Thursday, November 25, 2010

sick of

sick of this path.
trying to find the passion over something that i completely dont like is so hard. trying not to give up is not working. this state is suicidal.
looking at her making progress; i cant help but to compare my state with her.
the shattered pieces of me. this world is not for me!

okay kena start belajar

Monday, November 22, 2010


i lost a pound in a day or two, im 89.2lb right now, dat is like 40.46kg. 1lb is roughly like 0.5kg. people find it hard to believe that i could lost weight easily within just a day or two, but whateva. i felt like vomitting if i ate too much at a time that when im about too full, i would try to finish my food by drinking a lot of water. then i get hungry again after 2 to 3 hours. aiyo.

anyway, went to ihop today, had the garden omelette. ^^ it was good, gonna try other stuff later on. now off to sleep. oh its thanksgiving break now!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


aku xfaham dgn mamat ni, seyes shitto. blog dia mcm sampah je. lepas ni nk unfollow la.

td ak bca latest entry dia pasal maher zain. dia ckap perempuan malaysia puji2 maher zain, fuh hensem nye maher zain subhanallah etc. ape salahnya kalau taruk subhanallah sume tu at the end of sentence? instead of ko sebut wow good looking gile motherfucker ni, as suggested by him. bukannya double standard bodoh, kalo kau sebut subhanallah xke dapat pahala kalo ko fkir in term of that instead of saying motherfucker, which make you look like a perverted bastard?

pstu dia ckap kita leh accept style maher zain yg contemporary n western tp bile mirwana nak buat, kene bahan habis. dude, ko cube pikir sket,maher tu bukannya dr msia, die tu raised in west, mesti ah die ade style die sdri, ak xkta mirwana yg nk try modern look tu salah, tp maybe masa tu msia x ready nak terima lg ke kumpulan nasyid yg outfit dia bukan typical seperti pkai ketayap and jubah. in fact, ak xthu pun bile mirwana attempt those change, when could it be, years ago or what? one dat try to make a change, mesti ade je org yg condemn, tp xsume kan? majority je, sbb biase aaa, change sometimes is not dat easy to digest.

and then die buat comparison case illuminati album cover hujan dgn symbol awakening record maher zain. seriously wat da eff man, case illuminati tu kecoh kt msia je. sape yg buat? stupid malaysians dat were freaking obsessed with stupid triangles! ak igt gi ak bc blog sape tah,kalo kita nk compare sgt illuminati nih, dah lama dah msian sdri apply, ctoh pling simple alang2 raya2 nie, ketupat. bentuk die segi tiga kan? tu post tue kire die sarcasm intended la, sbb too many malaysian are freaking out over stupid triangles. sheesh tlong ah mmat obefiend tu. cam sampah. malas dah nk follow blog dia, tau condemn org je. podacit!

nie link dia kalo nk bca, nk remove dh blog die dr list blog ak, rse mcm virus eeee yek!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

static hair

am i the only one having this problem? each time during fall or winter season, my hair would extremely have static, and you can hear those tiny sound each time you comb your hair! omg so irritating! so i google the solutions.

static hair might be caused by the extremely dry air and also if you have been washing your hair too frequently (cough2 bad Hani!).

the solutions?
1) use dryer sheet. yes you are reading it correctly, the sheet that you put in dryer. and i was like seriously? okay nak try lepas ni.

2) use leave in conditioner. i already use the one during washing, so i prolly go for the dryer sheet.


of curvy and tall, id prefer being a little bit tall. ive always think that tall girl look beautiful and more confident. ahh those girls with long legs. so jealous!

and people say that hair is a girl's crown. i used to think that straight hair is beautiful, because it will always looks neat enough for me. wavy is good too, people around me have been saying that they want wavy hair. so what say you?

Sunday, November 7, 2010

ko xboleh gelak lagi kuat ke? nice.




Saturday, November 6, 2010

current crush : josh duhamel

yummy ^^

ps: oh you guys should watch 'ife as we know it' starring josh duhamel and that blonde chick from greys anatomy who was too obsessed with her patient but i swear i hate her. thank god she's already got cut out from GA now. and this week's episode, seriously christina? you wanna freakin quit? urghhh, ur my inspiration! :( owen is gonna be all sad then..

ps 2: urgh my hands are always cold, i even wear gloves in my room? crazy much? aiyok. and its like below 10celcius now. and wearing my leather jacket doesnt warm me that much, how dissapointing.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

oct 30

so my birthday wasnt that great, as usual.. haha.
oct 30 was on saturday this year, and there was a soccer match that day, so i spent my entire day watching the guys played, too bad we lost, we got no 3.
so that day S got me the molten choc cake from Chillis! i was planning to go with S after the game, but we were full already from our lunch. later that night S came and gave me the dessert. felt grateful!~ :)

and A gave me an even early present, way before my birthday actually lol. well the story was like this, i asked A to bought me this shirt haha (so the tak malu!), and yeah A said i can consider it as my early present lol. wore it today, felt good. haha.. :) so thanks again!

and lastly F gave me a card and a scarf. i didnt expect this at all because im a bit pissed at F last weekend actually haha. but yeah, F even bought me a cake and a card too last two years..

now that i thought about these, i don't really realise and appreciate what close people have done to me.. and all those birthday wishes in facebook, it actually felt good to be receiving such birthday wishes from more than 100 people! though im not that close with all of them, but still, their thoughts and their time spared to even post it on my page, and i dont even wish people in facebook (except those close to me)! so yeah i wonder, am i being too mean or other people are being too nice or too weird or got so much extra time left or i shouldnt be wasting my time thinking about this. haha.. i am truly grateful for everything that i have received. so thank you very much. :)

ps (1): i called my mom the next day because my twin said my parents asked me to call house (but i was too tired and sleepy so i decided to call on the very next day instead). and guess what? when i call, my mom said, 'asal rajin sgat call ni?' sheesh -_-'' haha..

gonna finish studying for arabic exam now and go to sleep. zzzzzz

ps (2): good luck Po and Faidhi! =)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

adult world much?

there's a friend of mine.. her sister got married right after she graduated, she's 3 years older than me. not saying that this is bad (her husband is very handsome i tell you!)but yeah, some find early marriage is...outdated? i dont know how to put it in words, im not really fond of marrying at early age too, i mean marriage nie dituntut dlam islam kan, its a good thing, instead of dating. but yeah im not gonna argue over this lol.. and this friend of mine was like wishing her sis to get baby soon! i dont know, i am just not prepared to all this adult things though im 20 now. several weeks ago, there has been quite a stir over our PM's new plan for the development of our country, like the construction of this Mega Tower and also his plan about the night club hubs. yeah i just know a bit about these things. now that im 20, i think i need to know more about the politic, what's going on within the country and over the world, and also personal stuff (i cant believe i am saying this), marriage, jobs, etc. the world is too scary. i am even struggling with studying (in fact focusing!) right now..

continue later~

Monday, November 1, 2010

2NE1 - It Hurts (아파) MV [HD]