Sunday, September 20, 2009


the cookies that me n my roomies made

the eid morning. me, aishah n aimi

dis is the picture of me n aimi during the last iftaar.

i wanna buy a great cam too! actually im not a big fan of slr, its too big n, nahh, dont know. but probably going to end up buying it since the photo quality is far better.

ramadhan has ended. we got eid celeb yesterday. ama n ira cooked 'rendang ayam' n 'kuah kacang'. yummy!

n welcome 3 exams. which i should start getting prepared by now. ( the sentence doesn't sound right huh? ) i got statics, physics n calculus. T_T interesting

n also, on saturday night i called my family n we chatted for a while. n emir talked to me. he asked when im going back to msia. n i said probably next yr, then he said then we can play fireworks. n i said, i wont be staying until eid. n he silenced for a while, then he said, then when ur back here in 2 yrs, bring a lot of money so we can play fireworks. haha. at first i found it to be funny. then a bit sad. sob2. oh well.

my sister just uploaded pictures of eid in msia, they went visiting my siblings so on and so forth. i used to not really like going here and there, eating the same food over and over again. but not i missed it! =(