Sunday, January 16, 2011

of Harley Davidson

talked to my dad, after failed attempts of reaching mom, i gave up! mom, you lost the chance to talk to me! pwahahaha *bajet hot with my very own mom*
talked about me probably getting a job next semester.


abah : kalo hani balik nnt beli la abah Harley Davidson satu ke, cuba usha hrga dlu ke..

ewah3, tingginye demand dia. kalo mnta baju ke seluar ke tape gak, ni terus Harley Davidson (HD)?! pehhh bapak sape nihh haha -_-' this has not been the first time, you guys must have remembered me mentioning this in my earlier posts as well, but yeah, his will of getting one HD has been too strong i see.

bru je usha website HD td, xthu lak dorg hire Marissa Miller, kecik je die bw moto gedabak cenggitu. dhla harga mahal gile nk mmpus omg.

oh btw esok cuti MLK yatta!~~ ^^