Tuesday, November 16, 2010


aku xfaham dgn mamat ni, seyes shitto. blog dia mcm sampah je. lepas ni nk unfollow la.

td ak bca latest entry dia pasal maher zain. dia ckap perempuan malaysia puji2 maher zain, fuh hensem nye maher zain subhanallah etc. ape salahnya kalau taruk subhanallah sume tu at the end of sentence? instead of ko sebut wow good looking gile motherfucker ni, as suggested by him. bukannya double standard bodoh, kalo kau sebut subhanallah xke dapat pahala kalo ko fkir in term of that instead of saying motherfucker, which make you look like a perverted bastard?

pstu dia ckap kita leh accept style maher zain yg contemporary n western tp bile mirwana nak buat, kene bahan habis. dude, ko cube pikir sket,maher tu bukannya dr msia, die tu raised in west, mesti ah die ade style die sdri, ak xkta mirwana yg nk try modern look tu salah, tp maybe masa tu msia x ready nak terima lg ke kumpulan nasyid yg outfit dia bukan typical seperti pkai ketayap and jubah. in fact, ak xthu pun bile mirwana attempt those change, when could it be, years ago or what? one dat try to make a change, mesti ade je org yg condemn, tp xsume kan? majority je, sbb biase aaa, change sometimes is not dat easy to digest.

and then die buat comparison case illuminati album cover hujan dgn symbol awakening record maher zain. seriously wat da eff man, case illuminati tu kecoh kt msia je. sape yg buat? stupid malaysians dat were freaking obsessed with stupid triangles! ak igt gi ak bc blog sape tah,kalo kita nk compare sgt illuminati nih, dah lama dah msian sdri apply, ctoh pling simple alang2 raya2 nie, ketupat. bentuk die segi tiga kan? tu post tue kire die sarcasm intended la, sbb too many malaysian are freaking out over stupid triangles. sheesh tlong ah mmat obefiend tu. cam sampah. malas dah nk follow blog dia, tau condemn org je. podacit!

nie link dia kalo nk bca, nk remove dh blog die dr list blog ak, rse mcm virus eeee yek! http://obefiend.blogspot.com/2010/11/obecomic-27-maher-zain.html


ndr said...

wow beraninya kutuk blog obefiend haha. anyway i dont agree with most of his posts either and i have no idea why thousands are still following him. orang-orang malaysia yang lame.

btw, putrajaya circle (seen on google maps) was also claimed as a constituent of illuminati if im not mistaken. if so, then badawi must be a hell of a leader in the illuminati circle. checkered floors are also a no-no now. how stupid and paranoid can everyone be now -.-

HaNi! said...

haha kenapa xboleh kutuk dia pula? not everyone agrees with him and this is my point of view. :)

n idk, i think obefiend is a one hella liberal people? too much for my likeness. it just makes no sense, i mean how come that he even tries to create negative intentions from his so called 'double standard' post.

i just realised ur comment here mr./ms. ndr btw