Tuesday, November 9, 2010

static hair

am i the only one having this problem? each time during fall or winter season, my hair would extremely have static, and you can hear those tiny sound each time you comb your hair! omg so irritating! so i google the solutions.

static hair might be caused by the extremely dry air and also if you have been washing your hair too frequently (cough2 bad Hani!).

the solutions?
1) use dryer sheet. yes you are reading it correctly, the sheet that you put in dryer. and i was like seriously? okay nak try lepas ni.

2) use leave in conditioner. i already use the one during washing, so i prolly go for the dryer sheet.


[Dr Nu@r] said...

haha.rambut pun nak jadi isu.

HaNi! said...

haha, masalah ohhh, rimas2. skrg dkat cairo musim apa?

[Dr Nu@r] said...

musim sejuk la kot. ntah. haha