain characteristic that we like.

for an instance, i always say that i like bad guys. well who doesnt? they are fun to be with. but before this, i always fall for the nice guy, and now too. its just that now i like bad guys too. but not to the extend of loving, just liking. now that sounds cheesy. haha~

there is a difference between liking and loving, i like bad guy, i like messy guy, i like muscular guy, hahahahahaah! but that doesnt mean anything. its just the sudden crush. and. my type of guy. would be the one like in ALL typical korean dramas, i ALWAYS fall for the 2nd guy. gahh! the hero tends to be the bad turning good guy. well mine, has always been the good guy since the very beginning. hoho!~

people keep saying that since im behaving like the guy, i should be looking for the guy that is a bit, hahaha, u noe. the one that is the opposite of my personality. like i mean, since im hot tempered, gotta find one that is more of a calm one. since im a bit talkative, gotta find one that listens. but i like a guy that could listen and in someway uses his way to make me respect him. <3<3<3<3

and finding a guy that could cook would be helpful too. lol. but there's the saying that if you wanna find one, you should behave like one. i mean people always say that good guys are for good girls. so if you want a good one, you gotta be good too. lol~

and i gotta admit it, when i was in my highschool, i fell for a guy, that just has the characteristics that i like. haha. but being a tomboy, i used to kick him when i lost to him in a game. faidhi said that i kicked him too in mrsm taiping, but i dont even remember. boy it must left him an impression of me that he still remembers till now. lololol~

oh, just mentioning, for those that watched or didn't watch Family Outing, i kinda like Chun Hee type. n oh im not really into very muscular guys like the wrestlers and jong kook's (he's in family outing too) but he is just an exception, too cuteeeeee!~



p/s : dont worry, hani is in the transformation of becoming a girl. ur 20 hani! well next year i'll be 20. behave hani behave!